Reviews for Children of War and Remebrance
Chesterfield chapter 1 . 10/29/2009
Great writing, I really enjoyed it. I thought the swearing was maybe a little over-gratuitous, like it was just there for shock factor, but if you're trying to convey a certain character then you have to do it 100%, and not just in the harsh words.

I also truly think your summary is among the best ones I've read. It's the most important thing for a writer to be able to do when it comes to pitching your writing. You should probably do a little tutorial in your profile because I know I would read it! (My summaries are horrible despite my best efforts.)

Finally, I hardly could have guessed this was a collaboration because it's very cohesive. The problem with collaborations is that people usually just switch off with another writer and the result is fragmented and confusing. Naturally, this did not happen to you two/all. Please continue writing, and I think this can go someplace really interesting!