Reviews for Fragments and Fables
Auntie Val chapter 2 . 4/28/2010
Yo, Joseph! I never did feel I got a grip on this one. And then again, maybe I don't really want to look.

Instead of discussing meaning of the whole, let me share some phrases I particularly admired. 1) the static ... it's ready to talk to me, 2) The sense of dread goes on forever., 3) I made the deal

I better get back to work now, though these occasional forays into your soul, reading your writings, are interesting. You are quite courageous to share your private musings with the world. I am much more inhibited. Our writing group meets once a month, and the pieces I bring to that are quite mundane, though I try to have my work be well-written.

Carry on. Love, Auntie Val
Auntie Val chapter 1 . 4/28/2010
More of the searching, trying to make sense of life. Everybody's quest. Your method seems to be approach/avoidance, good/evil, yin/yang. A good enough plan, as you explore what the heck IS this state called "life" all about.

Using the vehicle of a singer/songwriter to put your questions out there was inspired, giving the reader a bit of a plotline.

Some of my favorite images: 1) leering gold gods glaring from the ceiling of their dome ... home, 2) the one who died then lived, 3) Sister Death is always here, a pleasant mistress in the night, to take (whoever's) family into the white light, 4) Death, god's merciful sister.

My favorite of your questions here: 1) Why is everyone I love destined to die? 2) Why can't we promote peace above ancient creeds?

I question your question: Why are we hated by unseen beings? To which unseen beings do you refer? If you mean just ordinary, other, people-type beings, I personally don't get the feeling that other people necessarily hate me or mine. Do you?

Keep on writing! Love, Auntie Val