Reviews for Advanced Response Machine Aesir
Darth Zannacross chapter 18 . 1/23/2021
Nice to see some more Asier...lets see how arctic gambits are playing out these days. Well...all the lament about war never ending, but grudges never seem to end either so if Shizuka can't get a grip she will end up like all the people caught up in say...Char's vengeful sights.

Still...Char might be jealous with how Schir made her" Rival" pay a lot faster then the Red Comet did with Amuro, damn.

Like how Shin took advantage of Kira's refusal to kill to take down the Freedom, Schir took advantage of Shizuka's reluctance to cause damage to well...cause some rather intense damage.

Well...hopefully Shizuka won't have the Ghost explode and somehow survive its own explosion and have to be rescued by a junk trader before getting 00 Ghost Riser...we will see but a intense cliffhanger so very eager to see where things go from here, till then keep up the great work and till next time.
Darth Zannacross chapter 17 . 6/28/2020
Ah glad your back to another round with the Aesir, lets check out this shadow.

Well, are gal is going through the trauma that so many Gundam leads go through with being drafted into doing some rather un cool things...wonder how many bright slaps she will get for sticking to her beliefs.

Meanwhile, Ed tried to stick to his own values but could not see it through, maybe he could have won over the gal if he was a newtype/ Innovator but alas he drew the short straw.

We get to see the bigger picture for a few of the players, quite curious to see how Schir moves from here, we will see if she will get as revenge focused as say Char or the other masked guys across Gundam.

Another fun chapter, keep up the great work and till next time.
Darth Zannacross chapter 16 . 1/2/2020
Ah nice, glad to see another wave from the Aesir and all that.

Well, after so much tension nice to get a bit of a break and( Alarm rings) damn.

No matter how weird some unit names can be, always good to know what to call them, at least they don't have some of the crazy names from Victory Gundam lol.

Well, at least Shizuka questions being a agent of death more then say...Heero or Mika did.

Sciar at last attempts her revenge, but, since this is not a super robot story her rage did not translate to battle skill.

That being said...not sure who's talking to Shizuka...are mecha has a soul and we are not aware of? Ominous fella from afar? Well, hopefully we will see soon but this mode is one hell of a " Super" mode or what not, sorry Schir, revenge denied, just be glad you got away with both eyes.

Well, Shizuka has gotten through this, we will see what costs this new power will cost her and what not.

Another fun chapter full of nice action and tactics, keep up the great work and till next time.
Darth Zannacross chapter 15 . 8/23/2019
And for this dark battle, we got a fleet battle hardcore enough to be in a Star Wars movie lol.

Well, a new place that needs some" HOPE" and could use it fast because we got kill happy soldiers here like its the Vietnam War going on, damn.

Shizuka and Ashley seem to be warming up, we will see if this social link can survive long enough to reach the next stage.

Oh boy, the local leader is one step away from being a Blue Cosmos member with the desire to make a " Pure" world. If all of his pals are this" Fanatical" then could be rather dicey winning without them trying to blow up everything like most sore losers.

Well, they won the battle, but looks like its going to be a long war alright. Damn, looks like this is the end of the line for now. Man, you been working on this story for nearly ten years? Well, hope you can finish it one day. Till then keep up the great work and till next time.
Darth Zannacross chapter 14 . 8/23/2019
Today's forecast seems to be a rainstorm of missiles with a sprints of plasma beams, topped off with a sword to the face, heh, I wonder if Freya's sword can hold its own to the Destiny Gundam's own Anti-Ship sword or some of the others.

Might not overcome the Epyon's blade or the Shinning Gundam's Shinning Finger Sword but, close enough lol.

Well, quite the vicious battle going on, Schir is seeing all the firepower and is just getting more hell bent for revenge, a true avenger here. But, she was not able to pull it off, no bronze for you, promotion seems like a good consolation prize lol.

So, HOPE saves the day again it seems, but we will see if the new ARM will cause problems...depends on if they have Funnels or not lol.

Keep up the fun work and till next time.
Darth Zannacross chapter 13 . 8/22/2019
Well, at least Ed and Shizuka seem to be getting closer, hopefully they can pull it off without either of them getting blown to hell but we will see lol.

So, we get the big leader speech eh?

Well...Lapin does not seem like a type like the Zabi's or Patrick Zala or Paptimus Scirocco or the far.

This means Su and co are fighting for the enemy side? Well, we will see, not the first time a guy seemed nice only to fire a doomsday laser in your face lol.

Seems like good odds we are heading to a situation like Seed were everyone sucks.

Well, seems are leads are bonding with the others enough so they at least try and cover there backs in the upcoming mission, with all these Vingolf's and other stuff that's about to head there way it seems like there will be a lot to watch out for.

Things are shaping up in a fun direction, keep up the good work and till next time.
Darth Zannacross chapter 12 . 8/21/2019
Ah, so there was life on the Moon after all, something tells me its not Rita Repulsa or " DOME" from Gundam X up there in your story at least, but it does give me a Gundam X vibe, AKA a ruined earth vibe and what not.

Heh, if she thinks four machines can't fight the world she should talk with Celestial Being or the Wing boys lol, but I suppose she does not have the Zero system so she can't see the future.

Shizuka is holding her own despite the stress, but it it seems Schir is charging off hell bent on revenge so, we will see how bloody this duel of the fates will get. Keep up the great work and till next time.
Darth Zannacross chapter 11 . 8/20/2019
I see the after math of the battle is still causing some very bitter waves. Understandable, just curious to what the backlash to this will be.

I see Shizuka is not taking her job well, but at least she's not as moody as Kira and some of the other Gundam leads were about it so that's good.

Cool to see how both sides are reacting to the battle, seeing there culture and what not and all that.

Did not think Schir would be getting back into action so soon, but seems like she's more revved up for revenge then all those who wanted payback on Celestial Being in 00 Gundam and others.

Should be a intense " Round 2" so till then keep up the good work and till next time.
Darth Zannacross chapter 10 . 8/17/2019
Well, things are going to hell rather damn fast, Ed has to learn rather damn fast on the fly, though Shizuka seems to just being left to dry, and get blown up thanks to pops being rather hellbent on looking good.

Though, in the end things are looking even worst for Cal, sorry Elise.

And, damn, sorry Cal, looks like your not going to be the Char of this story if your dying here, doh.

Well, Kitawara is a little to happy with things, while Schir is in quite a lot of despair. Looks like this battle will change the shape of the world, or the war, or something so should be fun.

Keep up the good work and till next time.
Darth Zannacross chapter 9 . 8/15/2019
Cal is reminding me more and more of guys like Zechs or Graham, we will see if he lives long enough to be a true rival, or just go down like the bad mecha rivals like say, Chronicle Asher in Victory Gundam or McGillis Fareed in Iron Orphans who in the end were rather pathetic for various reasons.

Well, Sichir managed to sneak in, bu this deception just might have been botched rather swiftly due to the unexpected encounter, but looks like it ended peacefully for now, though getting major vibes this could lead to a Ramba Rau/ Andrew Waltfeld situation, we will see.

Heh, but meanwhile don't be to annoyed with the sync system Shizuka, at least your father did not make your mech have the mobile trace system from G Gundam lol.

Ah well, sounds like she needs to figure out a method to learn fast as her enemies seem ready to strike and don't seem keen on taking a timeout. Well, that was another intense chapter, keep up the good work and till next time.
Darth Zannacross chapter 8 . 8/14/2019
Eh, careful there Shizuka, sure there is something fishy going inside but if you don't care about what's going on outside that could lead to all kind's of problems.

Well, we will see.

Meanwhile the," You elites sure have a nice." Was that suppose to lead into something? Oh well.

Damn, these Black Devil's while not quite as ruthless as say the Devil Gundam or Mazinkaiser Zero but, still rather ruthless killing machines that could cause Shizuka and Ed rather painful ends if they don't step it up.

I mean, sure in theory these machines belong to the good guys and the first gundam was known as " White Devil" but still lol.

Still, as another mecha ace once said the battle's not always decided by a superior mobile suit but who has the skills, and for now Cal gets to keep his ace cred, at a cost.

Well Shizuka I see you don't think taking lives ever is good but please don't become like Kira was in Seed Destiny, or even worst, Kio in AGE, god damn that kid, and just about most of AGE as a whole lol.

Does seem like Cal is keen for payback...wonder if he's going to pull a stunt like Graham from 00 Gundam and slice off a hand to make it his own lol.

Well, should be fun to see how this unfolds, keep up the good work and till next time.
Darth Zannacross chapter 7 . 8/13/2019
Well, seems like the weight of reality is starting to crush Ed, hopefully he will find out how to endure it.

Well, Ed wanted to spend more time with Shizuka but " drew the short straw" and got stuck with her jerk father instead, and we seen even more that he likes machines more then people.

Ah, thought it would be mostly a mad scientist being all smug but at least we got to learn a bit more about the world, amiss all the smugness.

Damn, wondered if the Niph pulled off something like how the Archangel managed to survive being blasted by the Minerva in Gundam Seed Destiny but, seems not, damn.

Well, looked like HOPE was on top of things...till everything went to hell. Damn, Shizuka has some resolve to just shrug off base's exploding and all...helps when its not real but still lol, shows she is serious enough to go into Seed mode to say the least.

Looks like things are going to explode for real soon, should be fun to see where this bloody revolution leads.

Keep up the great work and till next time.
Darth Zannacross chapter 6 . 8/8/2019
The Commando's are getting ready for a party all right, but not sure if they are ready for how rough it will be.

Well, could have gone better, could have gone worst, not much worst but, still.

Meanwhile, are vengeful hero's are not quite getting a trail by fire, but still a very hardcore test. Well, in mecha combat you got to be able to be swift, or your going to get a Shinning Finger or some other painful attack right in the face.

Heh, guess we will see if they are a ideal shield and sword combo as the mercurius and vayeate was in Gundam Wing eh?

Meanwhile " Su" seems on edge, I suppose building War Machines is not ALWAYS mean your going to start a war, but yah its a series about war so guess it does lol.

Meanwhile, Sheila is trying to be as detached as Han Solo was in Star Wars 4 about sticking out for number one, not sure if she will have a change of heart, or even HAVE a heart after this ambush.

Guess we will see if its a true total wipeout next time, till then keep up the good work.
Darth Zannacross chapter 5 . 8/7/2019
Welp guys, guard life might not be the most thrilling life, but if you slack off its easy to loose your job rather fast, or your life.

Uh oh, every-time they say someone's not looking for trouble, there is usually double trouble. Hope this won't lead to another massacre or something, but the title IS darkness of Reality so, oh boy, Schir might be in for a rough time.

Meanwhile...seems that Shizuka does not seem like a fan of city stuff, damn.

Well, we had some nice bonding time with Karin, maybe she will be, ah no...wait she's much for that...arg.

I see Ed is no Amuro yet, and is failing the test, and not in the Captain Kirk way. Ah well, there is still time to unlock that " Newtype" " Seed" " Innovator" type sense lol.

Well, at least she smiled for him now, one small victory despite everything. Well, this steeled her resolve to pilot Freya, lets see if she can bring the truth to light without being buried herself, or turning into orange goo. Another good chapter, keep up the great work and till next time.
Darth Zannacross chapter 4 . 8/5/2019
Well, the bonds with are crew as slowly forming, if a bit uneasy due to what brought them, and what is keeping them together.

Well, at least the others seem to be helping Ed gain his " resolve", we will see.

Good thing the uniforms are easy to wear, otherwise they would never be able to deploy when the enemy forces ambush lol.

And we got a ex spy in the mix...hopefully she won't end up being a double agent but , should be fun, the White Ram seems to be able to have done some cool stunts so hope we can see more.

So, we get to learn a bit more about the Aesir order, seems cool, long as there is not a hidden agenda, almost reminds me of Celestial Being but war's already breaking out so, maybe not quite so lol.

Sorry Ed, ALMOST got her attention but, at least you got her name right.

So, he let his child suffer for years to make her" Tougher"? Damn, even Gendo did not do that...( Adds twenty jackass points to the meter)

Well, seems like many are not keen with how Kitawara does things. If that's the case, guess we will see if Nornland knows his stuff , and see who is the Pawn and who is the king soon enough.

Till then another fun chapter, keep up the fun work and till next time.
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