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A. Nonymous chapter 1 . 2/4/2013
My god, I was supposed to be anonymous, Fictionpress! How the hell did I log in again?
Carolina Martinez chapter 1 . 2/4/2013
1. Every single time I upload another chapter of my story, it's so freaking complicated! I figured it out, sure, but still! My friend couldn't even make sense of what we had to do. There's the Document Manager, there's the Manage Your Stories section, and there's the New Story section along with the Rules & Guidelines and Info/Guide. Well, the Guide makes it all so fabulous. You upload/ copy n paste it, you go to Manage Your Stories section, you publish! Ta-da!
Well, ya don't. To me, you have to do tons of things and I just recently figured out that you can only edit your document in the Document Manager part, NOT the Manage Your Stories section.
2. Every single freaking time I find a tiny, tiny typo in my story, I have to upload the damn new chapter again. I have more than four replacements in my storage/ Document Manager!
3. There are so many stories, you just aren't going to get a good chance of people reading it once you publish it. A good summary only helps a bit. You skim right past that story, without reading the review, and ta-da. Your story is ignored.
4. Fictionpress should sort the stories by title, not however they arrange it now. When I search my story, I find forty freaking pages before mine, and most of them are NOT called [my story's name].
5. Spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization, people! In every single forum I've been to, there are at least two people who do not capitalize the i's, do not capitalize names, and are full of spelling mistakes which I very hard to read.
Wow, i luv this chap! Plz update soon! Thx!
Sometimes, people don't even tell you why they like the chapter.
This chap's gud. Awesum. Uplode soon! i luv your story.
Constructive criticism is fine, telling people the short, honest truth is fine, but THIS:
Yo story is a piece of crap!
is NOT fine. Why it's a piece of crap? How you can improve? Where is it? Under the bed? Mmm?

Mmm, it feels good to vent out what I felt. Resisting temptation to sugarcoat things about Fictionpress. Anyway, feel much calmer now. :D
this is absolutely ludicrous chapter 2 . 1/25/2012
I am about to beat Fictionpress and its owners with a large, spiked stick.

I am absolutely FED UP with the fact that for the past six months or so, I haven't been able to edit any of my stories on my Document Manager. Everything just comes up as one long, useless block of text, with the occasional b/ i or something. Same thing goes for my Edit Profile page; I can type what I want, but it completely removes all the spacing and paragraphs I wanted! I can't make anything bold, italicized, can't add margins at all! AND, I can't see the chart on my Traffic Page either!

Okay, now mind you, I've had this problem for SIX FREAKING MONTHS. MONTHS. Yes, I emailed the support team. TWICE. And they have yet to fix anything. The other thing is, FP's sister site, Fanfiction, is working PERFECTLY FINE with its Doc Manager. They recently UPDATED the Traffic Page on Fanfiction. I CAN'T SEE MINE.

taerkitty chapter 1 . 1/15/2012
Looks like forum posting is down, and has been down for about 10 hours, by my reckoning. The format bar keeps vanishing, or partially appearing. If the FP admins are here, they don't seem to be paying attention.
Angry reader chapter 1 . 8/15/2011
This is a rant on reviews themselves, as a reader.


I can understand, reviewing someone else's work, slacking a little bit, maybe putting a few smilies or whatever. Maybe even typing it only in phrases. But I have seen, on *far too many* reviews stuff like:

"diz stuffz awsom moar now :DDDD"


Never mind the ridiculous amount of txt tlk, just the amount of . . . . uncaring errors spattering some of them. And it something about not capitalizing a character's name that just . . . ticks me off. Especially a main character.

I for one, edit mine, I make sure there aren't any red lines where there shouldn't be, I reread, all that fun stuff. But it seems like a wasted effort when I go back to glance at the reviews of others. It's horrible to say in the least.


Some of the reviews just . . . make no sense. Some less than others. Some look like someone just sat on the key board and hit "Submit" after. Really now? IF you're going to waste someone's time reading what you say about what they wrote, they're looking for something more along the lines of COHERENT.

3) Author notes

So I read the chapter, loving it, no grammar mistakes that I can pick up on right away, interesting blah blah blah . . . and then I get the to A/N. It's full of stuff, not only do I not need to read after that chapter, but of things that I couldn't care less about (barely relating to the story at all.) Another thing, when it's not BOLD AND IN CAPS AND ITALICS OR WHATEVER WITH A THOUSAND EXCLAMATION POINTS distracting me completely form the review button, it's randomly placed with *no* warning before I get to it. It goes something like this:

"Sally sat down and cried.

loool R&R plz

i say thnx to me mum they six cousins reviewr twlve, my dog joe-bob the second and my pet squerrel!"

WTH? I end up wondering why "Sally" is loooling and thanking animals I've never heard of and surely weren't in the writing I had just read.

Jeez, people some times . . . well, I feel better, even if I know this isn't what the topic was on originally. Opps.
Soon to EXPLODE chapter 1 . 2/17/2011
Bloody HELL! How does someone's new story get fifty hits within the hour, yet no reviews? How does the site count hits, anyway? Does anyone know what they are?

And, for ff dot net, this is really pissing me off. I read a lot, some stories long, some oneshots. Let me tell you, on both accounts, I've been told that I'm UNDERESTIMATING the characters. I shouldn't let my personal THOUGHTS get in the way of writing a good story. How the bloody hell am I going to write a story without my personal thoughts, huh? And, damn it, it was the same character. I made the other account so I could escape the 'underestimating' comments, and pose as a false fan for my least favorite character. And what happens? One chapter before I allow said character to kick someone's butt, and become the hero everyone thinks he is, I get: its good, but you raelly shouldn't underestimate Saske...Yeah, that's right. I hate Uchiha Sasuke. Deal with it, you rabid fangirls! And in both accounts, someone tells me not to underestimate him, yet do I see comments like that on other stories when he's killed or beaten? NO.

And, as my screen flickers, it ticks me off that you can only see about 900-10 characters, before the screen stops working properly, and you can only see the top of your review. Does that happen to everyone?

Onto my next and hopefully last rant, grammar. How do some things become considered viable? I thought everyone had to check their spelling and look for errors before posting, but apparently, not everyone. If anyone cares or agrees, my worst word pet-peeve is the mix up of 'defiantly' and 'differently.' There is a damn difference, you know! Good god, how can someone write an eighty chapter story, while in collage, and make that mistake all the way until the final page? Jeez, I've hardly started high-school and, being the word-nerd I am, never made that mistake, neither with the homonyms and all. Now, 'to' and 'too' I understand, an extra twitch of the finger, and voila, a wrong word, but really! That just pisses me off to no end. Why those two words, specifically? I have no idea.

You know, I totally agree with 'deadnotsleeping' down there. If someone's gonna make a comment, or review, tell us something other than "It's really good!" or "lol, update soon ;)" We writers need something to go off of; something actually constructive. As the review window says: "A well rounded critique is often the most rewarding gift a reader can give. Please use this golden opportunity to offer a well deserved praise and/or tips for improvement." So, you gave us some praise, now give us something to help us improve, not demands for quick chapter posts.

I think I'm about done. Just let me get this out. :taking a few deep breaths: I've exploded! If there's one thing I absolutely CANNOT stand, it's this. After looking past the punctuation mistakes, and the speling errors, and the damn "A/Ns" in the middle of stories, they have to go and get themselves about twice the amount of words they deserve by responding to every single review they get to their less than legal story. I read for plots, and try to ignore the mistakes, but...all together, how the hell do stories that have less than half of their real story filling up the chapter stay up? Why doesn't anyone tell them to fix it? Because, if you do, they'll come after you with flying colours, and colourful words combined!

Look, it's one thing to tell me to fix my grammar, and stop changing tenses, or give more detail. But do not. DO. NOT. Tell me that I'm writng my characters wrong. Do NOT tell the authors that they should tone their own OCs down in strength, because the they're Mary Sues, when they're obviously not. And don't be cussing about flames, when you give them, damn it!

...I'm done. I feel so relived to have this typed and not be the only one to read it.

Explosion Dying Down
shitwritingisshitty chapter 1 . 7/28/2010
would everyone please, please, please go and look at a reviewer's profile before hitting "review reply"?

i will smack the next author who replies to me with a snarky, bitchy-ass reply without having read my work - without having the slightest idea how skilled i am as a writer. you go read my work, THEN tell me how you did this or that mistake on purpose because it makes your ego a little less wounded.

i'll tell you what you can do immediately to protect yourself from the big, bad world: LEARN to SPELL. this is not an advanced skill; this is a PREREQUISITE for writing. first, you learn how to recognize letters, then you learn how to spell, then you learn how to rhyme, then you learn how to write similes and metaphors, then you learn forms of literature and poetry and so on and so forth.

NOTICE, please, how spelling is the SECOND item on this list.

to learn what is good writing, please go read some good, difficult, cerebral authors. go read hermann hesse and proust and borges and dostoevsky and faulkner. it will be really hard. it's really hard for the best of us. becoming erudite is tough.

i don't care that you want to spend your days writing young adult romances. if you don't put this kind of work into your brain, i don't care. just don't get snippy with ME.

also, when you leave a review on my stories, please don't structure it like this:

1. your writing is hard for me to understand

2. this is because you are not as smart as i am (?)


3. i will leave a condescending review

please, take the time to check that you're not being either a) lazy or b) stupid before leaving such a review.

wow. i am a very bitter human being sometimes.
The Disgruntled Reader chapter 1 . 7/22/2010
I hate the lack of feedback... i got over 500 hits and three reviews... and with other authors, they ask you to review, to leave your opinion on their story, but if theres something in your review they dont like, they call you a FLAMER!

Gr. And also realy pathetic female characters! I want to rip their heads off.

With the site itself... it's years behind . With you can change the background clour to black, i find that easier to read off of.

Also this is the first anon review to anything hahahahahaha!
THE NINJA chapter 1 . 3/8/2010
taerkitty chapter 2 . 2/23/2010
Looks like it was a case of browser cache error. Still, having to use raw HTML in the forums blows.
taerkitty chapter 1 . 2/22/2010
OMFG, I can't even log in. Does anyone else see this?
Noah Body chapter 1 . 2/21/2010
Hey, authors! If you don't say something in the story, then we as reviewers CAN'T KNOW. There's no point in using the 'review reply' function to say, "That character has a secret, so what he's doing makes sense if you know that."


Oh, and WHY don't I know that? BECAUSE IT'S NOT IN THE STUPID STORY!
Jezebel chapter 1 . 2/17/2010
My Anonymous Rant:

Seriously. Get it right. THE NARRATOR IS A MALE. I tell you within the first three paragraphs you silly reviewers. And you know what that tells me? THAT YOU WERE BS-ING AN ENTIRE REVIEW. Yup. I can tell when you OBVIOUSLY didn't read it-because you're still thinking HE'S a SHE into the third or fourth chapter. Good god.

And I got an anonymous review once telling me to PM them something, they acted as though they knew me really well. And to that person, I say: I have no idea who you are because you were signed in anonymous you idiot.

That is all :D
Deweycorn chapter 1 . 2/7/2010
Why is FP so ignored by those who created it? Just look at the home page. The last update was March 6th, 2009. It's twin sister, , was updated January 11th, 2010. FP is neglected and treated like the ugly kid while gets all the affection and the best birthday presents.

FP needs to get some love soon.
Narq chapter 2 . 2/6/2010
Yup, and I agree with you totally.

It's a shame, really, 'coz FP is a good site, but they just have to do something better with it!
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