Reviews for Notes from the Palace
Tawny Owl chapter 2 . 3/22/2010
Ok, just reading. And strangely excited to see more of this. It's like hidden cookies on a dvd or something.

It was fun to see the queen (with the collar adjustment and the way he rebels) but she's Emory's mum! I wanted to know more about what she looked like.

Liked the image of Sir Charles in the cafe - it struck me as a media show really. So he can be seen to still be a player in the government even though he's excluded. Headology I guess.

I reckon Emory didn't stay on the path because he's a mischevious scamp who doesn't like doing what's expected of him. It would have been nice if you gave us some reason though, if only to let us into his thought process.

It also seemed odd that when he got covered in snow there was no mention of it being cold. I would have thought it would sneak down his neck or something. -oh it has, sorry, my bad.

hehe snow bunnys and moon bunnys

The bit about him holding girls was funny too. And the way he was drawn back to her eyes. How do they difer from Marie's?

This was fun, and I'm glad I didn't read chapter 3 again first because it was fun discovering old lines again.

would have been nice to have more of Emory's thoughts and how he feels about first seeing Aura again, or when he ends up holding her, but otherwise I enjoyed it.
Tawny owl chapter 1 . 2/2/2010
Loved this. The politics of it and the dialogue. It was really good to see Emory in his own setting as well, rather than something flapping round Aura. I pretty much loved all his dialogue, and Kingsley’s.

The lord with a sword and the bit about low cut dresses made me laugh. And the idea that Aura doesn’t want her friends to like Emory, and that Emory’s trying to gain her favour by buttering up Kingsley. It was also cool to see what he thinks of her, even if it was done through badly remembered poetry.

Sir Vincent’s presence at the billiard table was insightful as well. Made him seem more like a friend than a body guard which is usually the case in these things.

I reread the fight scene as well. Aura’s shock was more readily identifiable, and although you didn’t make it hugely long there was enough detail to make it seem more than just a blip.

Sorry if you get this twice. The computer is having a funk...
TymCon chapter 1 . 1/30/2010
"He missed Kingsley's shrug and the sympathetic look Lieutenant Vincent gave him.", lol i love how oblivious emory is:P

Lol he planned everything at the the light show:P