Reviews for Angst: The Poem
fleur de l'est chapter 1 . 1/4/2010
"Wearing black clothes I can recognize my individuality

Looking like the other million of teens with makeup in their eyes"

I LOVED this line; this is such an amazing parody xD I think the only thing that slightly spoiled it is "bad poetry" - surely the emos don't think their poetry is bad..

But still, all the descriptions, mental or physical (Fallout boy! hahaha), and the bad wording in the first verse, and all those rhymes... This is just amazing XDD
Rougeness chapter 1 . 12/26/2009
Lol. you're right, angst is so not your thing... but as a comedy is great. I enjoyed reading you as always.
AnyEs chapter 1 . 12/26/2009
I love your writing!


honestly I'm a fan XD