Reviews for Happy New Year
Maddye - live from France chapter 1 . 1/7/2010
hiya g, c'est moi

YOU GOT JUDGES PICK? THATS BLOODY FANTASTIC! WELL DONE! (hugs) - french keyboards dont have the star thing, probably because they think its too mainstream.

anyways it snowed today (we had a snow day) and as i was shuffling down the street it occured to me that it was deathly silent - the only thing you could hear was the church bell tolling in the distance, it seems like when the snow covers everything it kinda muffles the world (hows that for poetic?) it made me think of you and the girls and the fact that we couldve shattered that silence in about 1 second - it was the closest ive been to homesick thus far. have you been checking your emails? because if you havent theres about 3 lonngg emails from me (you're probably having too much fun in the sun with a certain someone ;) say hi to him from me)

anyways, check your inbox and write back! i want to know what y'all have been up to.

great piece by the way (just wait till you read what happened to me on nye - and just a side note, the drunken french guy in the email is très très cute but he's an ex of liz's host sister diane so he's effectively off limits - damn my inbuilt catholic morals, i blame beckoff (sp? i could never get it right))

anyways i will leave you to read the rest of your 'well rounded critiques' but they're probably not as cool as this one )

beacoup d'amour,

mads xoxoxox