Reviews for Power and Finesse
celes101 chapter 6 . 5/16/2010
thought I'd give you what you want :-).

It's a good story. different and interesting. though sometime a bit like a wirlwind that it's hard to picture the Rowan sensuality. I'm only up to chp5 btw. but will continue reading. it's good.

Esquirella chapter 21 . 5/10/2010
I was not very pleased to see Rowan pull that hissy fit and go off to stay with Dane, even if it was only for a while. But it was cool to see him go to Avalon at the end of the chapter! Nice update!
ToraYashaChan chapter 21 . 5/9/2010
oh my god xD this chapter had me cackling pretty much the whole way through. xD Alex and Aaron amused me a great deal.

hm...I think I could be happy with a Dane/Chance pairing. I don't think Dane should be with Rowan, but I don't hate him either...he's just upset about this whole drama. I think he deserves to be with someone...and I mean...if there's a possibility for Chance to swing that way, I think they could work out pretty well. Chance seems like the type who needs someone to take care of him...but I don't think it's in the same way that Rowan would get it. I think they could work out once Dane gets past this whole trying to get Rowan back thing.
Megsi chapter 21 . 5/8/2010
Haha, I loved your end author's note... I had to read it in the crappy voices they use at the end of a crappy kids show on T.V... Not that your story is crappy in the least, lol.

I have mixed feeling about 'Dance' :P. On one part I think that Chance is just too straight to be gay but that's part of the appeal of him being with Dane... It'd be hilarious. Plus, Dane is pretty girly anyway so he's pretty much a chick. But them being close friends would be cool too :). I liked the little bit of Chance I saw in this chapter where he's busy making lame jokes and laughing at them; he's a cutie. I'm still feeling sorry for Dane. I actually hated him for a while there but I love him again; I just don't think that he's right for Rowan and that he should just give up on getting him back. I got mad when Rowan said how Dane's use of his name made him feel funny because I'll be angry if Rowan starts to develop actual feelings for Dane! That would be the worst.

Avalon and Rowan were cute as always but I feel sorry for Avalon for having to constantly be on his toes and be careful with Rowan. He'd be such an exhausting boyfriend! I like how you have slowly caused Rowan to develop; he's actually starting to make cute little romantic gestures and he's allowing himself to feel something for Avalon. Well, kind of... but it's a start. I really love how happy he is around Avalon and I really want to find out if he will actually change for the better under Avalon's influence. I love that Avalon is trying to find the time to get to know Rowan but he also has to fight his sexual attraction. He'll give in eventually... :P. He knows he wants to... lol. Being in a relationship with him means that he has to put up with a lot of and work through a lot of issues! I just hope he can stand strong under all the pressure from Rowan . Also, Rowan, kind of, asking Henriette to watch his soccer match was so sweet! He's actually starting to care more about people other than himself! Aw

I felt really sorry for Dom. The poor guy, he's loved her for a long time. I really want to know why she left in the first place! If she loved Rowan than why leave? I agree with Henriette, she better have a damn good reason. Also, I don't know if I want Rowan to find out; I think it will destroy him or make something snap... I don't think it would end good.

I really love Alex and Aaron! They are really fun and adorable! I think they actually care for Rowan a lot but they just love filling in the traditional big bother role where they proceed to annoy the out of him... lol. Aha, I love that they have so much control over Rowan that they can actually make him attend class. And then they proceeded to interrogate him about who he turned gay... Haha, I wonder how long it takes them to figure out. I wonder if Avalon really will be able to 'crush' them as Rowan so evilly wants. Haha, guess I'll just have to wait and see.

Also, poor Eli. He will probably be too scared to even look at Layla now, hahaha. He's already such a pussy! Imagine him after being talked to by Layla's brothers. Ah, poor Layla :) Speaking of Layla; there’s not too much of her this chapter :( I hope she’ll stop being mad at Rowan... maybe one of these days he’ll actually do something nice for her! Or not... haha.

Your grammar was near perfect as always and the chapter was beautifully written. Seriously, this stuff is near flawless, it could easily be published or something.

I can’t wait to see the ‘drama’ unfold :)
Nineheart chapter 21 . 5/8/2010
I think Avalon, kind of like Dane, semi-likes Rowan depending on him. And it's a losing war-battling against Rowan's sex appeal. But I have faith in Avalon to be affectionate and not use Rowan as a sex object (and pwn Alex and Aaron).

Oh poor Rowan. I don't believe that woman ever loved him, and it would be horrible if she tried to fight for custody. Rowan finding out by himself would be a total disaster and I can see him close up right away.

As always, Layla's being horrible.
RawwrrrRose chapter 21 . 5/8/2010
Love this chapter:)

I love how Rowan slowly progresses into falling in love with Avalon:)
may16 chapter 20 . 5/4/2010
I didn't expect Dane and Chance to be together but that would be perfect!

Usually I don't like side characters but you portray them so well that I can't help but love them!

Thank you for updating :))
bookaholic13 chapter 20 . 5/3/2010
i hope Rowan wont get jealous ! that would be the dumbest thing for him to do! *scream* why cant he see Avalon loves him?

i think
LittleDidIKnow chapter 20 . 5/3/2010
I really like the story so far and love Avalon/Rowan!

I love all the characters except Dane. He needs to get a life! He should just stop whining and find someone new: Chance looks pretty good right about now.
Hokit chapter 20 . 5/3/2010
You spoil us readers! While I'd advise you to prioritise your studies, it's always a treat to read a story that's clearly had a lot of time and effort put into it!

Characterisation is definitely the story's major strength. As the story progresses, we see Rowan maturing into a more thoughtful and complex individual. Upon first impressions, he's arrogant and selfish, spoilt by those closest to him. Yet layers to his outward behaviour are gradually peeled off to reveal why he behaves in the way that he does. The most conspicuous was the revelation that his mother had left when he was a child and Rowan's persistent refusal in dealing with the effect that it had on him or openly discussing about it. And we began to see the endearing side of him that emerges when he gradually acknowledges the dynamics and complexities of the decisions he makes and the consequences they have on him and the people he deals with. An example is that despite his past tendency to make choices that result in minimal effort on his part, he ultimately chose to stick by Avalon, even though he realised that would incur the wrath of Dane and others. He's gradually acknowledging harsh realities that he had avoided and he's willing to "better" himself (whether consciously or subconsciously) by confronting them, thus improving his understanding of the society and human relations with each experience he's involved in.

Furthermore, out of the main characters, Avalon's been the most admirable. While he's not always immune to Rowan's antics, Avalon has always been mindful of the decisions he makes. He clearly has strong morals. Despite his attraction to Rowan, he won't involve himself with him until he's certain that Rowan shares his commitment. Moreover, he had made the first move in making amends with Rowan after their earlier clashes and had insisted that Rowan puts a stop to his trysts with Dane before progressing their relationship. Another important point to acknowledge is that even though Layla has been dedicated (to the point of obsession) to almost every whim and demand from Rowan, it's Avalon's actions and choices he made that ultimately steers Rowan towards, for the lack of a better word, "improvement". Rather than catering to Rowan's demands and shielding him from any setbacks, Avalon realises that for Rowan to mature he must be "forced" to make difficult choices and deal with the consequences himself. Layla also acknowledges this, yet unlike Avalon she often caves in to her mother-like stance towards Rowan by following up after every fight with an offer to cater for all of Rowan's needs. Furthermore, despite being physically attracted to Rowan, Avalon has demonstrated integrity by being persistent in understanding the Rowan's personality and being prepared to end his relations with him if the trysts with Dane weren't stopped. Unlike Dane whose interests in Rowan are borne out of lust and sexual desires, Avalon is fascinated in Rowan as a person. And there are many examples of this, with one of the main being the hilarious yet sincere attempt at "bribing" Rowan with sweets in order to have him open up about not just his past, but how it had affected him as well.

Aside from reading more of Rowan and Avalon's relationship, as the story progresses I hope the background and the effect that Rowan's mother's decision to leave will be explored in more detail. As I had mentioned in my previous comment, I found the simple yet effective way that Rowan's mother affectionately referred to him as "my little cabbage" to be emotionally powerful, especially since this is a particular memory of his mother that he maintains. And while her decision to leave was selfish, I'm sensing that there was more to her departure rather than just a mere selfishness to rid herself of any difficulties in raising a child and a family. That's why the term "my little cabbage" stood out - she obviously had in her the motherly instinct to love her child and Rowan realises that, which is why he suppress any thoughts of her to prevent himself from having an emotional breakdown when dealing with the fact that the person who did (and maybe still does) love him chose to leave. I'm close to my mother, so maybe that's why any description of his mother and the effect his memory of her has on him captures affects me in particular.

Keep up with the fantastic work! I cannot wait for the ending, not because I want you to stop writing, but because I hope there will be a positive and optimistic conclusion in which Rowan moves significantly closer to the person he has the potential to be and will make the right choices so that he and those who've been genuine in their support for him will reap the benefits of having persisted through the difficult lessons they've been put through. While "happy endings" do risk coming across as being forced and sappy, because you've clearly invested so much effort and have succeeded in describing each character, emotion and situation with such depth and emotion, a "happy ending" would be a logical tie-up to a story that began with conflicts and the harsh lessons that followed to the rewards that those who've persisted in learning from them so rightly deserve.
Esquirella chapter 20 . 5/1/2010
Yes. It was full of fluffiness, and I likes it! LOL! But Layla's meanness to rowan seems a bit over the top. I mean, I get that she reached her breaking point, but I dunno about her being actually happy that Dane was going to ruin Rown and Avalon's relationship after seeing how Avalon is making Rowan a better person ... slowly, yeah, but you can see it happening.
Blo0d StaiNed Rose chapter 20 . 5/1/2010
hmm i dont know if you can make me like dane dane and chase going to end up together? i think they woul make a good couple...i love your story and i wuld really like to see avalons and rowans relationship blossom...cant wait..:)
Megsi chapter 20 . 5/1/2010
As usual, I totally loved your new chapter!

I'm a bit upset with how much Layla hates Rowan right now but I guess she deserves to be able to after all the shit she's put up with. It's just upsetting to see her lack of faith in him! But I liked seeing the Rovalon kiss from her point of view, it was funny. And I really love the way that her relationship with Elijah is going. It's funny that she had to make the first move... Eli is such a pussy! And I kind of semi-hate Rowan for wanting to break them up! Selfish little boy :)

I feel horrible for Dane! I didn't realise how much he liked Rowan. But I am glad they're not together. It's like Chance said said, they're both too 'girly.' And speaking of Chance could this be the start of 'Dance?' (It was that or Chane... they don't have fun names, lol) Chance was totally describing himself when he said that Dane should bag himself a blokey man, haha. Anyway, Dane... His silent treatment is working... unfortunately. I can totally see him getting Rowan back, but for how long? I see a lot of shit going down in the future! Unless Dane slowly moves on with Chance... I realy hope so. It'd be just like Chance to be so women-obsessed that the only relationship he can hold is with a dude, lol. And he was so sweet! I'm really glad that he'll have a bigger part now, I love him!

Rovalon is still going strong in my mind! Avalon is obviously right for Rowan because he wants to connect on an emotional level too! And Rowan kind of needs that, he needs someone to understand him and help him and Avalon can do that! I just wish he'd get over his insecurites. It's obvious that he doesn't actually like Dane but he needs so much Goddamn attention that he hates not getting it from Dane.

There were a few grammatical errors that could see like to spelled 'compliment' as 'complement' at one stage, but that's minor...who cares? And there were a few more that were more important but I can't for the life of me remember!

Anyway, post again whenever! I'll be wating ;)
Nineheart chapter 20 . 4/30/2010
My opinion of Layla keeps getting worse and worse. By now, I kinda want to rip off her head. How can see call herself a close friend of Rowan's if most of the time she's viciously bitching about him and wishing him revenge. I can't believe she thinks he deserves to be alone! Ugh.

And Dane-I think Chance is perfect for him. I know that Dane wants to be with Rowan but really, I think Dane is the kind to bounce back rather quickly. He doesn't seem as if he can want Rowan for much longer now that he knows Rowan used him. Ahh! I don't know...

:) Update!
Hokit chapter 19 . 4/25/2010
Wow! Your story had me hooked from dusk till dawn - literally! Gotta say that your characters fascinate me to no end. I especially love Rowan for barging into every situation with messed-up antics, yet he's such a sympathetic character as well. The way he remembered his mother, Jacqueline, calling him her "mon petite chou" was touching, since it was made clear that despite what she had done, she did love her child. And as cheesy as it sounds, this chapter confirmed that Avalon is the best one for Rowan, precisely because he's been sincere in following up his attraction to Rowan by getting to know him. And unlike Dane, whose "favours" to Rowan were acted out of his goal of sexual conquest, Avalon WANTS to UNDERSTAND Rowan, such as asking him questions about his childhood, and he presses on, despite how difficult Rowan is. Can't wait for the next chapter!
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