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Anonymiss chapter 22 . 12/20/2010
Wow. Your parents sound like a bundle of contradictory laughs...

But that is nothing compared to the size of your school. What happens if a rumor gets out? You're, like, doomed. There's no way that someone can NOT hear about a rumor if your school is that freakin' small. It will be okay. You will move to, like, Tokyo when you grow up and get your sushi and big-city fix in one fell swoop.

All girls' school isn't so bad. There's an all guys' school right across the street, so that makes it easier. I have my spanish class there, and then boys are also in my french class, since junior and above level classes are co-ed. I would have more classes with boys, but I'm a soph, so yeah. Close to graduating my butt. I WISH. Although, if I tried to go to college with my current grades, there would be trouble. To say the least. Kind of like saying that track is not a good idea for my physique. To say the least.

Oh EW. Jim Carrey is so not supposed to be serious. I can imagine how that class would be scream-worthy. At least history class is good... and you'll get a better teacher next year, I'm sure. If your school HAS another teacher hahahahahaha. You're definitely good at writing. You read, obviously, and some famous person or another said that the best advice they can give to an aspiring writer is to read.

So I think you'll do alright. Person writer. And advice on kissing girls: there are many more kissable girls around then you would think... But yeah still. Go to college. My first choice is in the middle of nowhere (what can I say? Good foreign language programs) but my SECOND choice is in NY CITY!


Much discord. On the horizon and now. The little fights are interesting, they seem to be becoming a permanent fixture of the DannyNate landscape, so the fact that you still go into them each time instead of saying "after yet another brief spat bla bla bla" means maybe either Danny or Nate will get annoyed about the frequency of them and DO SOMETHING PLOT-DEVICEY? Lord knows. But Derek was SO TOTALLY trying to instigate that one. JUST saying.

Ugh. Kid's carnivals. Bad memories. But this chapter was SO Danny. He is such a twink. Is that one of those words that only gay boyzz can use? If so, whops. But it kind of applies. He's a freaking cupcake in human form. I'm hella jealous. That enthusiasm can not be faked.

Of course, killed because of "special brownies" is another matter. (Do they really call them special brownies? I've only ever heard of pot brownies. On the other hand, I hang out with the crowd who thinks that a bookstore is a wild night)

Ah, Derek. I actually can stand him for once. Finally a sane reaction. I have been in his place WAY too many times, and he handled it PERFECTLY. Better than anyone I know in real life could have done. Btw, Danny was definitely checking him out. Good for him to see, if not play, the field, heehee. Back to Derek. OH MY GOD. His SISTER? That is just so sad. I know, saying something is sad is almost worse than saying sorry. But it is, and saying differently would be almost worse yet.

I would think that Danny would kind of compare himself to Derek, more, as a person with pain in their background now that Danny knows. Like, "How can Derek always be so cheerful? Danny you're a terrible person!" And stuff. Obviously, I hope not that, but that's what I see as likely.

Dacara chapter 22 . 12/19/2010
Hell yeah! A bit of drama, a bit of smex- a fan girl can’t ask for more! Leave it to Nate to think of the make-up sex first :) Loved the chapter and waiting for more

Oh, and a fairy Corey-priceless ;)

Dayvon-Disaster chapter 22 . 12/18/2010 i just wanted to let you know that i effing love this story:) And you rock for writing it lol
Ivory Breeze chapter 22 . 12/18/2010
I am so happy that you updated, keep up the good work!

This chapter should be named: COWBOYS AND INDIANS

just kidding...anywho, Nate's getting jealous of Derek! Corey's being... Corey, and Danny's standing up for himself! Danny's really coming out of his shell. Who knew he was such a sex beast? I'm really looking forward to the "hot, nekkid, passionate sex scene," as you would put it.
TheWhispersHauntMe chapter 21 . 12/15/2010
Ah! I can't believe Corey slept with a girl! And that girl is so horrible. She either going to kill it (I'm very against that) or give it to Corey. Corey better man up and take responsibility for it. Or I will have to have a little chat with him that makes him man up. :D

Muhahuahuahauhaua! *cough! Cough!*

Had a insane moment.

Nate and Danny are so fricken cute togther! XD I love them so much! D
Kobashiftw chapter 8 . 12/14/2010
Omg i'm so excited about what Nate is going to do to Danny's uncle. I mean if he broke a baseball bat on a kid his age, imagine what he will do to that guy for beating up on his Danny. It's sweet and some would say morbid but I just think its sweet. and I just realized you probably already wrote what he did to him since I'm not even half way thru the story so this doesn't probably mean much...imma shut up now and stop rambling and eh bye
Kobashiftw chapter 7 . 12/14/2010
Yup I was totally right. Nate is awesome! The coolest character I have ever read about. Danny is so adorable. I can totally see the puppy thing. any have to move on to the next chapter I'm sure I will have to comment again before I reach the end (Oh I rhymed I'm so cool. I know you are totally jealous P)
Kobashiftw chapter 1 . 12/14/2010
Ok I know its only the first chapter and all but I can already tell. I LOVE NATE! (and sociopaths are kinda cool. or at least the idea of them is.(I'm weird I know but you have to think like a sociopath to write about one so ha I win...(can we just ignore the fact I just had an arguement with you without you saying anything? (LETS BE FRIENDS! (I'm normally not this hyper but i just had a massive sugar intake so lol.)
Ivory Breeze chapter 21 . 12/12/2010
I am IN LOVE in this story! Danny and Nate are absolutely adorable together. I hope the uncle problem gets resolved soon, don't want to see any bruises on poor Danny's face. ONLY Nate can be the one bruising his body! hahaha

Moving on, I personally find Corey and Derek to be annoying but Derek's tolerable since he's actually good for Danny. It's nice to see him finally coming out of his shell.

Finally, I am just so happy that I found this because lately all I've been getting are these insanely angsty stories that get way too repetative. It's refreshing to see some joy and happiness developing in the main couple once in a while.
safirefairy13 chapter 21 . 12/11/2010
Despite my review kinda-sorta being mixed in with my beta-ing, I'm going to take this moment to point out that Gavin is going to be (to say the least) furious. Gavin's reaction is going to be included, right?
Anonymiss chapter 21 . 12/11/2010
Yeah, I'm kind of crazy about her. Let's place bets on how long it is until my parents find out and my ass is nailed!

I love how I didn't even notice that you updated Thursdays... I'm so attentive. Cough.

AND OH MY GOD. I'm being a snob here, but HOW DO YOU SURVIVE? My town has like 160,0 people. And that is so not enough. Dude, how big is your school? At least you have hot fudge sundaes, you can't really take anything for granted if your town is that small...

And I don't HATE Derek, I just get really annoyed. I just deeply deeply identify with Nate. His pain is my pain. But yes, he does really help Danny grow. I mean, a month ago Danny would have been like NO PARTIES NO WAY and all that, so yay for Derek. Gr.

And yes, that WAS a rapid yell. I pity your family, hearing you screaming to your computer again. This is one of the few situations where it's more awkward if you DO explain it, methinks.

OH MY GOD. You will not BELIEVE what happened with brownies! So this thursday (hehe... thursdays...) we had a stupid party for all the kids in Bio Honors because the boys' bio honors is so damn nerdy and they won't talk to girls unless their teacher makes them. Guess what I brought. Brownies. And I was worried, because I had my friend have one and he's a bit of a jerk, so I couldn't tell whether he was kidding or not when he said they were crappy. And then I had like three more of my friends eat them, BUT ALL MY FRIENDS ARE MEAN LIKE THAT. So then I had to have one myself, even though I hate them, and for brownies they tasted good! I wept. Especially since I am just SO not into baking and girly shit, I was hella proud of myself. Note to self: don't go to an all-girls-school if you can't bake.

Moving on. GOOD LORD I HATE IN CLASS ESSAYS. Your school is evil. Although you turned out a good writer, so who knows? And yeah, hard schedules suck. :( But that's what it takes to go to college, you know? UGH! I can NOT believe I just dragged college onto FP, since that's kind of a safe haven from real life. But unfortunately, real life always intrudes. Now for more whining: not only do I take two APs, three honors, one leadership period, and one zero period PE class, but next semester I'm going out for Track. JUST SHOOT ME NOW. Ok. done.

And one thing I have learned from a lot of therapy, much emo-ness, and fifteen years of life is that as long as you always try to do the right thing, FUCK THE WORLD. You are a beautiful person, if you weren't you would have figured it out by now. Your sexuality is just one part of you, and just like your favorite color, is really just a fun reflection of your personality and NOBODY'S business unless you say so. Now go kiss the girls and make the boys cry. Pass along that cold, yeah?

Cats are demons in a good way! They make army-related pain go bye-bye. Really, I'm sure your cats will get better with age. Like cheese and wine. And apparently steak? It's your birthday (ish), so you should go out and have steak and ask them if age makes it better. :D

OKAY TIME FOR REVIEW. Hmm, I think Nate is straight-forward, but you know the whole "you never asked" thing? That phrase I could see becoming the author's friend. I should probably stop spreading discord though since they were SO FREAKING SWEET this chapter! AND THANK YOU FOR COREY! Halloween parties... yeesh. What next? Oh. I KNOW. Some knocked-up Aberzombie on the front porch! OH MY GOD that is so Corey. And Danny is going to blow his stack when he finds out what Nate advised. Probably Gavin too. Was he just a one night stand? I thought this was an AMAZING chapter. I loved the irony of Danny telling Nate about his "discovering new emotions" and all that and then we see Nate be himself again. Gone soft my ass. Ah, well, at least Danny stays his new and improved slutty (in a good way!) self. This is so ironic, I'd been rooting for Nate to be even more evil the entire time, but now this? Sigh. I don't know if I'm being an objective reader; I assume that everyone thinks abortion is pretty shocking, but I'm pro-life because of my religion, so yeah.

I assume next chapter they're still going to the carnival? Oh God, Nate's going to be around kids, after he said something like what he did to Corey...

All in all, this is one of the best chapters of Dannyboy. Just not in a lovesexmagic sort of way.
Emiko03 chapter 21 . 12/10/2010


Ok, First the story was awesome . and I was like whoa...with the Corey thing and I'm still like whoa...but anywho i loved the story.

Second, thank you for the happy birthday.

Third, I find it extremely awesome that your birthday is the day before my friend's birthday. (So, I won't be forgetting to tell you happy birthday.)


Fourth, I find it even more awesome that you dedicated this chappy to me. I feel so honoured. :3

Also, yes AP Biology is the bane of my existence it gave me a panic attack today, a full blown freaking panic attack, but anywho that's over with and I'll be okay now. This story so cheered me up.

I'm just so excited now and happy.

But, now I bleive the panic attack is catching up with me and i need sleep so I'm off to sleepy land~



P.S. You're really sweet too, dedicating a freaking chapter to me. :D
crazystalkerchick chapter 21 . 12/10/2010
I love this so much, i don't know what else to say lol.
Dacara chapter 21 . 12/10/2010
Next chapter? Hell yeah! ;) I loved this one, especially Corey getting a girl preggeers - that's so him, doing something because of a dare and messing up :)

Liked how Danny learned to control his sociopath little bit- he's going to need the skills in he future.

Hope to see a new chapter soon,

Emiko03 chapter 20 . 12/8/2010
Hello there wonderful author of this lovely story.

Anywho, long time no review. I've been so busy, and I think my AP Biology class might eat my soul, but that has nothing to do with how awesome you are.

Also, happy belated Thanksgiving, I also stuffed my face, and I had cheesecake for desert that day, btw.

Oh and when is your birthday? Mine was the day you updated the story 11/29. :3

Well, I'm going to stop talking now and go story for my Biology exam.


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