Reviews for A Flickering Light
Marcie Gore chapter 1 . 6/6/2010
I can SEE any of those SENERIOS happeniingt MIMI AndHIm beimg Dead Makes THe most sense So they cou;d Reva And Josh Could get together with CLear CONSICENCE. Sorr cam't spell :} ANYome Else yiu'd LIKe yo jave seen. I heard Rick Hearst AKA ALan MICHAEL WANTED to return BUT He:d JUST STaRTED Again on Bold and the Beautiful I have a couople of ideas set around Alan's FUneral Wjat Little there was I think His death was A form Of Happy Ending,he died at Peace, it seemed Wow I think this Is longes feed Back I've ver Given On Any work. Loved your Esay,