Reviews for 140 Characters 2: Return of the Tweet
Aeternus Temporal chapter 1 . 11/29/2009
Wow, this excites me. I've never had anyone write a response to a poem I wrote before. Especially someone who understood what I was writing, wrote a poem using 140 characters exactly (with spaces, according to word), and completely caught me off guard! Pretty awesome. I would say you're right, all of those things are important things to say (people should say them more often). But of course, I was more or less trying to say that people are so disconnected by the internet and technology and the modern age, that these social net-working sites aren't bringing us closer, but are actually doing quite the opposite. They are not letting us address the anxieties we face as human beings and as a culture. I try to be as face to face as I possibly can with people. We move too fast anymore, needing to be everywhere at one it seems.

But, still, wow. I like this response.