Reviews for Summer Ruptured
improv chapter 1 . 2/1/2010
Woah, I totally need to get back into Fictionpress. You’re my only favourite author who’s actually posted in the last few months and it was weird to get an email from Fictionpress saying someone has actually posted something. Sweet ) I saw part of this briefly on Quizilla but didn’t get a chance to read it all.

I love the title, and you’ve got all the elements for a Tragedy/Horror story here – the dreams, organ, the cemetery, etc. It’s great how you’ve managed to put in your imagery here without it being too much description at once, but also keeping with the poetic manner. Your comparisons are, what I think, the best thing so far. Your dialogue is simple and very realistic; especially the part with the passing truck and being unable to hear her. It’s not too heavy, but I do want to read more. And yeah, that’s a hint D

Your summary says it’s going to be from different narrators, and I’d like to see how you develop the characters.

Do you have a plan for this, or are you just going with it? Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it.