Reviews for Acting Wasn't Necessary
GoneAway-MightNotBeReturning chapter 1 . 7/16/2011
I spy with my little eye a troper reference: Sweeter than Diabetes, right? :D

But anyhow, I love the first bit and how it cuts to reality. Reminds me of the film of a film device, I once saw in a movie. Its pretty neat though. Do any of the side characters, by the way - Peter, Sascha, appear in any of your other oneshots? Such as is Peter the Peter who got together with the wonderfully teasing Juline? ;)

I love the climax of the story and how Peter just walks in - I like Peter very much, as a character by the way, so I wonder if he'll appear in any of your future stories.

And the way you sum up the whole oneshot just leaves a warm feeling in my me. It's just kind of a little sweet. :D
rongirl98 chapter 1 . 5/21/2011
:) :D :) :D Oh my gosh, I can't stop smiling after reading this! :D :D :D It's just so...freaking...cute! :) :D
lookingwest chapter 1 . 2/23/2010
"Cut!" The director shouted; Samantha and Jason could finally leave their roles of Evelyn and Jesse.

-Oh, creative idea! I was going to say: how cliche! But this really turned it around, I like this turn of events a lot, haha.

She used to be on this school herself and that was why she took the role of director for the Valentine-play.

-Awkwardly worded, I think I would suggest: She used to attended the school and that was why she took the director roles.

Obviously, she had way too little courage to ask her.

-Confused by this line. I thought Jason was a boy?

She had fallen out of her role completely.

-Nice plot development

"Is it really that obvious?" The director laughed shortly.

-This implies the direction is the one asking, make sure to separate the "laughed" tag because even though it's not words, the director is still "speaking".

She took a deep breath, realizing she had no choice.

-This is getting a little too dramatic for my tastes but hopefully it'll pick up. Since it's a Valentine's Day one-shot, I'm cutting some slack, XD

Hmm, Overall this had a great story line which I think was its strongest aspect, the characters were also well created, at least for Samantha who I thought had the most detail. The director and Jason seemed a little one-divisional but once you get into that last scene they all kind of play to each other's strengths and mesh together to make a great little last impression there. I think you handled dialogue alright, there were a few awkward moments of wording that one might not say when speaking but for the most part it was smooth. The pace was also pretty good, it didn't rush and it didn't lag, I think that was also one of this work's greatest strengths. And finally, it was just a cute read _ Warm fuzzies for everyone!