Reviews for The Fire Age
SilenceListensWell chapter 1 . 10/20/2009
first: ha ha! one review done!

okay, now then.

Azlox reminds me of Gandalf..or maybe even Mr. Tyler. xD

Aiphe has a few qualities like you, dont deny it!

anyway, erm actual review mode.

I enjoy the fact that you started the story off with an action that was already going on. It kills the need for cliched hooks and we all loathe those. And then there is the fact that the teacher is very calm and seems withdrawn even though he cares a lot. And to be odd, I also like the minimal detail given off about him. It leads one to suspect something will happen, and I'm sure Alphe will have a few traits of his when she "takes over" whatever she's taking over. I also get the feeling that the other characters, even those who dont say much are going to be heavily involved soon.

Critic pick picking: Perhaps this is just my cliched expectance, but how do servants learn so quickly, even freed servants would seem to have a few..problems that prevent them from behaving academically.

Random Note: Demons, half-demons, different countries. I sense a World of Warcraft indirect reference. Perhaps unknown to you.