Reviews for Counting Crows
Weasley chapter 1 . 2/1/2010
If I still had an account, I would not be going by this pseudonym.

One, you would involve a shotgun wedding.

Two, "You didn’t have to love someone to tell them you did; it was a staple of texts and airy teenage conversations. They don’t understand love. They think it’s happy and light and free and pretty and nice but it’s not, it’s knowing the pink plus sign was a death sentence to what we were, it’s a taint and a tattoo and a brand that can never be removed but no one can see but only feel that I am yours, it’s being unable to feel happy ever again and yet hoping you the best and cursing you to hell in the same breath and it’s duplicitously happy and miserable all with the same breath. Love does not do that justice. Love does not do us justice."

-I really really love this line. It's so tragic and raw in its complete honesty. Both wishing someone the best and wishing that they were miserable, so true.

Three, Counting Crows, I'm not surprised, haha.

Four, submitting to CLAM? Have you? You BETTER.