Reviews for Shiver
Lyric Retort chapter 1 . 3/28/2011
You are a furnace of fire

I singe, char, crumble

Turn to dust

The shape of my arms turns to ash

It is your warmth I nourish

I am the cold one

You're living

My body is your nourishment

I will shock the shit out of you

With my medical paddles, Live

I blast you! Live!

"I'm aching," you cry.

"You're not." Next to you, I'm nothing.

It's a mirror you see

Yourself, like Narcissus, beautiful youth

I want to trust you, but your fire destroys me

You burn me out

I am not meant for so much heat

It is only my usefulness you adore

The obstacle is my body

And it is nothing without you