Reviews for What I don't understand about God
A Calvinist chapter 1 . 9/19/2014
These are the questions that I often hear are asked by many people. And honestly, I think this may be the first time I have ever really given a Gospel presentation in my life before. So, I will take my pastor's advice and not try to change it to make it seem 'nicer' than what we would like it to be.
God banished Adam and Eve because they sinned against Him. No human can fully comprehend God's glory, so we cannot fully understand how incredibly terrible it is to disobey Him. One sin is all it takes for us to deserve hell. However, people don't like to believe that, because it's scary. After the first sin, all humanity fell into a sin nature, and instead of glorifying God like we are supposed to, we now glorify ourselves.
This is pride. Nowadays people are too prideful to admit they're prideful so they now call it 'self esteem.'
God, however, is a loving God, and did not blot humans off the face of the earth the very moment they sinned. This amazes me. If you stop and think about it, what really happened was the ultimate King of the universe just gave a nasty bug a second chance.
This second chance is Jesus Christ, one of the Persons in the Trinity. When God banned Adam and Eve from the garden He promised them that one of their descendants would crush the head of the serpent. God did this by becoming a human among us and taking our punishment.
Jesus was 100% God and 100% human all at once. He had to be 100% human to represent us and take our punishment for all our sins. He had to be 100% God to cover all those sins.
You see, God is a just God. That means everything He does in done with justice. Evil HAS to be punished, so the only way to take that punishment away from humans was to inflict it on His Son.
THAT is why He is a loving God. He didn't have to suffer in our place. I mean, really, who are we to make God suffer? He did it because His love cannot be measured. It just can't be understood by us- how could anyone be so kind and go to so much trouble? Crucifixion was the worst kind of death there was!
Thus, all those who realize this and truly repent of their sins are counted as having lived Jesus's perfect life. That means that when we die and stand before God, He sees Jesus's goodness and lets you into heaven. However, you can't just go around and say 'I'm sorry' all the time and get to heaven. By nature we are evil, and we can't just become a Christian on our own. Thus, I am not leaving a comment telling you to bring the Lord and Savior into your heart.
What I am SAYING is that no goodness that really matters comes from us, it comes from God. Being a Christian means that you are filled with the Holy Spirit and you have a regenerated heart. This can ONLY come from God, so people cannot simply accept Jesus into their hearts like He's their butler. So, if you truly realize your sin and ask God for forgiveness He will forgive you and accept you into His heart. Real repentance and a desire to obey God IN EVER AREA OF YOUR LIFE is the sign that you are a Christian.
Christianity does not make your entire life prosperous. Usually it brings up new trials and hardships. But if you are a Christian, then God gives you the strength to carry on and the trials can only make your faith stronger. And, now that you are fulfilling your original purpose as a human, true happiness fills you, because this is what you were made to do. The empty, sick feeling from before disappears.
As for the unbelievers, since they reject God and do not want to give up their sinful ways, they do receive their just punishment for their sins. Many people say that a loving God would never send someone to hell, but He is a loving God for saving anyone at all. In Romans it says that God is like a potter, making some pots for good purposes (Christians) and some for bad (unbelievers). Paul then goes to say that a mere human cannot talk back to God and say He is unfair, because God deserves all goodness as Creator and Author. Any evil that happens in the world in allowed by God to glorify Him because He is the only One who ever really deserves glory.
And, there is not a place in between heaven and hell. The Bible never mentions anything like purgatory. And really, all people are deeply evil and as guilty as Hitler and Stalin at heart, and deserve hell. Only God's elect are rescued from destruction by God's mercy, grace, and justice.
As for believing that the Bible is true, I have no doubt that it is. It makes many predictions that came true (such as the destruction of the temple for one example). It also made 200 references to science that had not yet have been discovered.
- An enormous amount of people are still arguing about science and the Bible contradicting, particularly about creation. Dr Sailhamer, a brilliant man who studies the Bible in its original language has noted that when Genesis 1:1 says "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth," the word for 'beginning' means 'an (unknown)extended amount of time that happened first.' Sailhamer has concluded that 'the beginning' was the billions of years God used to create the universe and the earth and that the dinosaurs were also in this period. The six days afterwards were God preparing Eden for human habitation, and when God supposedly 'made' the sun, moon, and stars on the fourth day, He was really making a proclamation that they would determine the days, seasons, and years. Days, seasons and years had all happened in the billions of years before, only now God was proclaiming it, just like He proclaimed that a rainbow was a promise, even though rainbows had happened before.
This is not to say that it took effort for God to create (He could have created it all in an instant), but that God enjoyed doing it. Plus, all creation obviously states that the world is old and God doesn't lie.
Please, please PLEASE at least read Romans and one of the books of the Gospel story, because God explains it so much better than I ever could. John Piper is also a great pastor who has a real love for the LORD, so if you ever have questions about difficult interpretations of the Bible, he's the one to look up. He has many sermons on the internet, and although I realize sermons aren't the easiest things to focus on for 45 minutes, it's easier to pay attention if you are desperate for answers. Romans 1:18-32 also directly addresses the homosexuality issue.
-you have my thoughts and prayers. Soli Deo Gloria
oHriginal chapter 1 . 11/4/2009
im not a christian but I believe I can answer a few questions for you ) I think Islam and Christianity are not that different from each other, aside from a few major differences.

anyways, god banished adam and eve from Heaven because Adam gave in to the strong power of a woman. Both Adam and Eve heard the devil telling them to take the apple, and instead of listening to god, they decided to take it anyway. So it was a punishment, and I guess the start of everything for mankind :)

and they were supposed to have children, even if the world is getting worse. this entire world is a test, and it's only going to be over, on the Day Of Judgement, after which there's Heaven and Hell.. But that's what we believe anyway. We all have choice, to either go the right or wrong way, so it's test.

satan is actually confined to Hell, so he intends to take as many people down there, as he can. The story of the devil was that he used to be an angel.. one of the most loving angels, who cared about God, deeply, until God made Adam. He then refused to bow down to Adam, saying "i'm made of light, he's made of mud, i will not bow down to him," and then God punished him. He then became the devil and decreed that he would get his revenge on ALL human kind, by leading them onto the wrong path...

...I've just read the rest of the chapter. funny )

The thing is, deep down we all know there is something more than just this life, because if it's just THIS... this crappy world with nothing more than materialistic needs, religion and negative karma, then is this life really worth living.

The examples I was given when I was younger was that just imagine this is the preparation for a BIG exam. Like, University exam that will either make and break you. You can either revise and be absolutely prepared, or you can "wing it" till the day of the test. And that day is the Day Of Judgement, where each and every one of us will be taken into the spotlight and be made to take that exam. it will then be decided whether you passed or not, and afterwards,if you didn't revise you live the rest of your life in the slums, unemployed, hating life as usual. and if you did revise, and you passed then you make it to that university level you wanted to, with the money and status ect

anyways i wasn't trying to preach

im a muslim and i don't practise at my religion as often as i should, but i am content with whats going to happen afterwards, because I just know that there is a bigger purpose and meaning to life than this shitty place )