Reviews for If I Believed in Divine Intervention
Nero Wolfe chapter 1 . 2/24/2010
Very enjoyable read, and a wave of mixed emotions all over. Just one thing though, for a girl who witnessed her mother murdered by an alcoholic, she didnt really react accordingly when she was in the same position.. Any reason why?
Klebs chapter 1 . 1/2/2010
Wow, Jess went through a lot of shit!

Her and Kali are similar in the way that

they both talk a lot.

And Adam is just a knight in shining armour.

There were some really funny bits in here :D

I love this offshoot, plays a huge part in

understanding the whole story (obviously) lol

Anyways i think you should try to put up

character pictures, if u cant then you can

start a competiton for us reviewers to get

pictures that resemble the characters the most D

I know hes just half, but ive always pictured Adam

to be one of those bald, macho and hot Cubans,

you know what i mean.?

Haha, btw- 'going all the way'usually means something

else : P

Thanks for writing this : )
Aderyn Azula chapter 1 . 12/28/2009
aww! i love that we got to see life from jess's pov- but more i liked seeing how adam acted when Khalila wasn't around
MyMagicbeans chapter 1 . 11/24/2009
Brilliant! I've never seen anybody combine drama, tragedy, angst and humour in a oneshot and so well before! you had me on the edge of my seat when Tom showed his true dark side (impatient little so and so). interesting back story to Jess. i like that it was sufficiently distressing for her to go off the rails but more than that i like that she was actually quite selective in how she went off them. she never took her stress release home with her lol...i like to think it was to protect her younger siblings...

Adam to the rescue! yay! Divine intervention for Jess. you know what i love most about her? she handles situations very calmly. she doesn't jump to conclusions and always thinks about them at a later time before making her mind up about whatever it seems the only unsolved issues are her mothers death by the drunk (something i don't think anybody can get over) and relatonship with ben! haha! wouldn't it be funny if they did become official? Khalila would spew!

anyways, great job with this story...but i think it should be multi chaptered! some more of Jess, i like reading through her, she's smart and witty like Khalila but not falling in love (which is great and eciting) but Jess brings something new.

i agree with surroundedand alone...perhaps some drabble of past dates? hilarious no doubt!

keep up the good work!

natmarie chapter 1 . 11/21/2009
First off: Thanks for the shout-out on your profile. :) It means a lot.

Second: Bummer on the computer problems...I wish I could use that as a reason for not updating...mine is a lame reason (busy, family stuff, writer's block). Hope you haven't given up on me and you get your computer back soon.

Third: Actual review time :) I love the first person point of view. Really really...ok I guess SitM is in it too (I haven't read too recently sorry, I suck). It seems to be more well-tailored and have more charisma and life (not that SitM doesn't, but this seems improved in least from the earlier chapters I've read) Gah, this is sounding bad. I hope you get what I'm saying. Also this is hilarious. Literally had me laughing out loud and my parents looking at me like...what? Karma is cruel and this guy is terrible. Lol I would have stabbed him with a fork. He obviously can't take a hint.

Yay hero Adam to the rescue. And yay Jess is a teacher, how did I miss that one? Like me. :) Ok I can pretend I might be in your story...minus the being groped part. And loving Adam's trend of night time strolls. A personal favorite. I like that they talke, but it seems lkind of thrown in there...does that makes sense. And it all ended kind of differently than I thought when I was going in. I almost thought it owuld be a good collection of drabbles about Jess's successful and failed dates with the other characters skating in here and there...I like what you did too, but I guess just use it as an alternative idea. Lots of fun dialgoue and background about characters though. :)