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MissBetsy15 chapter 80 . 4/18/2012


I'm happy. I loved this chapter.

Update soon!

tresYou chapter 9 . 4/18/2012
Soooo much happened! I don't know where to begin.

I'm utterly heartbroken that Stacie is leaving! :( Can there be another way? (I'm joking about that question because clearly the story is firmly established and nothing will change haha.) But seriously, that's the only friend she has and they are so great together, how unfortunate.

I want to tell you something. I love you. Do you know why? I'll tell you why. You kept Matthew in character. In other stories if a character who is already established as icy saw the other character who is the love interest in dire distress or crying, immediately character traits that the one had would completely be thrown with malice out the window and he would be more concerned, mushy, trying to get close to her, comfort her. Seriously, you are too good, my goodness. Matthew saw Mia's tears and walked the other way. And back in the dorm, instead of trying to get close and pry, he simple just asked a quick question and left it at that. That was award winning writing right there man.

Even when Matthew brought her to the airport (BLESS HIS HEART, what a beautiful thing such an icy person can do, he is slowly but surely coming around, the "Darling" :) ) he didn't even pry all that much and comfort, nor did he even say much. He said a few phrases here and there. Yet you kept his interest in her alive and well, stoking at it like a stick at a campfire by him looking at her in the mirror as well as glancing at her in his periphery. Frankly, that's darn good manipulation done by an author, it was soo well written, I squealed multiple times while reading this chapter. I enjoyed it soooo very much, thank you!

Anyway, Matthew, in his rogue-ish, cold, unapproachable manner, won my heart here by showing there is a little bit of softness deep down in his being, and I'm excited to see how Mia brings it up out of him. I love this type of development in stories, where there is real growth towards each other in characters, not just right from the get go they are dreaming of making babies. It eats at my brain I tell you and I get so annoyed that it isn't even funny. It is painful. But your luscious gem of a story right here really does it for me. :)

WELL DONE! Just, seriously, well done. Also, to add in, a pink stuffed animal? What the? Mia's gonna need to grow up and I'm happy to think about Matthew helping her do that. YAY! But to be honest I like Mia's supple innocence and immaturity at times, it shows her need for protection from people, even the people that right now hurt her the most, namely Matthew, and have Matthew, who hurts her, in the future going to do the opposite (hopefully) it makes me tremble with anticipation. :) I'm excited (if you havn't noticed yet, haha.)
tresYou chapter 8 . 4/18/2012
Good chapter, and the real meat is at the end when Matthew finds out he is going to have PRIVATE PRACTICES with Mia. I'm utterly thrilled at the turn of events. I'm happy that he acted like a complete moron at the game with Mia, because then he wouldn't be getting "punished" like this. Ah, how lovely. I'm so excited to see what happens next. :)
tresYou chapter 7 . 4/18/2012
Let me start off by saying, Thanks a lot, I have the creeps now thanks to Jason. Like I said before, yuck. He needs to distance himself, especially with him touching Mia's arm like that, that can be sexual harassment. What a detestable character.

I have a quick question, can a campus doctor who is also female stay in the same lodging as her patients who are male players? Seems kind of, well, there might be whispers in the media as well as other outlets about this sort of arrangement. Whether it is realistic or not, I really don't give because like I said, I want Mia and Matthew to engage with each other, so I don't even care if she is lodged in the soccer players' room for the rest of the story, that makes me happy.

Let's see, there were few punctuation mistakes, but whatever, I like giving reviews on the substance and storyline of a story, not on grammar and such. So I probably won't mention it again unless it is real noticeable and distracting. Some stories I can be really distracted by it, so that is when I mention it. Other that, moving on! :)

To be honest, I am rather intrigued by why Matthew has to stay closed up to Mia, it seems like a dire situation with him. Like something happened to him and he is hurt or scarred by something. Hmmm, it's interesting how much self-control he has, because clearly he has taken a bit of a liking to her, yet, he is totally against getting close. Seems like there is a serious internal struggle and serious past issues he has. Very interesting.

The other players, Oliver of course, and Nathaniel are very sweet. I would like to know Nathaniel a bit more.

Anyway, I think that is about it. Quickly just want to mention the change of scenes gives me a bit of a headspin, but I am getting use to it. Haha.

Love the story! Keep going! I mean, I keep going and read the rest of this 70 chapter story, it's all my fault, I'm behind. :)
tresYou chapter 6 . 4/18/2012
WOOOOW, OH MY GOODNESS, what a great great GREAT CUTE chapter. Again, I am just so grateful that you would feed my desires for Mia and Matthew to be close together by having Mia (like an immature little kid) jump into someone else's bed when scared. It so makes my day, haha!

Not even that though, the chapter as a whole was really solid, really meaty, had a lot of substance and nutrients to pump into my fangirl veins and keep me rooting and tooting. Um so let's begin...

I loved the quality time spent between Mia and Stacie and their reminiscing. I like their friendly, warm camaraderie, showing they are wonderfully close as friends. The conversation was written rather well, it was so funny and easy-going, and their jabs toward each other were delightful. It was fun.

Let's see, Oliver has to stop being so darn warm and nice, seriously, he is so desirable. Stop it! Stop it now! Grrr LOL.

Man, Mia's fear at thunderstorms and her way of dealing with it is so childish, YET, YET, I love how it lead her to the arms of her soon to be beloved, so I don't mind at all. She can whine, cry, throw a tantrum, anything as long as it gets the attention of Matthew and breaks him down. Yum, haha! You sure know how to please, Andene.

Again, very very well done. I am so excited, and I havnt been in a looong time, chiefly due to not reading anything lately. But yours was the first story I chose, and I am happy I did!
tresYou chapter 5 . 4/18/2012
Man, before I start, I am SOOOOO LATE with this story, uggh 80 CHAPTERS? How fierce! :) I hope you still read reviews of earlier chapters, gulp! :(

Very good chapter. A few mistakes in terms of punctuation, and also the "What do you care?" sentence said in Mia and Matthew's dorm scene was said twice, I was confused there as to who had said it the second time and why the duplicate. To be honest, the very very few mistakes (did I say very few, really there was virtually none so no worries) I don't care about at all because the chapter was so darn good. I loved it. Let's begin, shall we?

First off, the phone conversation between Mia and Stacie was phenomenal, it was so funny. I like Stacie, although she probably doesn't get the fact that Mia is quite concerned and hurt by Matthew and the situation is not funny at all. Stacie will probably learn more later and be more consoling. Whatever though, because she is a funny, easy character to like.

I am happy Matthew came to his appointment, I got all googly-eyed and cheerleader-ish inside, which happens to fangirls of this type of romantic genre, romance in general really. Again we see through his icy exterior with some of his lines, like the well played line at the end in Mia's office. I want to mention the fact again that I love how you made there characters conflict SO much because that makes fangirls, me in particular, go utterly bonkers, imagining passes and flirtations between the two even more so and rooting for them hard. Seriously, that is why I like these types of problems between two main characters. I HATE HATE HATE in other stories when right from chapter one the characters are head over heels in love, googly eyed towards each other, this drives me nuts because that means we have already reached our goal of them falling for each other, and we probably shouldn't read further to fulfill our need of love's consummation between the two.

Sorry for the rant that had nothing to do with your story, because so far, your story is such a ride! I love the character's, especially Matthew's (the jerk! lol) exterior as well as interior character traits. He is very multi-dimensional, I can't wait to learn more about him.

As for Jason, right when you mentioned his name in the scene I felt like I was being undressed with his eyes. Seriously, he is one concerning, weird, disgusting, yucky, dude. Just, extreme yuck and ew. That's all I can make sense of right now concerning him.

Anyway, your story is really making me want to write again because I love this type of stuff. Kay, on to the next chapter. I'll try to read all 75 of them before your next update HAHAHA! That's a crazy goal, but I think I can do it cuz I am enjoying your story so much. :)
tresYou chapter 3 . 4/18/2012
Wow, a good amount happened here.

First off, wanted to mention I kind of got whiplash from the changes of scenery, from Mia talking to her friend she is living with, to all of a sudden Oliver talking to her in her office. I thought for a split second Oliver found where she lived. Haha no biggie, just the changes of scene throughout the chapter are quick and without anything to show that change has happened, like astericks or even a space between paragraphs.

Let's see, Oliver is a sweetheart, too bad he is married because I would love for him to be a love interest (however, I'm totally against adultery so a no-no). Jason, maybe he will give unwanted attention to Mia, ew he kinda seems like a sleaze.

I love how Mia had the guts to find Matthew and confront him, different from the usual of going to Felix, like others have been known to do, hinted at by Oliver. She is a softy though, but it's kind of endearing.

And lastly, Matthew seems to have something shoved up his...well, cough, you know. Seriously, what's wrong with him, uggh. But on a positive note, I like how there is negative confrontation between him and Mia and his character being unapproachable, because it will make their finally getting together all the more sweeter. It's good to have resistance between two love characters, I think that type of story-line is my favorite anyway. So although I will probably complain about Matthew a lot, it's all good natured because I am secretly yelling "Oh you know you like her! Yes you dooo!" Haha, this story is exciting, good job. Good chemistry (even if negative) between characters.
tresYou chapter 2 . 4/18/2012
Lol it was odd at all the nice things Felix (the boss?) was saying as he read Mia's transcript in the interview, but all she did was want to sink in her chair, and she hated that part. Man she was tooo humble, I'd be very proud of my accomplishments, not so much arrogant or prideful, just happy I succeeded. Oh well, that is probably her personality.

As for Matthew (man this story is gonna be difficult to read since that is the name of my ex, but no worries, I'll deal, LOL), he was such an extreme jerk to Mia, and yet right at the end it was described that his knees were turned to jelly and he was taken by her. Bit of a stark, huge difference from his actions towards her, but that's ok, let's see why he is the way he is.

So far great story!
tresYou chapter 1 . 4/18/2012
Wow. Very well written. It flowed, the descriptions were smooth, the sentences were perfect length. You really know how to describe something in the perfect length without making ridiculously long run on sentences. It drew me in and painted a picture.
an.avid.reader chapter 80 . 4/18/2012
Hmmmmm... They didn't get married? I am quiet disappointed because things will be different but that's my opinion or perspective BUT on the other hand it's good to see them together again! they look peaceful together! They seem to mature also and I like that because it means things will work out now.. No more heartaches for Mia.

This chapter is full of sweet interactions between Mia and Matt... Which I like and they finally confess their feelings towards each other! Yeeeeeeey! Good job :)

I don't like the vacation to end! Noooooooooooo! :

Can't wait for saturday! ;) thank you! ;))
theSilverstar chapter 80 . 4/18/2012
THIS IS AWESOME! i loved it... so sweet, so perfect, at last... the moment we've been waiting for... i love the ending...gosh, 5 more chapters... i don't know what to expect hope there's no more heartbreaks...
CrazyInAGoodWay chapter 80 . 4/18/2012
I've been refreshing te web page and I'm glad I did, because, once again, I've finished reading before I even got the update email! LOVE finally:) happiness hahaha I'm looking forward to all the crap her family is going to give him, but I'm afraid it's going to cause tension and make Matthew try and leave again :/ oh lordy. Glad we get another update tomorrow!
theSilverstar chapter 79 . 4/18/2012
aww... i read chapter 74 n 75 today... matt is obviously determine this time...gosh... wat a proposal...its not all romantic... but its sweet... i don't mind a suprise proposal... but if mia has all rights to say no... after all he had done? he just flush her trust towards him down the toilet bowl... loved it...
theSilverstar chapter 79 . 4/18/2012
aww... i read chapter 74 n 75 today... matt is obviously determine this time...gosh... wsat a proposal...its not all romantic... but its sweet... i don't mind a suprise proposal... but if mia has all rights to say no... after all he had done? he just flush her trust towards him down the toilet bowl... loved it...
ME chapter 79 . 4/17/2012
OH MY HECK SHE BETTER SAY YES OR IMMA BITCH-SLAP HER. I'm freaking in love with Matthew:) he's a sexy beast and she needs to get over herself. they're in love and always have been so WTF is her problem? ugh. haha anyways:) have her say yes pleeeeeaaaasssseeeeeee!

loves from ME

update ASAP i'm dying over here!
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