Reviews for The Battle of Chapultepec
Leon Trotsky chapter 1 . 2/1/2010
And you mentioned this was a school assignment, correct? Why don't we have such cool assignments! Granted I'm no good at creative writing, but still. I had to do this boring outline on the Mexican War. I remember reading about those little Mexican kids (The book actually mentioned the Juan guy, but I don't think it said his name. I remember the thing with the flag, though) in my research.

I liked the mess plate thing. I know it's totally true, but the way you phrased it was great.

I did catch one typo. Instead of the single word "nowhere," you wrote "no where." Otherwise (funny, I almost duplicated your typo. At first I wrote "other wise" instead of "otherwise") this was quite well written.

What I loved, loved, LOVED (I mean it. Repetition and caps locksincerity in this case) was the symbol of the flag. The flags don't seem like a hugely important thing to warfare, but they really are. I remember reading somewhere that after some battle, I think it might have been Austerlitz the first question Napoleon asked wasn't "How many of the Austrians/Russians did we kill?" or something like that, it was "How many flags did we capture?" You echoed this sort of sentiment, that the flag is very important, so well. I liked how it sort of drew the two pieces together, made it more than just telling the story from two different perspectives. It gave the end product a lot of strength. I don't know about you, but for me the importance of the flag to both sides really showed the common humanity of both sides. That, while fighting on different sides of a war, they're all human and all have things that are important to them. It was quite lovely. Good job. I'm pretty glad I've put you on my author alert. I'm sorry I haven't read your last story yet. I'll try (but I'll make no promises-I don't want to let you down) and read it soon because it looks interesting.
thisismywritingpage chapter 1 . 2/1/2010
I love both of these stories. So much emotion, so much truth. Brilliant, truly brilliant.