Reviews for The Elites
bangming chapter 1 . 5/30/2010
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Singkatsu chapter 4 . 2/25/2010
O the race dragons, how interesting! Well I guess a relay in the end would make more sense, it allows for more players and would require just as much strategy as a normal race would, though the different aspects of the relay are very interesting. It was ingenious though, incorporating the different terrains and thus the different type of dragon's abilities...I do wonder how they manage to manipulate the terrain to such a drastic extent within a stadium...though I suppose having a smaller and more controllable area could be useful...ah was very interesting to read though!

O and more types of dragons! So we've seen urbanogons...grassingons was it? Electragon, woodigon...ah so many to keep track of...fortunately as long as I remember some of their attributes and associate them with certain people's dragons I'll be fine...I hope...

And more new character arrivals! Hm..and do I see potential romance, indeed I do see potential romance...Kevin Denim and sweet, though it does seem as if he's had feelings for Lydia for quite some time given his frustrated response...I wonder how long they've know one is refreshing to see the interaction between them though as well as with Kevin and his other friends. I do wonder why Jack calls him King though...I suppose we'll find out eventually, though I wonder if it has any particularly unique story behind

Anyways, a wonderful chapter with more introductions and a further indepth look at the Dragoniad and the world surrounding it, as well as its contestants. And more mysterious appearances made by the coaches of Team central, though I suppose the link is making itself apparent isn't it? A good use of dialogue in this chater, alongside good writings; I wish you luck and as always, continue writing!
Singkatsu chapter 3 . 2/21/2010
O so let the games begin! Or well the trial games anyways...quite the new concept though, game dragons...I would have imagined there would only be racing ones which happened to travel over various types of terrain in a long distance 'sprint to the finish' kind of event, though this is certainly a more unique and fascinating method. It reminds me of quidditch a bit just...with dragons substituting brooms...and no snitch or bludgers...well...maybe not exactly..gah well it is similar enough! It is quite fun to read though and alongside the detail that you put into the movements and strategy easy enough to imagine. You're managing to get the different actions to flow together quite nicely, making it alot easier when one is trying to picture the scene in one's mind's eye.

A few new characters as well to boot! Hmm at last we begin to see different types of dragons...alongside maybe slightly different interactions between the dragons and their riders? It seems almost as if Itachi and Ryu have identical wonder if this is a common trait among different dragon owners...they become so in sync that they act almost as if with one mind. It would be a needed trait for riders in particular I suppose...after all it would only makes sense that

they would have to be able to function in tandem together under these highly stressful circumstances. One small mistake could cost you the championship I suppose, so if you are able to act as one being some minor, trivialities might be avoided.

Regardless, they do seem like characters who seem like it would be fun getting to know them; the cool, calculating yet passionate Ryu and the energetic as well cheerful Hiro, we will see what will come of them. It's good that Cody has someone that he knows very well on the team though, they work quite well together and having a friend of any kind is always helpful. They're close and seem like good friends, so thats always a wonderful starts. To think they got onto a team so quickly too and together nonetheless! Team Central...once home to the great Dragoniad winners...well we'll just have to see how they turn out this time around won't me.

A wonderful chapter as per usual, I can't wait to see how the next set of try-outs work out or how Lydia manages in her own little segment; good luck and continue writing!
Singkatsu chapter 2 . 2/21/2010
Ah thus the quest begins, a quest which deigns glory to all whom compete and find themselves to have won. You can do it Cody, though you might not be the cute, little thing you were in the first chapter I'm sure that you have other attributes that give you an advantage! It's amusing to have seen him grow so and with the hustle and bustle of the big city alongside the exciting atmosphere you can't help but wonder what is to become of him. A great start though! Certainly instilling within the reader a sense which can only be described as thrilling and filled with trepidation, will he make a team, what will the try-outs be like, you just can't help but wondering just what he and his dragon can accomplish!

A new character makes herself known as interesting, with an urbagon...urbanogons...urbanagons...bah, with an interesting dragon as well. She seems quite friendly though despite her Dragon being a wee might I put this...unfriendly? Yes...unfriendly toward Civilia...I wonder how that rivaly began, is it a result of the breed, close proximity to own another throughout their lives or something that happened between the two of them when they first found themselves under the cousins' interesting thought. It's an intriguing apsect though, the incorporation of Dragon's in everyday life, with the den and constant companionship among other things. I wonder if many of the citizens of Kentron have Dragons...or for that matter if many of the general populance have dragons would one procure thought.

It is amusing to see the relationship between the people and their dragon's mind you, you described the different relationships quite well, between both Cody and Civilia as well as Lydia and Achilles. It seems Cody and Lydia get along quite well too, though they apparently haven't seen one anotehr for ten years; I suppose close family ties don't dim over time do they? My goodness though...with both being in their twenties...such a switch from seeing the young Cody in the last chapter, though I guess they wouldn't be able to enter the Dragoniad or be away from home (in Cody's case) if they weren't well into adulthood. I wonder if we'll get to see Lydia's parents sometime in the future though or if we'll get to see how Achilles acts around other dragons...maybe he won't be as grumpy the next time around.

Good description and a nice start in terms of developing relationships, as well as shaping the world that these two live in, quite lively and exciting i does seem and I can't wait to see more of it! A great chapter and good additional foundation, can't wait to see what happens next!
Singkatsu chapter 1 . 1/19/2010
Ah quite the good start for a story if I do say so, you capture the feeling of nostalgia and familiarity during the Grandfather's story quite well, in turn setting up quite the atmosphere. Actually you're ability to create tone and atmosphere has improved quite exponentially in this chapter, alongside your other writing abilities. I'm actually very impressed, its quite well written and has that kind of long-lasting effect and curiosity that you want to instill during the first chapter or prologue of a story. So goodjob, it's extremely well done!

I see though that this story really did affect the main character quite a bit, I wonder if he has a dragon at this point does seem like the adventurous and determined type already as a child mind you, so it is plausible...ah well, I can't wait to see where the next few chapters lead him and how his personality develops!

I love the quaint, relaxed and seemingly almost summerlike or countryside feel you gave to the home, not going into too much detail as to where it was but allowing the reader to imagine it almost as if it was their own home during the nicer parts of the year, also it's quite nice when the imagery in a story is simple yet detailed enough to produce an image so easily in one's mind's eye. A really well done chapter and I can't wait to read more, good luck and continue writing!