Reviews for Thread of Time
imusic chapter 6 . 11/8/2010
This is so good. I know your probably busy but this is really good and I would love to find out what happens )
Ashley chapter 6 . 3/28/2010
I really hope you continue this eventually... maybe after Sweet Ireland Air, I think you could make this into an interestng novel. :]
I Murder on Impulse chapter 6 . 1/19/2010
Aww...I absolutely love this story! I can't wait for the next chapter.


atreyu love chapter 6 . 1/10/2010
Wow! This story is amazing and complicated!

I wonder what Shiloh and Byron are going to do!

Please Update!
Arvael chapter 6 . 1/7/2010
Ack! Damn, I tought there was more chapters...

Ah, anyway, another story of yours goes to my favorite :) And while I'm here, I want to apologize, because I sitll haven't read the next chapter of Chaotic Soul (hectic month x_x), but I promise I'll get to it, and I'm still curious about it :)

Anyway, I really like how this story goes so far and I do hope they'll be able to work around the demon-ghost-devil thing :S Must love middle ages...

I'm looking forward to the next chapter; have a nice day, full of inspiration!

Lady R chapter 6 . 1/7/2010
I have no clue where you are going with this and that's good! And because it is unpredictable, you must update soon because I want to know what will happen between the two. :)

BTW, hectic week because you got the job?
charm en route chapter 6 . 1/7/2010
Aw, you are so mean to Byron. Although I'm hoping that they'll figure out how to handle this and he can be happy again. :D
Tecna chapter 6 . 1/7/2010
I'm doomed!

Lol, not really, it can be salvaged. But I have to revise, I did horribly on the practice paper I tried!

Anyway, so not the point. However, I love it! I'm so glad you updated, I've been waiting for the chapter!

I feel so sad for Byron. His wife and child! When I read that I actually gasped.

Now I completely lost the plot, I don't know what you're planning and where this story is going. What I can say though is: Update fast! I can't wait for more! At the edge of my seat here!

Need I say more?

Tecna ;)
tlw1 chapter 6 . 1/7/2010
I am trying to guess, but not having success, how you will deal with Shiloh's situation and how/why this happened to her. I like unpredictable stories and I look forward to seeing things come to light.
laurai chapter 6 . 1/6/2010
loved it, can't wait till the next one.
The Red Mouse chapter 6 . 1/6/2010
This is a beautiful story, I absolutely love the plot of this and the characters. It is wonderfully written as well. I applaud you!
dblack50 chapter 6 . 1/6/2010
Another interesting development in the midst of a heartbreaking chapter. What a sweet request to hold her. Such a tender scene. I wonder if/how this will change the already awkward relationship between the two.

I'm really liking Byron and Shiloh. They are in a really strange situation that has seemed to only grow worse with this new development. Can't wait to see how it develops from here.
TinuvielDork chapter 6 . 1/6/2010
Oh, what a beautiful ending to this chapter. As I read Siloh and Byron embracing, all I wanted was a hug. Wouldn't be quite the same, but nevertheless...

This chapter didn't have a ton in it, but I rather liked it. Thanks for the update! Did you hear back about the job yet? Happy 2010!

axiden chapter 6 . 1/6/2010
Phew! I thought you're not going to update. I've checked my email every single day and even follow your tweet
walkonair chapter 1 . 1/6/2010

It's been ages since I last reviewed-oops! I like this so far.

You seem to like to explore the idea of getting left before marriage-like in Broken Dreams and Old Guitars (I loved that story, by the way. I hope that someday you get your inspiration for it back.)

I didn't catch any typos, for once. But, to be honest, I'm talking on the phone to my best friend right now, so I'm not completely focused. (Off topic, but she (and her husband :) have the cutest baby ever, hands down. She's almost 3 months old, and she makes me wish I had a baby. (and a husband, but that's beside the point ;))

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