Reviews for To √Čienne, From Gach Duine
Sarah Victoria Cullen chapter 1 . 1/25/2010
Holy Cow! I know that this is a drabble, but you know what, I do believe that I have ADHD-PI myself. I experience those 'symptoms' (sp?) a lot. My mother likes to think that I'm a hypocondriac, but you know what I'm not. An illness can be faked if you want to fake it. But I've never faked on, unless the stress got to be too much.

However, people have believed me to faking pain or passing out. Now I can't possibly fake those and my mother knows it! She's even said.

Oh, dear, I'm blabbering on about myself instead of about this little tidbit. Well, it was rather...insightful I do believe the word is. Oh, dear...I'm not at a loss for words.