Reviews for Rex Ratio on the Homefront
Michael Panush chapter 1 . 12/7/2009
This was a pretty good story, and probably the best I've read of your 'Marie Magnum-Doctor Bizarro-Techno' world. The action was good, the descriptions were cool, and there were some awesome monsters involved in the battle (I really liked the ware-wolves). But it still had a few issues. The major one was that Rex Ratio didn't seem to have much of a personality or a unique voice. Doktor Bizarro was great, with his cackling evil, but Ratio either spoke matter-of-factly, used uncreative swears (asshole? That's the best insult he can come up with?), and made one pun at the end. His only real character trait is that he likes video games. I wanted to get a little deeper into his character, to show what really motivates him to be this Transhuman Technomad. The pacing was a little bit off as well, with too much time spent on the video game, and not enough on the real battle. Some more sensory descriptions of the feel of the wind in Ratio's face, the roar of his rocket boots (if they make noise at all), and the heat emitted from lasers (if they do make heat), would have also been nice. The references to Bookshelf of Horrors and the Extropians were okay, but I'm worried that new readers might not know what to make of them, and I thought you wanted this to be stand alone? Otherwise, this was a nice little story, with high stakes in the battle and a good climax. I hope the other 'Bizarro universe' stories can be as good.