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lookingwest chapter 1 . 1/29/2010
I could say with great certainty that my guidance counselor was very sick of seeing my face in his office.

-nice hook, makes the reader curious as to why and was very straightforward.

-I like this opening scene because it went in a completely different direction than I was expecting. I thought this would be a "woe's me" situation in the counseling atmosphere but instead it's about a severely paranoid student trying to get into the perfect college, it's almost comical, love that twist! Creativity kudos!

Your grades are great, your GPA is wonderful, but the fact that you haven’t participated in any extracurricular activities...

-I saw a kid on MTV's True Life with a very similar problem, blah, I disliked those kid's who never participated in any activities and thought they could get into like, Harvard or something...

-and I'm also seeing where this story is going I think, which is cool because you've got such a creative lead in.

“Ugh, you’re right. I’m-”

-extra dash there. For an EM Dash, just push enter/return after you make the two "-" dashes, and it turns into an EM. You might already know that, if so, sorry!


-Ha, we had a kid named Blaine in our theater department. *Reflects on old high school Drama Club memories*

Back to Ms. Windsor being a pedophile.

-O.O Holy buckets, XD, what an *interesting* turn of events! I did NOT see that one coming!

Oh. I’d forgotten that he was actually in the drama club.

-Blaine stereotype! Jk, haha. What a fun coincidence, he's the president!

“You’re the best, Regan! Really,”

-Hmm...I'm not sure I fully believe how willing the President of the Drama Club handed over the responsibility of talking to the Principal, especially to someone who isn't in the Drama Club. Not working for me.

Overall, solid chapter, it took some twists I wasn't expecting and I liked that the most!
Kobra Kid chapter 2 . 1/29/2010
Haha, Blaine's do dramatic! I love it! :D He's adorable, and Regan is just plain kick ass. Awesome chapter, and an even better story!

~Broken Cross

P.S. Pleasee review my story! Thanks :]
Synaptic Imagination chapter 11 . 1/18/2010
Another awesome chapter :)

Your literal writing as always is very good and flows very nicely, it just makes me want to keep reading

I like how Regan isn't a perfect character, this has been established already in the story but we're seeing more of her imperfections and they're realistic ones, which is another great thing about your character development

I'm looking foward to seeing more of the other characters true selves, All of them are likable and dislikable in their own rights, which just gives the reader more of a thi8rst to find out more about them

Again this story is a great one and if it were a book I would totally buy it :) Keep up the good work
taerkitty chapter 13 . 1/16/2010
Okay, last posted chapter, and it's been 20 days since the last update. This doesn't give me a good feeling.

Opening sequence (because there's a lot going on over these many paragraphs) is decent, but not great. The "rough sex with Lucas" part sounds forced. Yes Regan has Devon's ability to say the Wrong Thing at the Wrong Time (Devon's ability centers around saying the unvarnished truth, and Regan's ability centers around making the really discomforting joke.)

I'm sure Tyler sat Gideon between her and Regan, but it doesn't say so.

Okay, it's established when she nudges Gideon to reassure him. I'd still rather it be done earlier.

"Probably not." Of course, nothing ever comes easy...

If Devon loved being fawned over, why not send Courtlyn to do the asking? Oh, wait, because she might never get around to it. Got it.

Ending is so-so. It's like there's a checklist of people for Regan to concern herself with (surprised Blain wasn't on it.) Her thoughts about if or not to care about the twins makes some sense, but also makes her seem a bit... shallow. As in, "what will people think?" If not, wouldn't she just wonder if she would, not should?

Overall, it doesn't move. We have the Mystery of the Black Eye, but that doesn't really move. It's at a standstill. He won't say, she won't say, the rest don't know. They start the chapter like this, they end the chapter like this.

There may be subtle social maneuverings that I don't see here. Stars know I'm practically blind when it comes to social nuance.

In closing, the story is still interesting, but the chapter here needs some more punch. I do hope you post more, and soon.
A Silence in Winter chapter 7 . 1/16/2010
Oh! Drama! It's funny, I just got a shirt from my boyfriend that says, "Keepin' the drama on stage." :3 This story reminds me of it. 'Cept none of the drama has actually made it to the stage yet... Oh well, it makes it ten times more amusing for the reader that way. xD

I. Love. The. Twins. They are so amusing. The minute they both grabbed Regan around the waste my mind went back to, well, OHSHC twins. HA! :D I love Elizabeth and Caleb. They're so amusing. I also enjoy how you added your own twist on it and made them different genders. But omigosh, that was so cute when they said that they didn't like driving simply because they couldn't do it together! I wanted to jump into the story and snuggle them both. :3

Also, their little thing about height was funny. It actually brought out a pretty male characteristic in Caleb, which surprised me, especially since Elizabeth seemed to share the same opinion only because it belonged to Caleb first. This brings to mind that YouTube "Shoes" video. -is getting off track- Sorry.

Poor Regan is sick! D: Bad nasty colds are no fun, especially at the end of the semester! ...Although I do believe I spy Tyler's bisexualness beginning to blossom... That umbrella thing was random but for a nerdy person like me who holds onto the story description like a crime scene clue, it had me chuckling to myself. It makes me wonder if Tyler is just a big flirt or what.

And I must say that I am TOTALLY excited to hear who Devon is! If I wasn't nearly falling asleep in my chair (akin to Regan) I probably would've jumped out of my seat to do a creepy happy dance. I was WONDERING who he was! :D Although I'm still very curious as to where he is, how old he is, why he called, why he HASN'T called, ect. Again, there are still lots more chapters I need to catch up with so I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that most of the answers lie there!

Blaine's actions at the very end of this chapter had me confused. I still don't know if Blaine is secretly crushing on Regan too and whether or not he knows it. Their relationship is interesting, but very realistic. I kinda want to scream GET ON WITH IT at the two of them, but I'm sitting here as an observer. I'm a highschool junior and I still watch kids who obviously like each other circle like nervous animals and ask all their does "does s/he like? does s/he like me?" i.e. it's easier to judge when you're on the outside. ._.; I remember when I was in that spot too... Ah, the joys of adolescence.

Another very cute chapter! ] -Leigh
taerkitty chapter 12 . 1/16/2010
Interesting opening paragraph. It's not bad, it's just unexpected. That definitely works for hooking me into the chapter.

Hm... Turning my phone off is a big deal. I'd like to have seen that established in the previous chapter.

Nit-picking, but aren't SMS messages limited to 160 characters?

Love the scene close. It's not the chapter close, but it's great.

Ah, more Mr. Whit, poor guy. Love her talks with him.

Why does everyone use the word 'hiatus'? 'Taking a break' sounds more natural...

Great ending. Looking back on it, not a lot of stuff to criticize, so I'm afraid all I can say is that this looks really good. It's active, it's upbeat, and Regan finally gets to joust with Mr. Whit again.

I know you're bugged by the fact that so many people loveLoveLOVE the twins. I personally look forward to Regan and Mr. Whit's little talks.
FightCrime.ShootBack chapter 13 . 1/16/2010
I'm sure you've heard this every time someone leaves a review, but I love your story. Your characters are ridiculously hard to dislike, even if they're mean. Not that anyone in their right mind would try to dislike them. You really do an amazing job at writing and I am anxiously awaiting the next chapter. D
A Silence in Winter chapter 6 . 1/15/2010
This latest chapter was really interesting. As always there was plenty of humor and I was laughing the whole way through. However, as soon as we met Regan's mother, things sort of changed. The humorous air got a little dark, and it was revealed that Regan's parents didn't have a good relationship. ): Aw... Coming from divorced parents I can sympathize. It's not easy seeing parents squabble and I can see why Regan can be bitter. Poor girl! -hugs her-

On that note, I'm curious to find out who Devon is... There hasn't been any mention of a brother and tbe sentence was structured weird for it to be her dad... -ponders- I'm curious! :) Again, I'm just happy that there are more chapters for me to read!

Your transition back to our fun-filled world of Regan's misadventures was very smooth. Often times I see stories who try to maintain humor AND a bit of emotional conflict and just plain fail. It's NOT EASY but you did it like a pro! :D CONGRATS! I'm excited to hear about Devon and Regan's parents but mai goodnessness, what about Godspell! -gaspeth-

Hence, you've combined lots of elements in this story that we care about. :) Again, this can be tricky but you've done great so far.

The Twin's random phone call made me laugh. Only in high school (and if you're crazy enough college) would you roll out of bed at 1:34 AM to go to an IHOP. I love the randomness of it all. It's just brilliant.

Although, I must admit that I wasn't thoroughly convinced as to why Regan was actually going. I predicted that she was just going to roll over, go back to sleep, and get crap from the rest of the drama club the following morning at school. When you proved me wrong, I was left wondering why she did.

It's not that I didn't enjoy this scene, I just didn't understand it is all.

As for the actual happenings AT the IHOP, I laughed so hard. I must admit that I am jealous that Regan has a WtWtA inspired hat. I love that book. I love that movie. I know that some readers absolutely hate product placement, but to be honest, it makes me feel a little warm and fuzzy to see things in a story that I see everyday. :3 Oh, and Dr. Pepper is my FAVORITE cola! Yummers.

Lucas's entrance was a bit random but perfectly hilarious. I feel bad for poor Regan. It seems that every time she meets someone new or becomes friends with someone she previously ignored it is forced. Probably good for her, but I've been in that situation with that really cute guy when you look really gross. :P It's the funniest WHEN IT'S OVER WITH! XD

Another awesome chapter. I can't wait to read the next one! :3 -Leigh
A Silence in Winter chapter 5 . 1/15/2010
I have no idea if you watch Ouran Highschool Host Club, but Tyler Borden reminds me of Tamaki, Gideon reminds me of Hunny, and, well, the Twins remind me of the Twins. It's cute beyond belief. :)

Courtlyn's character is beginning to take shape, which I love. Regan too is coming around. Even though the twins called her a robot in this chapter, I think she's making tremendous progress. This whole story has been about Regan stepping outside of her little box of comfort. NOT EASY! D: Frankly, I think she's doing a fantastic job, and I'm having fun watching her. :3

Although that might sound fairly sadistic... ILU REGAN! D: -tackleglomps-

Also, I felt bad for poor Regan when she had to talk with (dun dun dun) Tyler Borden! -gaspeth- Poor kiddo. IT would be SO difficult for me to have a civil talk with someone that MY crush slobbered over. -.-; That in itself shows that Regan has courage. Even if she can't make up excuses. :)

I'd like to touch on the Gideon/Tyler relationship. ...CUTE! :3 In a perverted kinda way. Again, it kind of reminds me of several different animes in which there is a master/willing servant relationship going on that isn't quite romantic but has sexual tendencies. Alwyas made me laugh. Probably always will. Say yay for immaturity on my part. :D

One minor grammatical error that I noticed (and has probably already been pointed out to you) was...

"I could faintly here that slightly familiar meek voice say, ..." - I believed you mean HEAR instead of HERE. Once again, I'm sure someone has already pointed this out to you. :)

Overall, I love Regan's misadventures. This story is just a blast of fun. Which I needed today and, really, everyday in my life. :)

So thank you Sarah(loves charts) for the ear-to-ear smile today and every time I read one of your amazing stories.

LOVE YA! -Leigh
A Silence in Winter chapter 4 . 1/15/2010
...'Kay so I've been gone for awhile and I'd like to just start where I left off and work my way to the end. :) Be prepared for lotsa reviews coming your way!

Per usual, this chapter was AMAZIN'! Your use of humor is incredible. Of course, we all know that this story is made to be humorous, and you accomplish this quite well. You use Regan's PV as a freakin' WEAPON! o.o; Although Regan doesn't say much and is slightly pessimistic, it's so much fun as a reader to be stuck inside of her head listening to all of her silent thoughts. She's such a colorful character who has such great insights on how the world around is functioning. As an author, you present her with obstacles and challenges that are realistic and, frankly, pretty relatable for most people. Of course, this only adds another pancake to the incredibly high stack of goodness that you've presented us with. :)

I see that Regan's opinion of Tyler hasn't changed and ohmygoodness I am in love with the twins. They are so ADORABLE. :D It makes me want to have a twin with so much energy and enthusiasm. As a reader, the /twins/ hype me up. I get jazzed. It's great.

Although I would like to see more color from Courtlyn. I know I'm stepping into this story a little late, so I'm crossing my fingers and hoping I'm going to get to know her better. So far, you've a great job distinguishing all of your characters from one another and giving them unique personalities, talents, likes/dislikes, and overall just unique existences. :) You're a very talented author and I'm actually very pleased that I've got plenty of chapters to keep me occupied. With stories like this, it's actually pretty disappointing when you have to wait for the author to put up the next chapter. ):

Then again, that makes the big moment when they do get their next project up so savory. :D

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed this chapter and I was laughing all the way through. Especially at Miss Hughes and Blaine. For some reason (that I cannot explain) they were my favorites in this one. Them and, of course, Regan. With her spontaneous personality it's difficult /not/ to like her.

What I will probably take away with me from this chapter is the twins and their milk prank. One line that stood out to me was, "...I couldn’t help but smile as I realized that this was the first time anyone had played a prank on me out of love instead of a desire for revenge..." - It was kind of funny because I have a lot of those kinds of friends. They'll draw on your face when you're sleeping because they love you so much they can't help but make a fool of you. :3 I'm happy to see Regan making friends.

Which brings up another good point. This story shows character development, triumph, and even failure. There's nine more chapters (and it looks like it's not over yet!) and already I, as a reader, can see a full-fledged story taking shape. :)

Well, I'm off to the next chapter! -Leigh
Kobra Kid chapter 1 . 1/11/2010
Wow, just wow. It was REALLY good! :D

The character development of Regan was great already! :] Mr. Whit's also! You did a great job on the dialouge to show each character's emotions and thoughts on the situation.

Pedophile. 0_0 That caught me off guard. xD

Seriously, AWESOME job! :]

~Broken Cross (formerly Crymson Black)
Jamie Ash chapter 1 . 1/10/2010
I really loved this as a first chapter. I already like Regan a lot and i'm only one chapter in. I love how she's not your typical "normal" everyday teen girl, but is instead a loner with anxiety disorder. She's a really interesting main, and her narrative is great and enjoyable to read.

The humour in the chapter was great - the Obama part made me laugh out loud. And i loved the exchange between Regan and . It gave a lot of insight to the characters but was still lighthearted and fun. Overall, this was a fantastic read :) I'm adding it to favorites...

Mizzuz Spock chapter 13 . 1/9/2010
Character arcs. I spy much fun to be had.

["Sort of like Edward Norton, you know?"] Fight Club reference? :O

So Gideon and Ty are in the show now. This drama club is growing into one big dysfunctional family. And it's thoroughly entertaining. x3

Regan may not be enjoying the angst, but I certainly am. I crave more! Though only a necessary amount, like you've been doing. x]

I'm really, really impressed at how all your characters are strong and sustain their personalities without starting to blend in with one another. And I like how Regan is starting to empathize with her newfound friends. It's a nice side to see of her.

I'm interested to know the cause of Caleb's black eye. Fight with Dad? IS THERE ABUSE IN THE NOLAN HOME? *gasp*

I'm kind of regretting getting caught up on this story. Now I have to wait for the next chapter. Ah, well. I make people wait for my updates. What goes around comes around, I guess. xD

Fantastic job, all around. Didn't spot any conventional errors in this chapter. And I am critless here. :]
Mizzuz Spock chapter 12 . 1/9/2010
[“I’ve missed you, too. And I do give a shit about your band being on hiatus, even it’s just a cog in the Neutral Milk Hotel ripoff machine.”] OMG! MILK LOVE? *dies* By the way, there's an "if" missing in that sentence. (Overlooked it the first time due to the NMH reference.) xD

[“I made friends." “How?” “I don’t know.”] That is dialogue genius.

Oh. Snap. Courtlyn jealous? Just a wee bit? Could make for some fun conflict later on. Valentine's Day is good for fun conflict in general, though...

[Mr. Whit shook his head gravely and answered my question with the utmost seriousness. “That’s not quite true, Regan.”] He threw that "QUITE" in there, which makes me think it's still a bit true. xD

Didn't find any other errors. I'm lovin' Devon's character and the interaction between Regan and him. Yep. You can definitely tell their related.

Chapter Twelve was as amazing as the eleven that preceded it. And now I shall FINALLY get caught up on...dun dun dun THIRTEEN. x]
Mizzuz Spock chapter 11 . 1/9/2010
Ah, drama within the drama club. It's delicious. x]

I thought Regan's realization of why she was mad was done extremely well, and how you conveyed the awkward tension between all the characters was great. (Even if the twins didn't get much page time...)

My only concrit this chapter is the part where Regan accepts the ticket. I felt it happened a bit too fast without much introspection. No hesitation or anything... She just realizes why he must've been in Tyler's office, then she takes a ticket. Did Regan not just buy a ticket for a guilt trip? xD

The scene was adorable, though. I'm pullin' for Regaine! Or...Blaigan. (Lawlz. Celebrity couple names aren't for everybody, maybe...)

Overall, nice chapter. And wonderful little cliffhanger there. HER BROTHER! I wonder what his role is in the rest of this story...
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