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Hidden Eyes chapter 76 . 10/17/2012
That. Was. Freaking. Awesome! I loved it! Yes, it brings happiness to my life! For your side questions, I'm not losing my sanity (yet), but, like Yui, I can feel my soul slowly slipping away. My poor soul. I wonder how much it costs to get it back?

For Yui having an unseen talent, I think it should be something to do with the fact that she had stealth, like that time she broke into Coach Mori's house on campus, or something. Something she can do with her hands, even though she sucks at writing. Something only Yui can do. I don't know. Something mechanics. Idk!

I like mechanics because it is like the human mind, made of things in people's hearts tHat make them tick. The things which make up people's past, what makes them who they are. Sorry, I'm blabbing.

Anyways, fantastic chapter, I loved it! I'm starting to wonder how much more Yui can take...oh well. Thank you for the update!
Puella Magi Mystia chapter 76 . 10/17/2012
Hah, your life sucks, Yui. This makes me feel a little better about my college credit account getting hacked out of $600. At least Yui's fictional life is worse than mine. XD

I loved the cute fangirl versus cute devil scene with Miyo and Yuuki, respectively. I burst into laughter several times during that part. Oh, and when she realized Momo "has the hots for her," that was also really funny. And, of course, the part when Koji-just everything from "No problem, Umeko" onward. Man, I wish I could write humor as well as you do. I wish I could write anything as well as you do;;

Anyways, good luck with your college midterms! I hope your future psychology experiments work out well for you. And I'll wait patiently for your next update
E. Armstrong chapter 76 . 10/17/2012
Wow. The rival thing was a really strange twist. :O And I'm starting to like Koji more. He seems sweet. The story is still soooo great and hilarious! Please keep updating! :D Thank you!
katnip97 chapter 76 . 10/17/2012
im not a fan of koji. where r the original characters? i want kaito 2 find out about yui. :) and akito. but maybe u have a plan...maybe ur leading yui a certain way 4 a reason. idk. im just a reader. an obsessed reader, albeit, but just a reader nonetheless.
i saw this morning that u had upd8d n i couldnt read it until after school, bcuz i didnt have time. it was in my head all day. "how much time is left? i wanna go read the yui story." thats what i call it.
plz upd8 again soooon!
katnip97 (cant logon rite now)
Alyksandra Barqada chapter 76 . 10/16/2012
MY FAVORITE CHARACTERS: AKIRA (sad that he didn't appear in this chapter...XC) YUI (shes the main character... duh.) & KOJI (he totally made it because of these last few chapters! XD)

indescribable music chapter 76 . 10/16/2012
thanks for updating! i love how this story never gets old!
Benett T.J Colombe Amyx chapter 76 . 10/16/2012
Another excellent chapter, I myself would have run if Miyo and Yuuki asked that question! YUUKI CUDDLE TIMES! Momo ... she amuses me, if only because she makes Yui's life more complicated, and "Kiku" coming back just adds fun. Koji he makes little girls cry, I must see this for myself, and the Primordial Beast Princess thing is yours feel free to use it if you think the situation applies. I only request more Yuuki, Takumi and Yui fun. BTY Where is Kaito and Akira! And the others!
Kiteria chapter 76 . 10/16/2012
That was amazing. The fact she had to deal with her old rival, then running away. Getting spotted by Koji, the girls saying that to her, then getting black mailed into that was funny as hell. That's almost as bad as shiro asking for her help. Though I am happy Koji showed up again, I'm starting to like him more that Kaito and Shiro. Sorry if I got names wrong, its been FOREVER since I read this thing. But I still love it. Update soon!
LilDvlAngl chapter 76 . 10/16/2012
*squeals* omg I'm so happy a new chapter came out. Yuuki is so cute, and evil. I dunno if I just want to cuddle him, or tie him up so he isn't so evil, then cuddle him... lol looks like I want to cuddle him either way. Poor Yui, having her rival pop up and want to go out with "him", and then having Koji figure out her secret and blackmail her. Makes me just want to smack him. Can she smack him just once? even if its out of character, just since we can't lol

I guess I just watch a bit to much anime, and read to much manga since I picked up on the name thing first off. Happy you didn't get upset with me or anything for pointing it out, I wanted to retract the post as soon as I made it, but I couldn't lol
Iceleaf chapter 76 . 10/16/2012
Koji's reappearance is rather entertaining.
You know that is the second time she has been wisked off to act.
I think I might be asexual. I will be seventeen in thirteen days and I still find the thought of kissing someone repulsive.
I am not sure if I was supposed to laugh then but I found the time when Yui was crying rather amusing.
Shiro has not been aboit in a while.
Yui has been rather damaged by her time at that school hasn't she? If you read the beginning again you can see quite a difference.
I hope you are doing well in college.
It would have been entertaining if the twins had kept her, though perhaps not in Switzerland.
I think the story inself should deside who Yui ends up with. You did say it has a life of it's own after all.
You should not belittle your writing. You are very good at it.
Have you considered sending the beginning of your story to a publishing company? Perhaps after college though; you would need time to go over it with the editors after all.
Won't Lolly be upset that "Umeko" is taking a job without asking her?
That is the longest review I have evet written.
KoriNeko18 chapter 76 . 10/16/2012
KOJI! He's baaaaacccck Love him. So much.

And Ren was hilarious with the Kiku thing. That...was epic.

I loved Miyo's intrusion too. It's so cute! And there's Yuuki, who's pure awesomeness.

I just love all your characters; as well as Momo, and I've got a feeling this will end weirdly. Like, I'm scared for Yui. But it was hilarious when she asked whether Yui was gay.

Buuuut, Koji! He's so awesome. ;_; I love him. The awkward comforting part just made me grin.

I'd love to see some original older characters reappear for a bit though. :3

And yeah, the twins are epic. Gotta love evil masterminds like that. (of course, I like blackmailing twits with corny acts too).

And you're welcome! I bet it is, and I hope you do well. :3

Can't wait for the next chapter, and I LOVE this story.
Bored411 chapter 76 . 10/15/2012
oh geeze. her life just suck in this chapter. i kinda feel sorry for her T.T update again when you can. i'm interesting in seeing just how crazy her day can get and if she'll break down crying again...maybe in front of shouta this time ;)
SoraAkihira chapter 76 . 10/15/2012
I'm guessing that you have so many people now that you can't seem to fit all of them in one chapter, huh? Anyways, I'm glad to hear you're not giving up on this story or currently MIA! Your story just moved up ranks in my list! :D

I loved this chapter. I don't why, but I think you're influencing me too much and now I actually enjoy seeing Yui having mental breakdowns or getting mentally tortured just because it's amusing!

Yuuki's still a favourite, and then there's this other guy Yui seems (Seemed) to like in the same soccer team as her and still doesn't know she's a girl... What's his name again? Let me get this straight, Yui has like, what, over 5 people who like her now, and a whole bunch of people who just add to the mental trauma she's bound to have somehow...

I don't even know anymore! I'm rambling, I know, so Im just gonna end this review here right now and wait hopefully for the next chapter! Good luck in your college studies!
Scarlettos chapter 75 . 10/6/2012
I tried logging in a billion times but apparently FictionPress doesn't like me anymore.
The part at the end. Perfection. Why are you so good at writing. I don't even understand. I was retracing through the story and I noticed in the reviews Yuuki seemed to be a favorite. At least that's how I interpreted it. That or I ignored any other names and just saw Yuuki's. It's a sign from the Internet gods, I tell you.

So I wrote a oneshot based on the ending conversation between Yuuki and Yui. I'm not an awesome writer like you but I think I did pretty snazzy. Even if I kinda made Yui look like a jerk. And Yuuki kinda seemed irritable but I would to if my acts of kindness went unappreciated. If you want I could pm it to you and you could tell me on a scale of Lol Nice try to I love you how well I did.

Other then that, it will probably remain on my computer for all eternity and never see the light of day.
Hidden Eyes chapter 75 . 10/2/2012
Awesome! Please update! this brings happiness to my life! I love it! I can't wait for the next natural disaster! Or...unnatural... O.o
lol, I love how twisted Yui's life is! It's awesome! I sometimes reminds me of my own...and how slowly I'm losing my own sanity...scary.
I wonder how much more twisted her life can get...

Oh yeah, I like how you brought back someone from Yui's past, it made the story mor interesting. Just suggestion, but maybe you should make Yui have a special skill, which she stopped using once she entered high school. Make her have a bit of her middle school life which she didn't want to show, since everyone has their secrets. Just a suggestion.

Anyways, awesome story! I love it! I hope it only gets better, since this is amazing! Please update!

Hidden Eyes

p.s. add more Kaito and Yui scenes! 3
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