Reviews for Dreams and Destructions
Auntie Val chapter 4 . 4/24/2010
Geeze Louise, Joseph, this is difficult to understand. Major approach/avoidance issue with the 12 hours of each day that the sun is not shining, right?

The poet can have lovely word combinations/phrases such as 1) hear your sweet whisper, 2) dream laden maiden, 3) marble skin, raven hair. But then I get jolted with talk of slaughter, endless ire, and so much killing. My take-away is of a muddy situation, with the nervous worry that if I really understood what you meant I might not be inclined to agree. Love you.
Auntie Val chapter 3 . 4/24/2010
Yo, Joseph, this is a twisted one. Maybe too rough for my tastes. But carry on. Love.
Auntie Val chapter 2 . 4/23/2010
OK, Joseph, this stuff is deep and not particularly my favorite style. Just noticed that this one was published on my 61st birthday, so the half a century that stands between us can explain part of my reaction.

This had some great phrases. 1) "I trust neither God nor the Devil and spite them both openly!" is not far from my own thinking on these matters. I myself am not really into spiting anything, but I disregard both equally. Does that count?

2) "SLENDER GHOSTS lead on CHAINS" conjures up an interesting image.

3) "I owe more dollars than I've ever earned" is an endearing revelation.

4) "I've knelt for worship at altars of pain, atoning for sins I never committed" is a sad state. Makes me mad at the God concept mentioned in 2) above.

5) "I can smell a LIE from a mile. I know a FAKE fucking smile, like the one you give me!" is inspired, Joseph. Very well expressed.

6) "I bathed in holy water, but hell's fire still burns me" is another just-right little gem of composition. Good job.

One possible typo: I'm thinking that "you" should be "your" in "I know that love is a corpse that eats all you dreams."

Joseph, your writing is not exactly what one would describe as "light." Reading and trying to wrap my brain around what I interpret to be your meaning and reason for writing is hard work and takes a long time. I need to shower and hit the hay right now. Both Will and I are quite busy these days. I'll try to get back and read/give a few impressions in the next couple of days. Thank you for sharing your work. Love you.
Auntie Val chapter 1 . 4/23/2010
Yo. (Blinking my eyes a couple of extra times here.) Dark, a bit scary, heaven/sex/hell in combination I don't believe I've ever seen anywhere. "Iller" is a new (and unknown) vocabulary word for me.

After being set up in the intro, the text itself seemed to go off on its own. "Daunting tasks, ... lead to purpose, ... actually doing them ... is also assimilating new knowledge through dedication" sounded true and wise to me. I was ready for some success-story examples, perhaps in up-lifting jive language. Just shows what I don't know about my author. Maybe there could be other essays using the same intro?

Dancing "naked down the flagellants march" sounded like fun, though I'm probably better off not knowing exactly what it might mean. Does flagellants need an apostrophe? It seems to be a possessive.

The bold capitalized list at the end I take to be categories under which the piece could be put. And I'm thinking "sexuality" could be added to that list.

Love you. Keep on writing.