Reviews for Journey of a Lifetime
Cassia4u chapter 1 . 9/24/2012
Thiswas beautiful. I can definetly believe you're a oublished writer, because your style is amazing:) From the way you write, it sounds like you've experienced it. :)

Also, I know this is probably very annoying to get in a review, but I was wondering if you would consider talking to me about beta-ing a story for me. I have just set up an account on here through the "sign in through fanfiction" option because I have an account on there, so I can't PM quite yet although I will be able to later tonight, when the 24 hour waiting period is over.
The book I'm writing is a Christian novel, set far in the future. Please email me at
cassiaburkemper aim . com
without the spaces, of course.
Or PM me in about five hours once my account allows that. :) I really hope you'll consider, because I read your beta profile and you sound like exactly the kind of beta I'm looking for!
Thank you, and sorry once again for the review asking :\