Reviews for Heart of Stone
Penmaster51 chapter 3 . 11/1/2009
Very good :) But the first chapter was kind of hard to follow. You should get more detailed about the professers, Estatutory(ies?), and the House. I understnad the god(s) part but what are those people for? Are they like rulers or just people to make sure everying thing in that realm goes smoothly? Just to get a bit more info on that in the next chapter or so would, i think, make some things that aren't clear yet, clear.

But i really like it and i think Mairi is on the edge of being a good or bad person- making her very interesting and unique. Her attitude, if i may call it that, also adds some spice to her personality. The characters seem very original but maybe a bit more info on Mairi's past life? Because there is a lot of "forshadowing" about her brother and how her dream always came first but came first of what? This story really kept me thinking and thus, kept me reading. Really good and you already seem better from when you were writing 'Hunted'. I hope I was helpful :]