Reviews for It's over
simpleplan13 chapter 1 . 2/21/2010
"Why do those that opt for death/Is still here?"... The phrasing here is wrong. You can't use is with why do those opt. Maybe remain here still or something like that?

The explanation marks seemed oddly placed. I didn't get why you'd be excited about those things.

Anyway, I liked the piece. It was very sad. I also liked the ending. The soon makes you wonder what exactly the narrator is thinking.

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Yoron chapter 1 . 1/4/2010
Now SV. It's time you tried to write a story.

And get a little kick in the but :)

Get out and do something fun. Buy yourself a book, or a magazine, sit down where it's people around you and be the rich and mysterious Zaza.

Yep, sunglasses is a must for this character.

And stop giving death so much importance. It's what comes to us all, nothing more. Sh* Zaza, out and breath will'ya.

I'm sorry for your uncle though, but it's life. So there's a mall somewhere just calling for your refined taste. Go show them what real shopping is :) And. . .

Ah, well.

As for why certain people die and others don't?

It's not their time VS. You have a lot of living to do yet.

So go out and f*ng get on with it, stop being obsessed about death.

It's f*ng life, even death is my dear.

But you're cool SV :)