Reviews for Captain Ray Gunn and the Planet of Illusion
Michael Panush chapter 1 . 10/27/2009
This was a pretty good story, and kind of similar to my own Astronoir...Did my story get you thinking or did it actively inspire you? It's a flattering gesture either way. Besides that, this story had some neat ideas, like the mimic monsters, but the story suffered because of the easy way Ray Gunn escaped. He didn't have any trouble identifying which objects were monsters and which weren't,which kind of ruined the uniqueness of the creatures, and there was never a point where he was near defeat. The descriptions also were a bit lacking in metaphors that gave me good impressions of Gunn and the space station. "Square-jawed, blonde-haired" is okay, but I'd rather you'd use some better writing - a jaw like solid rock, eyes that burned, hair smoothly pressed and practically gleaming - something like that. Otherwise, a decent story.