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sora kinomoto chapter 7 . 1/24/2011
I'm definetily Team Chris, dont ask me why, I don't even like bad boys XD. I loved the last part, if I were Chris, I would have run off quickly to buy her something.
sora kinomoto chapter 6 . 1/24/2011
I didn't expect the last part, Chris is soo weird (even if I'm cheering them on P) Loved this chapter!
sora kinomoto chapter 5 . 1/24/2011
I'm in love with this fic. I love Kris, she's really funny and reminds me of one of my best friends from high school. And Matt and Kris' talks are just hilarious. Thanks for another chapter!
sora kinomoto chapter 2 . 1/24/2011
I love your writting skills! I really like this story so far and I love Grandma Jo! She sounds like such a cool grandmother. Can't wait for more!
AJ Skinner chapter 23 . 1/18/2011
Love Love Love your story and was sad to see it end. Would love to see what you do with a sequel.

I have also read Realtively Married and loved that just as much. Your stories and writing are wonderful.
Love2Write41990 chapter 23 . 12/21/2010
Please write a sequel!
Freakleash chapter 23 . 12/16/2010
No, my gosh, you can't end it just like that! I love that she kind of ended up with Chris, but there's no closure! What happens with Peter? And Mina? Where does she stay for her senior year?

I vote sequel :)

Anyway, I loved how you wrote this story. Really well-written. Proper grammar and punctuations and everything. The flow of the story was good, and the plot was pretty believable.

Sequel though pleaase :(
TiPSy111 chapter 23 . 12/13/2010
Loved it!

Please write another continuing from where it left off!

AJS chapter 23 . 12/12/2010
This is a really sweet story... I think I liked the second half much better than the first, though it felt like they weren't connected very well either. The fire was such a shock (which I guess it should be, but I feel like there still could've been a way to transition it, like actually showing the time when Jerry and Lyn said they would wait up and make popcorn or something). And I think you should have sprinkled some of the physical attraction between Chris and Kris throughout the story more, rather than just the emotional support, which definitely wasn't just brotherly but it could have been friendly too. And I think you should have maybe dealt with the ending between Peter and Kris better too. Like the ending itself was fine but maybe getting there and giving a bit more of an explanation of what went wrong with their relationship or why it felt different or whatever.

But yeah this was a good story - great job. I'm happy that Chris & Kris ended up together, which is probably why I enjoyed the second half of the story more, haha. It didn't really make sense though that Chris was so upset with her even the first day of school, or at the bowling alley. You would have thought that if he had those negative opinions, he would have taken it out on Jerry too.

Maybe I'll check out some of your other stories. It's weird how their Grandma was completely okay with them together, seeing as she saw them both as her grandchildren, but maybe she just saw the attraction between them for what it was from the beginning, so she never saw the relationship between them in a different way either. I definitely think you could write a sequel from this, especially since Chris and Kris' relationship is only beginning. Like it'd be interesting to see where he ends up going to college, what happened with Peter, I guess they still would have been really close and good friends and everything since they almost saw something like this coming. It also would have been interesting to know why Chris acted the way he did when he heard that Peter was in college (maybe because it made him feel inferior, as opposed to her just being with someone her own age who he felt like he could compete with), but then again it was at such an early stage in their relationship too, with not much emotional attachment between them yet. And wouldn't it have been awkward playing Monopoly together too if that's what he was feeling? And knowing they were saying goodbye and stuff... it would have been nice to know more about that. In some ways I think the romance between Kris and Chris was appropriate, and in other ways, I think it was too abrupt, or it ended too quickly.

Anyway good, sweet story. It sucks about her dad though, but I suppose that's why he went away in the first place. But then again, isn't he married now? Shouldn't he have kids anyway?

- Alyssa
Lullay chapter 23 . 11/29/2010
Just one word : AWESOME !

I made cry, laugh, angry...sometimes I even went crazy with Kris !

And Chris...I really loved Chris

But I didn't like Peter, I mean he never noticed her until he felt like settling down with someone, he wanted her to marry when she hadn't tasted her youth yet, it's really selfish !

And Granny Jo ! I would totally love my grandma if she was like her !

I would love it if you wrote a sequel !

Thanks again for this marvelous story !

Briana chapter 23 . 11/27/2010
Sequel. Sequel. Sequel. It doesn't even have to be long! Maybe just a few chapters about Chris and Kris. And not Peter. I hate Peter.
XtremeAngell chapter 23 . 11/23/2010
It was absolutely an amazing story!

It felt so real! Like I could actually feel along with with your characters. It was intense.

I really like Peter he is wonderful, but i can't help to think that Chris and Kris are meant to be together.

I was really sad to see their parents die :( My favorit beside Chris and Kris was defintely Jerry. I really want to hit Kris's dad for abadoning her like that, especially after what had happened! gr!

I definetely gonna look for the sequel! :D

Thanks for the story I LOVED it!
midnightsstar9212 chapter 1 . 11/14/2010
if you do not write a sequel i will be EXTREMLY mad!
Cyber Quill chapter 23 . 11/8/2010
Whoa. This is one heck of a great story. I love the way you wrote it and the ideas are pretty much organized. I love how you were able to mix different kinds of emotions into a story that turned out to be a masterpiece. I actually have this story on my iPod's Ebook. I just finished reading this today at school. I couldn't stop smiling especially at the last chapter, and my classmates got intrigued so I told them about your story. They said they'd check it out.

But honestly though, I was like "WTF. THAT'S IT? OH NONONONONO" for real. I'm hoping for a sequel. And from the very first chapter I'm a Chris' girl through and through. Sure, I also like Peter; he's so sweet and considerate, but Chris is awesome beyond words. It almost broke my heart to realize that I couldn't find out what would happen to C-H Chris and K-Kris. So please, sequel? Your readers are practically begging! We'll love to read it. :) Thanks for the awesome story.
ahahah chapter 23 . 10/24/2010
I did not enjoy this ending -.-. Before I start complaining xD let me say I enjoyed this a lot. Anyways, this was too much for me, after 22 chapters something finally happens between chris and kris on the LAST chapter of the story. Too much too much and I had already warmed to the idea of Kris and Chris as brothers, this was just plain weird. It would have been better a few less subtle hints and I don't know some kind of connection other than the brotherly kind I sensed through out the story. Though his jealousy had me for a moment thinking about him liking her but then not so much besides that.
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