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Palm Tree chapter 5 . 2/20/2010
DOGGY. WIN. All right, I’m super excited to begin this chapter considering his reappearance as I imagine it can’t be anything short of revealing. 8]

So I’m assuming right now at the very beginning that Thomas is liking Darin a whole lot? And that Kirstin is sort of like his moral support? I’ll have to read on, but I’m definitely hooked. As with the rest of the characters, the two have a cute relationship and, as always, your dialogue is flawless.

(“Thomas sat up as if just realizing something all too painfully obvious and his words skittered quickly off of his lips as if he might break into a nervous fit and if he didn’t say them now, it would be too late.”)

I think this is a run-on, so you may want to break it up. There was also another sentence earlier into the chapter that was really long and could possibly be broken up as well. However, that one isn’t really a dire situation so I didn’t quote it.

Ah… Romeo and Juliet… Hmn. I’ll have to continue watching Brent and Darin then. Because at first I thought Darin was someone of impulse that would latch onto a guy, have his fun, then move on to the next once there was nothing left. So that’s what I had used to explain the fast pace of intimacy in the previous chapter, but if it’s more like Romeo and Juliet then I’ve got some readjusting to do. Oh, lord. XD; I do hope these two don’t end up being as stupidly rash as R&J.

BUT OH! It seems I was right about Thomas liking Darin. SHINK. WHOOSH. SCORE. ;D

DOGGY! Poor Simon. 8[ So unloved.

But, whoa. Oo; Thomas’s thoughts have certainly taken off on a negative and violent tangent. I think it’s safe to guess that he’s not entirely stable, but thus far I think it might be safer to say that none of them really are? Again, I’m thinking about how this all explodes. XD BUT. Anyway.

At the chapter’s end I really feel for Thomas. I mean, I actually think that I’m rooting more for him and Darin to hook up because he seems to care more for Darin as a person than Brent. I mean, since as I said in my last review, Brent seems to have a more selfish motivation. Of course, I can’t help but make a parallel here, and if that parallel holds true then that comment may end up flipflopping by the story’s end. 8] Excited, I am. And LAWL: Thomas is Shu! XD

Please update soon!

{{Also, please stop advertising for me. I mean, it’s REALLY sweet, but after the short glow of conceitedness, I feel like such a jerk, which I really am enough as it is. 8/ Because this is YOUR story so the focus should be on YOUR story and no other in any shape or form. Sorry if I worded this poorly. KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK!}}
Palm Tree chapter 4 . 2/20/2010
ANGH. It took me SO LONG, but FINALLY I’m here and ready to review like WHOA. So, I’m sorry this took forever and five days, and I hope you can forgive me. Now, getting to the actual review itself, I’ll be reviewing as I read.

I’m glad that I get to see more of Brent here since I don’t think he was defined very much in the earlier chapters, and right from the beginning there was already this major shift in tone that contrasts with Darin’s. That said, interesting backstory and explanation for his… I guess, apathetic perception of time. Which, in its own way, justifies the actual date not being elaborated on. ;3 A good introduction to the chapter.

Now, as interaction picks up with the whole “let’s go to your house”, I’m like OUH. Darin’s a skank. XD But I really love the little quirks you have with the tails and ears. It’s intriguing since the body language of it all really comes out, and to list an example, Darin’s tail wrapping around Brent’s leg gave a nice visual to what I’ll assume to be possessive and clingy sentiments.

But, as always and for forever, Darin is adorable to the point of I think I need a plushie. ;3

And then the poor taxi driver. XD;; And then I begin to feel pity for Brent being dragged down like that. Since this is supposed to all go downhill, I’m watching all these little things just in case. –taking notes-

On the sex itself, since I’ve gradually become more and more disturbed by how unnecessarily graphic and cheap most of it is in yaoi, I was pretty darn thankful that you had the scene as short and sweet and to the point. You conveyed it and the emotion well, assuming that neither is a virgin, though I do wonder what consequences might spring up.

The same can be said for the consequences of Brent’s more selfish motivations since that creates many open doors. Even so, I do think I can truly say that I like Brent more after having read this chapter. 8]

It was awesome, and as always, a pleasure to read.

NeonBursts chapter 5 . 2/19/2010
Aw, poor Thomas. Doesn't he understand that protecting everyone will not get him into a happier place of being? What happened to the good old saying 'to each his own'? I miss people following that saying. It was what had allowed me to not care about anyone else's feelings.

Stupid people not following epic old quotes.

Anyways, luvin the story luvlie. It's really good and has this awesome feel to it.

I luved all those ideas they came up with. *Squeel* Some of them were just so yummylicious I couldn't help but try and imagine them up. (My imagination isn't controlled, it does what it wants so the pictures did work out quite well. *party*)

So, hun, how was China? Was it awesome? Was it full of happiness and kawaiiness and Chinaness that people expect of China?

Most of all, is Chinese food better in China or does it not matter? ...Always wondered that ya...

ANYWHORE! Keep writing!
Melissa Norvell chapter 4 . 2/14/2010
I am once again caught up on myself. I really enjoyed this chapter and Darin and Brent's love for each other was portrayed perfectly. I enjoy reading about their love. I look forward to your next update.
Melissa Norvell chapter 3 . 2/14/2010
Sorry that it took me so long to find the time to give you a couple of reviews. I was 10 chapters behind on something and I really wanted to catch up before they updated their story again. Plus, I've been a little down on myself so I haven't been writing as I normally do.

But enough of my problems. I really loved your new chapter. The scene with Mr. O'Connor was quite funny, as well as the speeding ticket remark. Great job on this chapter! I'm going to read the next one right now and get caught up on myself on this story as well.
UruChan chapter 4 . 2/8/2010
Eek~ Kawaii-Ne~

I love this story to the maximum level of love that love for a story can reach. Yes, yes, I know that is so much love but what can I do? I must love it so much because little animal people are amazingly amazing. .

*Gives Cake*

A present for your awesome story stuff. /

Continueness this story or I'll be sad. And sad does not look good on me can I tell you. ~
Luna the wolf dancer chapter 4 . 2/6/2010
nice chapter - can't wait for more
Luna the wolf dancer chapter 3 . 1/10/2010
I reread your story and I'm still liking it - it's so cute yet dark at the same time. Wonderful job Alshmee

Palm Tree chapter 3 . 1/9/2010
I love Darin so much right now that I think I'm going to just outright DIE. 8'D He's SO FIRKIN' CUTE. And I love his narrative. It's so hilariously amusing, from totally spacing out to being all smug like craziness. I loved Xyon (YAY FOR INSPIRATION) and the clever way which he gave Darin that elusive little answer. ;D I sort of felt bad for the teacher (YAY TIGERS) because I'm like that, but yeah. I'm seriously wondering about the extent of his relationship with Darin because it's a guilty pleasure of mine to think about those things. XD I agree that I thought Henri was pretty darn AWESOME. I loved the whole scout's honor thing and it was all just so amusing and exciting and I loved every second of it and you'd better know and this is a runon and I'm out of breath by typing and AGHNGENRLKGB.

I'm really excited about all this because it's just... AMAZING. I don't deserve to update on the same day as this, let alone have the incredibly talented writer advertise for me. D'8 This is just. NO WORDS. Have I mentioned that I loved it? Your character interaction is just so smooth and all that beautiful description is just... AGH. I'm so sad that it was so short! But it was a transition chapter, so it's fine. -nodnod- I just can't wait for your next update! XG
Kalista Jia chapter 3 . 1/9/2010
Yay you update! Love love love! Here comes Kalista Jia with her review! *crack knuckles* lol... oh and I do see some weird symbol on my hotmail alert for this story. (maybe my computer can't read Chinese)... and that symbol is not Chinese, just some weird symbol... Elven symbol? Muhahaha~ ok onward with the story!

Darin's enthusiast to meet Brent totally got me WAH~Moe~ *giggle*

Everytime you write rabbit ears, you see me going KAWAI! (love rabbit ears a lot! To the point that my own rabbit Cookie-Chan, is afraid of me. T-T)

Hahahah, Darin sure is not shy with people, does he? LOL

“Why, yes, Mr. O’Conner? Really darling, you don’t have to be so formal with me of all people, what’s with you and the sudden last names?”

“It seems that this ‘twenty-three’ has escaped me, but perhaps I could throw in a little guess?”

(OMG DARIN! WE LOVE YOU! FANGIRLS waving Darin Flag at the background! GAMBAREE!)

Oh oh oh~ Henri is pretty cute too! I am going to open an animal pet shop and own all of them... but sigh~ Alshmee will not be happy with me kidnapping her dear citizens of Mirror's Reflection... darn!

"Skidding to a stop, Darin shoved all of that excitement back inside him and tried his hardest to look equally as composed as the unbearably gorgeous hunk of man-muffin…"

(MAN-MUFFIN! Ok I am dashing to the nearest muffin shop ASAP!)

"Brent’s eyes seemed to narrow and one of his ears flopped over as he tilted his head slightly,"

(OMG would you stop with the cute bunny ears? I am goin crazy here hyperventilating!)

*ahem* ;...*compose herself coolly* ...*cough*

That is a cute chapter. It makes me heart the characters even more. Heart! Smooch! Bunny ears! Sexy cat Henri, poor teacher Tiger-kun and our loving Darin.

OMG took me a few seconds to remember what the word alliteration means when I read your A/N

(HO MYGOD! I just realized something! Alliteration! Brent bunny and Darin dragon! –flail- And Kohei kitty and Lawrence… Bear.)

HAHAHHAHAHA, LAWrence! I love how you end that phrase! LOVE IT


~Kalista Jia~
NeonBursts chapter 2 . 12/27/2009
When I read this, I realized that I have so much work to do to improve my writing. You put me to shame. *Sigh* Why is the world so cruel to me?

ANYWAYS: *Squeel* I am loving this right now. Just the way everything is rolling along. I love Brent a lot. He's the best. Just his, I have to do new things to not get bored, intrigues me beyond words. *Swoon* Men like him are absolutely awesometastical.

Mew, so one question that I have that needs to be answered!, the people with like animal features are demons? Or, the 'animal people' are referring to humans as demons? AND WHY DO THEY HATE EACHOTHER SO MUCH? Animal ears and tails are so Kawaii-Ne~

*Thumbs Up* Awesome work!



Luna the wolf dancer chapter 2 . 12/26/2009
this was a very cute chapter and you should be proud of making me love it P I'm not usually a fan of this, but your making me one - good job on slowing your writing down and wonderful job your works. Your a very talented writer and merry late Christmas
Palm Tree chapter 2 . 12/25/2009
WAH~! I love these characters, they're all so entertaining I can't even. I just. I don't. HYU~! X3 Indeed, the joy makes the fall only that much darker and, at this point, it's hard for me to even begin to imagine the pain that will no doubt come. DARIN. AGH. I have no words. It's like you took two kinds of awesome and they had a lil' baby named DARIN. Fo sho, everyone was adorable but Lawrence is like... A GOD in my mind. Fantastic character interaction that makes me just oh, so jealous and what awesome world building as well, what, with that war and everything? WIN. Then your writing and descriptions are always just the absolute BEST on top of everything else. In a way, this reminds me so much of my role-playing days and so that makes it even more impossible for me to do anything but gush over every little thing. I can't wait for your next chapter which I suppose will share the lovely little date that will pull two or ten heartstrings. AGGHH. It's illegal for me to love this as much as I do right now.

kalista jia chapter 2 . 12/25/2009
OMG Fictionpress cut my review! Thank heaven that I have copy the review beforehand (my baby brother came to play with my computer so I copied down my review in case. Now it proves to be useful!) Phew! My heart was about to stop when I saw 3/4 of the review was missing! Ok paste the review...

OMG Merry Christmas! *reading the author note at the top*

Ah~ they will be shopping on their date? Just like my animal characters in Little Lily of the Valley. They can so have a group date LOL!

Alright onward with the sweet bunny-dragon story!

Darin has a rainbow checkered backpack... wow! He sure is something! _

oh~ a room full of tails *evil grin*... muhahahaha, tail pulling time! *devilish glint*

OMG The lunch table scene is absolutely humouristic to read! God grief, it is funny! Oh man, how come people can have so much fun at their lunch table? My lunch table is so earily quiet and boring. Envious! I shall kidnap Darin to my school!

LOL to MY KING~ ah they are so entertaining! Aw kitty Kohei! Come here for your cat nip! I am going wild with all your animals! They are so adorable~!

(Darin turned from his heated debate with Kirstin about what country he was king of and slammed his hand on the table, “This ain’t no rodeo cowgirl! I’m the King of his realm and there’s a famine! You’re dead now, so you can just get down on the floor and stay there!”) HAHAHAHA! *cry of tears* Oh my god! I need to hire more people to abduct that guy! Ye, have to agree with Celine, definately more a Queen than King.

Ah! Bear Hug! I want to give him one too! Oh my gosh! Falling onto her bed, rolling, giggling like a mad girl.

Such an interesting story with this flamboyant, cute, character! I simply love it! Bravo! Magnificiento!
Kalista Jia chapter 2 . 12/25/2009
OMG Merry Christmas! *reading the author note at the top*

Ah~ they will be shopping on their date? Just like my animal characters in Little Lily of the Valley. They can so have a group date LOL! _
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