Reviews for His Captive
Lalaith chapter 11 . 11/27/2013
OOOkay, you're a great writer, and I love reading your stories, but this chapter sounded exactly like an episode off of Robin Hood. Also, it is impossible for one to shoot two or more arrows from a bow at the same time without causing damage to the bow or oneself. Additionally, you really can't do that and have both arrows hit different targets. It's just impossible, no matter how often you see it happen in movies. Take it from me, I shoot competitive archery.
Blood-Drop chapter 39 . 10/15/2013
This is really good so far, keep it up! (please)
DomieleDoo chapter 39 . 10/15/2013
Why did you do this to me?!
I haven't been able to move away from my screen ever since I started reading this story!
Awesome job: great characters, amazing plot, professional writing.
I LOVE this!
megs chapter 39 . 9/26/2013
So I know I just read the first story a day or two ago, but I really couldn't get enough! Can't wait for your third one! I think it would be cool if you let Vin and her mate be in control of the lands the Duke had. And I was hoping that Leo would fall for Beau (I think that was her name).
LonesomeButterfly chapter 39 . 9/13/2013
Another sequel? Gotta read that as well! (If you already wrote it of course. I'll go check) And I've been meaning to ask... What's with Isis? I don't think you explain her and Vin's relation? How can Vin understand her and vice versa?
gabriellehernandez1997 chapter 39 . 8/6/2013
This was different, but amazing. Also please-please-PLEASE bring the sequel and pretty please reconsider finishing 'Key To The Kingdom' or PM me I could have some ideas, or finish it for you. If you want. Just saying.
sootyxsnowpetal chapter 4 . 8/6/2013
Wow, so reading about Sera and Aeron having made the arranged marriage made me lose respect for them somewhat, since I just find that so... hypocritical? They obviously had a marriage of love, and knowing how happy it made them... I just can't fathom how they can push a loveless marriage on Vin. Aeron's take on how he thinks she doesn't know of her own feelings towards Ayden is a bunch of bs, mainly because that's just belittling Vin. I mean, you don't push your child into a marriage, even more so if they are "figuring out their feelings."

That being said, I can already feel the feels coming on for who the OTP is for Vin. Can't wait!
Ray-Anne chapter 39 . 7/31/2013
I hadn't realized that His Queen had a sequel. This was really pleasant to read. Skill wise it was much better than His Queen and it had a more in depth plot. You could literally see your skill as a writer improve. Very impressive.
Kay Avanti chapter 39 . 7/5/2013
You better have a sequel
gulistanlik chapter 39 . 4/14/2013
Please tell me the stupid prick dies from that dagger! And that his son doesn't successfully avenge his death. Is the sequel going to be placed in the future or is it going to follow right from where you finish this?
jerrellsgirl112606 chapter 39 . 3/5/2013
I read both of your storys and i just loved them. I cant wate to reed the next one.
mAcHiNe4231 chapter 1 . 2/21/2013
:) hello there,
I have read your longer stories and am TOTALLY in LOVE with this one. His queen was pretty good but his captive takes the cake. very well thought out and fluid. the characters are likable and complex the love story is beautiful and I like how you built off the world of his queen. great idea working with a world you're comfortable with. this story is just an all around win. fantastic I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Thank you.
Dinobunny chapter 39 . 2/19/2013
Wowie! This is an awesome story! Haha. I haven't read fictionpress in ages. But since I've got some free time now while waiting for university to start, I can read all I want!xD You write the fighting scenes really well! How do you do it? Haha. Anyway, thank you so much for this wonderful story! You are an amazing writer! Yepyep. I'll be waiting for the sequel to come out!

Ps. I just realised that you replied a review I did a few chapters back, ages ago. Ahaha i'm not exactly learning mandarin, since I kinda grew up with it. Hee.
pickyreader chapter 39 . 2/6/2013
I swear to God, you have an amazing talent at writing fantasy novels, though I do adore NSCH and CAB and your one-shots, your fantastical writings are truly the ones that I adore. You're not overly into the details like Christopher Paolini and you're not so vague so as to make it lose the fantastical, medieval meet modern kinda setting and shits. And I swear, you writing the story of Chantilly in parallel with story of Vin and Faolan is really awesome. It started out kinda uncool, I was like: why is there this Chantilly person but then it progressed and I absolutely adore her, Killian and Kirby. And is it wrong for me to say that the God-king is a really intriguing character? Much more so than your previous villains like that Sebastien dude. they're both sick at some level but i can't help but feel like Arcadian is super-sexy and shit. Uft, my inner fantasy of bad boys just makes him look really good in my mind.

And Oh MY God, don't get me started on Faolan. He is one sexy creature. I thought Aeron was hot but then I read HC and I'm like, step aside Aeron and hellooooo Shadow Warrior. *Drool* I don't regularly have fictioncrush, I mean my crush pretty much covers three fictional dudes like Mr. Darcy, Tristan from Through Me, Kartik from The Sweet Far Thing, you should totally read it, he's super adorable with his baggage and stuff. Now, your Faolan just topped them all. I so so so love him.

I don't even know if you'll read this but I want you to know that you are a great writer and the fact that you don't bribe for reviews just made you my fav online author. I wish you all the best for everything in life and I hope you'll still love writing even after years have passed.
theHuntressofNight chapter 38 . 1/24/2013
YESH! It's finished! :D I've been waiting for the ending of this story for two years! I really hope you do Chantilly's story as well. The relationship between her and Killian is really intriguing. I'm also avidly waiting for Amarilla's story! Good luck! -
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