Reviews for Home
Narq chapter 1 . 1/26/2010
"Many thanks to my long suffering Beta Narq for making me persevere with this :)" - lol, thanks. But I really enjoyed this story and hope all of you out there appreciate it too! (or else! :growl:)

"Hopes of any surviving relatives had long since disintegrated into the boundless silence of space. The cold strangled everything. It was the cold of corpses" - good. Scary. You've stopped at the bleakest moment possible.

"It was like pulling on anchors with dreams." - beauutiful!

And lucky last: "Where before there had only been duty to drive her heart, now a new light broke through. Hope taunted her. One word gripped her mind." - that really put down more emhasis on her duty and her love of home.
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