Reviews for Avoiding Commitment
CaliBound chapter 22 . 6/28/2010
Awe that chapter was sad... I seriously thought he was proposing... I want jack and lexi to end up together but this chapter proves he has a lot of issues... Love this story defiantly my favorite on this site hope you post the next chapter soon...
Sure as the Dawn chapter 21 . 6/23/2010
OMG Jack is such an asshole! How coulde he treat her like that. One minute he's all, 'I love you and I choose you not her' and then he's like, 'wham, bam, thank you ma'm I don't really give a flying fuck about you after all'. Lexi should just drop him like a rock and move on with Ramsey...or did Jack act like that because hr caught Ramsey and Lexi kissing and now he's angry about it? Can't wait for your next update of the present! :D
Cupid's Psyche chapter 21 . 6/19/2010
Oh my god. I’m so tired right now I really should be sleeping, but you have to go and put up that chapter and now I’m an emotional wreck! Don’t do this to me right before bed! (Just kidding – I thrive on angst!)

First, I have to commend you on a really well written chapter. You seriously just get better and better – don’t stop! Second, Jack, Jack, Jack. He’s so different from how she left him (if I remember correctly)…something had to have happened. Either Bekah got to him, or he learned something, or he saw something. The sudden iciness was so new that something external had to have created it. A little miscommunication is what I’m feeling. And that is the WORST thing that could happen to those two, since Jack is so willing to put her on a back burner, and vice-versa. As much as I’m starting to like Ramsey (and I’m holding back a couple theories I have on him), I’m still crossing my fingers for a happy ending with Jack. But the ride has been so much fun, I’m totally okay with wherever it ends up. Eagerly awaiting more! And yes, many questions were happily answered...and now I have more. Lol. That's how addicting this is.

And, by the way, that sex scene was so incredibly hot! Damn, Jack is sexy when he’s got attitude! Gr
futurestar2009 chapter 21 . 6/19/2010
I love this story. I like the format of flashbacks and present day storytelling, even though sometimes I want to know what's going on with one story fully within one update – my impatience, not your fault at all. Yet this definitely saved you from having to do a million sequels or prequels. I also love Ramsey. He is definitely a great knight with shining armor character and would be a great alternative to Jack. As for Jack, I am about as torn as Lexi. One minute he seems like the scum of the earth … like in this chapter, and the next he seems like a great triumph for love, if she can get him. But honestly I think they are way too toxic to ever do functional. I think part of the appeal between them is the never dating portion. They love the cloak and dagger, in the dark of night aspect a little too much to try a real monogamous relationship. Lexi should leave Jack alone, and he should do the same for each other. They had almost achieved that when Bekah opened an old wound. That’s another thing I feel like Bekah is just crazy enough for Jack for their relationship to work out. She has a sneaky side to her and the fact that she requested to speak with all the ex’s is ballsy… and crazy. Also if Lexi left without either guy, that would be fine. She seems like she is a strong person who forgets herself around Jack. She might need to do some more soul searching ridin’ solo like Jason Derulo :). Also I would hate for Ramsey to be a rebound guy or be the path back to Jack if they dated. All in all great story! I love every twist and turn. Also this message is so long because I hadn’t comment before I don’t believe. Please keep writing.
Caroline202 chapter 21 . 6/19/2010
Hey, great chapter. It's so frustrating though, Jack is obviously trying to have his cake and eat it too, she's got to realise if he doesn't have the balls to stand up for what he supposedly wants now, he probably never will! His character is coming more and more across as an arrogant ass...but why can't she see it?

Lol sorry just needed to have that rant...
cat10985 chapter 21 . 6/19/2010
CRAP! crap! ok so first you make me love jack and now i am hating him! i have been going back and forth on what the hell is going on.. when i first was reading i thought Jack and Bekah were fake.. like Jack convinced to pretend to be with him to win back Lexi.. but now i don't think that is it at all.. and then i think Ramsey is a Jerk but Jack turns out to be the JACKASS! in this chapter! oMG! i don't want jack to turn out to be bad for her... i want them together. i hope he was acting like that because he was jealous! well update soon! i am dying to know what will happen!
CaliBound chapter 21 . 6/18/2010
I officially hate Jack in this chapter, I can't believe he would do that to her. I did love this chapter though... chapter 21 . 6/18/2010
Why does Jack keep doing that to Lexi? I really like Ramsey a lot more right now. On another note, great chapter, and can't wait to see what happens next!
August Empress of the Romans chapter 20 . 6/18/2010
Let me just begin by saying that I absolutely adore this story. It doesn't read like a typical cliched romance; its nuanced and intricate, and each of the character is fatally flawed in their own way, yet still undeniably appealing. I think what I like most about this story is the level of realism which you've managed to imbue into it; we don't see a cut-and-paste fairy tale ending in which the hero and heroine meet and immediately become a couple. We, as readers, are thrust into a plausible scenario in which we see a messy relationship, and are forced to consider all sides of the story...we see Lexi's anguish, Jack's confusion, Chyna's sense of insignificance (in matters pertaining to Lexi's personal life), and we see Ramsey's supposedly unreciprocated love.

I found this chapter quite...elucidating, really. Heretofore, Jack's kinda beat around the bush; he's never made any real commitments about his relationship with Lexi or Bekah, ostensibly because he's already expressed his feelings. In this chapter, he basically tells Lexi that they wont be together, something which must be devastating for Lexi, who, in her irrational optimism, seems to have gotten the notion into her head that Jack truly wants a relationship with her. I have to wonder at the cause of his dramatic mood shifts, though; is he bipolar or just plain confused? Maybe he has an ulterior motive? Whatever his rationale is, the manner in which he has and is treating Lexi is nothing short of reprehensible, and I'm starting to genuinely hate him (not to mention the fact that I'm getting a schadenfreude vibe off of him).

After reading this chapter, I'm starting to gravitate towards Ramsey as a viable alternative to Jack. The former, unlike the latter, is more sensitive to Lexi's needs (at this point, I think Jack just thinks of Lexi as a mistress). I would be quite satisfied if Lexi gave up on the motherfucker and started an actual relationship with Ramsey...

But that's just my opinion.
aerina chapter 21 . 6/18/2010
Why, Jack, WHY? Hot sex to ignoring Lexi completely? Someone hit him in the back of the head with a baseball bat please. He's so damn indecisive (like me!) and poor ol' Lexi, heartbroken. Still, somehow, I'm still rooting for Jack and Lex. Oh, and I'm still rooting for Ramsey and Lexi too. LOL! See my indecisiveness? Update soon! And I love Moulin Rouge! :D
sammi-2688 chapter 21 . 6/18/2010
lol. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I also think I should mention to you that little feminist me is sharpening her pitchfork in here. At the moment I think she can't really decide who to stab first. lol.

I really like Ramsey, the poor guy doesn't even know what a pile of shit he's standing in.

I look forward to seeing the P-word being used :D
misatok123 chapter 21 . 6/18/2010
if i was Lexie friend..*sigh*.. rly i kill Jack and slap her SO HARD!.. she's so stupid i can't believe how can she be like that u.u, i really hope that theyy don't end together. i want to see JACK ALONE,HEART BROKEN.. and ALONE. xD your fic is SO good!
Cupid's Psyche chapter 20 . 6/11/2010
Oh, why do I feel like the night is just about to prove her wrong? Lexi, dear, things can always get worse. I feel so bad for her. She’s so happy with him, but that huge cloud of doubt hovers over them everywhere they go! How do you believe a liar? How do you trust a cheater? Especially when you have been one too! Ugh, kills me. I’m still rooting for them though. They may be wrecks…but they’re each other’s wrecks! Lol.

And the return of Clark – he is a little darker than before. Planting a seed of doubt, trying to pull off the, “I’m your friend and only looking out for you” thing. Don’t do it Clark – don’t turn to the dark side! Rise above the murkiness of Lex/Jack!

And I’m not sure what amused me more – Chyna smacking a guy, or a guy moving too fast for her! Lol. I do enjoy her.

My favorite line of the chapter – “I'm here because we're together. Lexi and I are together.” Oh, Jack…you saying that makes me so happy. My fingers are crossed that you meant it.
sammi-2688 chapter 20 . 6/11/2010
Yay :)

Stupid, stupid, Lexie. I can't wait for the moment when the lightning bolt of realisation hits her. 'cause after that, she's never looking back :)

So we find out what broke them up, then. Jack can't stop, can he? He's completely pathological. I wouldn't wish a guy like that on my worst enemy.
1PitBullGirl chapter 20 . 6/11/2010
Nicely done. You are keeping your storyline clean and clear while giving enough details to make it very interesting without benig too wordy. I can see that you are being more careful to watch your comma placement too- thank you. I like the twist that Jack had to leave, but I felt bad for Lexi. On the other hand, the story has become a little bit predictable- be cautious! Overall, you are doing a great job.
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