Reviews for The Muse
the trash lord chapter 12 . 3/4/2013
Oh my gosh this is truly amazing! So unique! Why did you stop updating? Please write more I love this story!
cam3llia chapter 2 . 4/16/2011
I love it already-really interesting and original concept, and nicely written. :)
larafrancesca chapter 12 . 12/1/2010
Please, please, please continue! I really like it :)
Lexodus chapter 12 . 10/15/2010
I sincerely hope to god you're still writing this. I've fallen deeply, deeply in love with this story. The dates give me cause to worry, though, so please, please don't give it up?
QuiteSavvy chapter 8 . 3/31/2010
wtf just happened?
QuiteSavvy chapter 5 . 3/31/2010
So she just waltzed into the school and said she was a student and that was it?
QuiteSavvy chapter 2 . 3/31/2010
So, can everyone see her now?
QuiteSavvy chapter 1 . 3/31/2010
I'm really liking the Greek mythology references!
Erlkoenigin chapter 12 . 3/1/2010
Mein Gott, die arme Philomena!

Du hast echt eine blühende Phantasie,

viele liebe Grüße und ich hoffe, es geht dir gut

WeFallForever chapter 12 . 2/22/2010
I feel so bad for Philomena! How could anyone not feel compassion for someone so depressed? It may not have been the best way to go about it, but she did-and she shouldn't be punished for it. I hope everything works out, update soon!
Anna chapter 12 . 2/22/2010
Wow! I really love your story, and I don't usually read k stories cause their a bit boring, but yours is decent and fascinating! Can't wait for more!x
armygirl0604 chapter 12 . 2/22/2010
Whew! About time this got updated! I was getting worried that you wouldn't update again! THank you so much for updating! I love this twist! Very exciting!

But poor Melanie and James! :(

Wonder how James felt after she commited suicide...did she leave a note for him? Is the Muse still with James? Details por favor! Maybe in a flashback or something?


Thanks! Chio!
WeFallForever chapter 11 . 2/14/2010
This story is so well-written! I can't wait for an update!
Erlkoenigin chapter 11 . 1/27/2010
Was für ein fieser Cliffhanger. Mir gefällt die Geschichte weiterhin sehr gut, ich hoffe du beendest sie.


CoHOCD chapter 11 . 1/27/2010
Woah! OMG! She's gonna g all crazy white bitch on this guy, right? I need some action! lol, great story. Lovin' it!
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