Reviews for What I don't understand about God
oHriginal chapter 1 . 11/4/2009
im not a christian but I believe I can answer a few questions for you ) I think Islam and Christianity are not that different from each other, aside from a few major differences.

anyways, god banished adam and eve from Heaven because Adam gave in to the strong power of a woman. Both Adam and Eve heard the devil telling them to take the apple, and instead of listening to god, they decided to take it anyway. So it was a punishment, and I guess the start of everything for mankind :)

and they were supposed to have children, even if the world is getting worse. this entire world is a test, and it's only going to be over, on the Day Of Judgement, after which there's Heaven and Hell.. But that's what we believe anyway. We all have choice, to either go the right or wrong way, so it's test.

satan is actually confined to Hell, so he intends to take as many people down there, as he can. The story of the devil was that he used to be an angel.. one of the most loving angels, who cared about God, deeply, until God made Adam. He then refused to bow down to Adam, saying "i'm made of light, he's made of mud, i will not bow down to him," and then God punished him. He then became the devil and decreed that he would get his revenge on ALL human kind, by leading them onto the wrong path...

...I've just read the rest of the chapter. funny )

The thing is, deep down we all know there is something more than just this life, because if it's just THIS... this crappy world with nothing more than materialistic needs, religion and negative karma, then is this life really worth living.

The examples I was given when I was younger was that just imagine this is the preparation for a BIG exam. Like, University exam that will either make and break you. You can either revise and be absolutely prepared, or you can "wing it" till the day of the test. And that day is the Day Of Judgement, where each and every one of us will be taken into the spotlight and be made to take that exam. it will then be decided whether you passed or not, and afterwards,if you didn't revise you live the rest of your life in the slums, unemployed, hating life as usual. and if you did revise, and you passed then you make it to that university level you wanted to, with the money and status ect

anyways i wasn't trying to preach

im a muslim and i don't practise at my religion as often as i should, but i am content with whats going to happen afterwards, because I just know that there is a bigger purpose and meaning to life than this shitty place )