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MantraMagazine chapter 5 . 12/15/2009
I just know the Twins are going to try and make Regan cry now.

One tiny suggestion, maybe putting psycho analyze where psychologically analyze is.

"... but then I remembered that I didn’t give a shit and that Tyler was most definitely the last person I wanted to psychologically analyze."

I can see this story as totally happening, every last scene. And it's still fun to read, bravo Sarah.
MantraMagazine chapter 4 . 12/15/2009
Sorry for the short review, but I've got to say I love your sense of humor and your wording. Unique and a blast to read. The part with the cell phone exchange was interesting as well. It's nice to see one of those every day things some authors just leave out written wonderfully with suspicion and humor.

On one hand I'm not sure what to think about the twin's prank and on the other I feel that weird happiness. I guess that means you did your job! -Laughs- I'm headed to the next chapter!
MantraMagazine chapter 3 . 12/15/2009
I love how this chapter showed us how awesome Regan can be. Not only has she helped keep the Drama Club afloat, found the perfect thing to perform, but her funny tendencies toward anxious and paranoid behavior is counteracted with her adorable hopefulness. I felt a real connection with her, and I've got to give you props because I only get that happy, girly feeling with good, well written stories.

She's really saving the drama club! I'm looking forward to reading about the play and rehearsals and the twins, and yeah... I'm going to the next chapter now.
Palm Tree chapter 7 . 12/15/2009
No homework means that today is the day I finally get to pounce on your seventh chapter! X3

And, of course, I loved the everloving love out of it. I mean, gosh, this chapter had everything. I actually said to myself, "Ah! It's Mr. Whit!" and "Oh, homelife!" The chapter just covered everything that the reader should be aware of at this point regarding Reagan's suddenly eventful life. As you know, I love ALL your beautiful characters and continue to do so and more. I can't help but think that it was just the sweetest thing when Tyler gave her umbrella to Reagan and when Courtlyn and Blaine stopped by to give her her homework and see that everything was okay? ADORABILITY ALERT. I also really like how the twins are bonded to Courtlyn and how this chapter further emphasized that there does exist a distinction between them. I'm seriously wondering about Caleb and Lucas now and I hope that gets answers soon. I'm also just fretting over Reagan's brother who finally called after so long and poor Gideon with strep throat!

GAH. The whole chapter was just jam packed with so many amazing things that I'm all excited and just stuck wishing that there was another waiting for me! I just love your writing (shocker) and if I could I would marry Reagan's voice in it. XD You never disappoint and it's always, always, always the greatest joy to read. You rock!
Tsumujikaze no Soujutsu chapter 3 . 12/14/2009
Herro there from The Roadhouse. Hope ya remember me. :) Anyway, it seems that this chapter is pretty much funny. I never knew you would put in not one, but two psycho creepy characters here. Reminds me of the Fruit Basket manga/anime where there's such a character beinga friend of the female main character. Sorry I forgotten her name though. It's been N ages since I've seen the series. :S Anyway, Elizabeth and Caleb are surely uber creepy here. I like the way you phrased Regan's thoughts on them because the whole thing is so funny to read. At the same time, I assume that this particular part of the chapter is pretty much vital as well mainly because of the confirmed drama project and introduction of the new characters. As for the latter part, well my guess is that the whole thing's pretty much a filler. But then again, I maybe wrong here.

P.S: Pay back this review and the previous one via The Eternal Grail. :)

-From The Roadhouse. :)
Devil's Playground chapter 7 . 12/14/2009
Twincest is wincest? Hahaha, if you're a freak, then I'm totally with you on that. It's... strangely appealing. I don't understand why in the slightest, but it so is.

I love how Tyler and Regan are starting to form a friendship. They're such an unlikely duo, but somehow it seems like it could actually work. I'm really interesting to see how that turns out.

And Courtlyn and Blaine are both so sweet and adorable - I love it! Usually really nice characters tend to turn out seeming overly perfect (and thus rather annoying), but you pull it off well with them. They're really endearing - all of the characters are, actually. I can't say that I dislike a single one of them, really.

I can't wait to read more, so please update soon!
Devil's Playground chapter 6 . 12/14/2009
New character, yay! And once again, your ability with characterization amazes me. You say so much about a character with just a few lines. Lucas seems adorable, and I can't wait to see more of him!

I love the random outing to iHop. I do have to admit, though, I would be pissed if my friends dragged me out of bed at that hour... I agree with Regan, sleep is a lovely thing.

I like that even though so many of the characters and the sitautions that they're thrown into are so ridiculous, there's still a sense of realism in it. The dialogue, character development, etc. makes it all really believeable no matter how over-the-top it gets, and that's great.

This story continues to be amazingly charming and humorous, and I love it. Seriously, this is probably my favorite story on fictionpress. I love your writing!
RentBoheme chapter 1 . 12/14/2009
I enjoyed this first chapter. It reminded me a little bit of the pilot episode of "Glee", with the old glee club coach being a pedophile. I liked your use of vocabulary, though I think it sometimes sneaked into dialogue when it normally wouldn't. People don't usually use words like "acidic", or at least not people I know. Not a big problem though. I also thought you make more distinctions between Mr. Whit's speaking voice and the main character's voice (did we get her name?). They seem to say similar things.

I liked this quote:

“You have nothing to worry about, Regan. I would know, you dump all of your woes on me. Besides being a relatively well-adjusted child in a family that has gone through divorce, you have dealt with moving six times in addition to a diagnosed anxiety disorder. Despite that, you still have your life under control. Fantastic grades, a nice vocabulary… You’re a good kid. You deserve to do something fun.”


{No sobbing the bathroom or buying multiple Vitamin Waters.} Insert "in" before "sobbing".

Nice job!
Devil's Playground chapter 5 . 12/14/2009
Ooh, the conversation with Tyler was very interesting. I definitely didn't expect her to feel that way about Gideon - I think it adds a lot to her character. And Gideon is such a cutie! Awwh.

Once again, I have to comment on how absolutely awesome your characters are. Every single one is just so much fun to read about. With most stories, this many characters would get a little confusing, but yours are all so distinct and well-developed that it's easy to keep them all straight. And the interactions between them are hilarious and so entertaining!
Devil's Playground chapter 4 . 12/14/2009
Ohmygod I have missed this story SO. MUCH. This chapter was great - very entertaining, and it did a good job of further developing the cast. All of your characters are absolutely brilliant, by the way - each one is so unique and fun! The twins are my favorite. I love how they even send the same texts at the same time - and the milk! That's so... strange. And yet somehow awesome. I would be flattered if creepy twins filled my locker with milk - in a loving way, of course.

I also really, really like Regan, which is strange for me because I have a weird natural aversion to liking the main character of something. I tend to latch onto a weird side character or a villain and get all fangirly instead. But Regan is very well developed and well written, and I adore her.

I didn't notice any conventional errors, and your writing is great! Reading onward now :3
sophiesix chapter 2 . 12/14/2009

nice way to shove in regan's description here ;) Also i love "flowing mermaid curls", i got such an immediate picture from that. man tyler is a piece of work. she reminds me of a vampire for some reason . hope she gets her claws out of gideon by teh end, though i suppose he seems pretty happy with teh master slave relationship. I love how the vice principal is intent on catching students and preventing tehm from fornicating, lol, i can just imagine him stalking around :) great stuff!
sophiesix chapter 1 . 12/14/2009
I do like this! I keep missing glee, so maybe I'll just shift my need for high school drama to this ;) Love how mr Whit is so fed up with regan he barely bothers to be diplomatic anymore, and yet, he still cares. great, great character, and so many funny moments!
jessedaro chapter 5 . 12/14/2009
Hmm. I want Regan to stay away from Tyler. I fear she doesn't realize how maladjusted that girl might be...

Your portrayal of the twins is just hysterical. I cannot get a handle on what makes them tick! I love that Regan is completely baffled by them, too.

In fact, everybody seems to be a mystery to Regan, and I think that's really coming across here well. She is not used to being close to people. Mr. Whit she thinks she has all figured out; she's comfortable around him. But the depth and complexity and unpredictability of the people around her all seem so alien, so completely foreign, through Regan's eyes. I keep reading your chapters going, "But this is just normal teenage stuff, right? Like fooling around in the student council office over lunch - it's not as dark and creepy as Regan thinks it is, right?" And then it sort of dawned on me that Regan really doesn't have any measuring stick against which to consider these interactions. She doesn't have friends. She really is "socially maladjusted," as you put it.

Which makes the fact that she has this well-developed, rich interior monologue going on even sadder. Regan has a lot to offer other people. Why is she holding herself back? What makes her keep everything inside this way? These are the questions I want answered! And I'm loving this story, in case you couldn't tell!
jessedaro chapter 4 . 12/13/2009
Oh man. So Courtlyn defies Regan's expectations and turns out to be cool - so far...I like that Courtlyn seems very sensible about what a drama king Blaine is. She may be the anti-Regan, but I have a feeling a great friendship could develop there.

And everybody loves Tyler! I laughed out loud when Mr. Whit (who was brilliantly written in this chapter, btw - "you're not listening" I could just hear in my head) basically repeated Blaine's suggestion that they need to go thank Tyler. And I'm wondering, when will Tyler decide it's time for Blaine and Regan to return her "favor"? I've got a feeling Tyler does not believe in a free lunch. Hmm.

The twins, seriously hilarious. I like how Regan is integrating with the club in her own, very Regan-esque way. This is great! *bows to you*
jessedaro chapter 3 . 12/13/2009
I'm glad I was reading this at home, in the privacy of my own room, because people would probably have wondered what was wrong with me when I was laughing out loud at my computer screen. The whole "the twins now possess my soul" moment? BRILLIANCE.

I love that Blaine said "tomfoolery." That is a Blaine-esque word. It's so...well, dramatic.

:Theatre people could be so bitchy.: I just fell in love with Regan here. For real.

Oh, but I fear for Regan: She has pinned such high hopes on this show and this club. The ending of this chapter was really touching. I think it was exactly the right point to start showing us something of the reasons why Regan acts the way that she does; Mr. Whit may think she doesn't have it tough, but it's obvious she's marooned in a pretty bad home situation with no one to really talk to about it. I hope saving the drama club saves Regan, too!
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