Reviews for Just So You Know
Peridot Tears chapter 1 . 1/1/2010
Sometimes I feel the same way. Only with my friends, nothing romantic in that.

J.S.M.A chapter 1 . 12/31/2009
How painfully sad and powerful your poem is! I enjoy the succinctness, it makes the emotions speak volumes.

I have two suggestions. The first one is to revise "you've put me in". Your previous declaration is too strong for that ending; I want to hear more struggle (for example, "I'm fighting so hard/ to break free from the bonds/ by which you trap me").

Second, I would reconsider the link between what I see as the first half and the second half of your poems, the line "But I just want you to know:". I enjoy reading that phrase as your last line, I don't know that the repetition of the phrase makes your poem stronger, especially when it's significant enough to be your title. Also, I feel that this 9th line isn't sufficient enough as a link between the narrator's feelings of being trapped and willingness to die for the man.

Good luck~