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Tawny Owl chapter 26 . 1/29/2011
I'm finding Nora's reaction to teh tsar very intriguing. Mostly becasue it makes her less than logical I think, and could cause interesting complications. I'm hoping we get to see what Alexsi thinks at some stage.

When Nora refers to Katya, she's refering to herself as katya, right?

And you say that the Tsar has the remains of dinner on his plate, buthe's still eating while Nora waits. That seemed a bit odd.

Like the mouse-bites though.

Curious conversation about children as well - although given his discussion with the priest it possibly makes more sense. I think it was having it Nora's pov that threw me.

Piano eyes - nice.

There's some places in thsi part where I think you could do with shorter sentences, to build teh tension a bit.
Tawny Owl chapter 25 . 1/29/2011
For some reason I love the idea of men getting shaved with cut throat razors. I think it's kind of the pace it adds to a scene because of how you have to balance the dialogue with the action. Or in thsi case Nikolai squirming as he waits for Pasha to throw him a bone. Plus it always reminds me of that scene in the Color Purple...Anyway...

The razor creased - liking that. Interesting how you contrast it with Nora and her legs letter on too. Nora's experience feels a lot less methodical.

I'm not sure Pasha is the authority on women he claims to be. Just a hunch. His comments remonded me a bit of Mr Collins telling Lizzie he knows women like to refuse marriage proposals the first time to increase the men's passion for them.

Scarlett or Vermillion? I thought men could only see seven colours. They're both red Pasha! The question suited Pasha though. He seems like a gentleman peacock. Vermillion, then. Sounds more fun.

Nora's journey into teh barracks actually reminded me a bit of the journey backstage at the ballet, only grubier and with more sweat. Clotting teh stairwell! Brilliant.

And I was hypnotised with the foam in this, and the way you described it dispursing in the water was lovely. It matched Nora's introspection some how.
Narq chapter 40 . 1/28/2011
With each breath her insides slowly thawed again.

- nice!


"The soldiers: uniformly khaki, an army of clones. You could never escape the sight of that uniform; it was a second skin for them. They hid behind its mask.

In this, I can kill, I can maim, I can rape. I can render a child an orphan, I can make a grandfather homeless, and all without a second's thought. Everything thing I do is for the glory of Russia.

The certainty that uniform gave, the freedom from the binds that guided the actions of the rest of humanity. Behind its green shield, they could hide their soul til it was lost, forgotten."

Narq chapter 39 . 1/28/2011
hehe, just sneaked a look at your reviews. You've earnt every one of them.

I'm proud of ya!

Narq chapter 38 . 1/28/2011
She didn't dare trust her feet in it. She didn't have luck with chancy things like that. Like life.

- love this!

This is very clear already, but if you want to make it even more clearer, have "It hurts, you bastard! Hope hurts..?"


lookingwest chapter 19 . 1/28/2011
...hand at the revolver at his waist "This is-"

-Edit: I think either a comma or a period should be inserted after "waist"

"Only for 2 months!"

-Style: I would spell 2 out

I liked the theme of this chapter that you used in the title as "Envy", I definitley felt that coming through with Mogilev's offensive about Nora and trying to get her thrown out. I'm glad he didn't succeed, at least not yet, but it proved for some great dialogue between Alexei and him.

When the chapter started, I didn't exactly feel like it had a purpose to detail Alexei's sister, at least not a greater purpose that revealing some of his characterization and his past-but once we segued into the scene with Mogilev I started to enjoy and see this chapter's purpose a lot more. I think you've done a good job balancing all the different characters up to this point that you've introduced too, and upon finishing the entire chapter I do agree that it's appropriate to linger a little one Alexei and give him more dimension, since thus far he has been the distant Tsar. Getting a peak behind the closed doors was pretty cool.

This chapter also ended suspensefully-I wonder what he's going to do, I think even though you've revealed a bit of his past and his own struggles, leaving him more vulnerable than before, you're also crafting him as a man with continuous aires of mystery too, and that makes for a great character! Looking forward to more!
NinaBinaBallerina chapter 40 . 1/26/2011
yay for updates! can't wait for the next one
this wild abyss chapter 38 . 1/26/2011
I find it interesting how you tend to start a chapter on a light note and end in tension. It's a trend that works for you, though you may not want to get too repetitive.

Katya's emotions were well played here, I though. You made them real and believable, bringing her character up to the next level.

One thing I didn't really understand was your Pride and Prejudice reference. You said 'Mrs Bingley', and by that I can only assume you meant Bingley's mother, who never appeared in the novel to the best of my memory. If you meant Miss Caroline Bingley, then that would make more sense. However, considering this is from Katya's point of view, and given the censorship of the time as well as her lack of education, I'm not sure she would be making references to Jane Austen. It was a good reference, but not really in keeping with character and setting.
this wild abyss chapter 37 . 1/26/2011
I liked the tenderness of this scene and the subtle transition toward the end. It was well accomplished, I thought, and seemed to fit. An entire chapter of sickly sweet nothing would not have fit. I also enjoy vague mentions of past, because no that Nikolai's past has been fully fleshed out, it makes a certain amount of sense to go over Katya's, though not all at once. Katya's dependence on the mirages of her dead friends is a lovely image as well, and I think it shows her development as a character, but also the distance she still has to go until she becomes 'normal'.
Michael Howard chapter 40 . 1/25/2011
I found the use of the word 'clones' anachronistic, but otherwise this was yet another effective, moving example of story telling.
Michael Howard chapter 39 . 1/25/2011
"Her mind couldn't form images of a world untainted by the world of the camps."

A bit redundant?

The Virgin Mary exchange was wonderful, being both funny and revealing, and Katya's psychological realignments certainly ring true.

In other words, another excellent installment offered here.
Michael Howard chapter 38 . 1/25/2011
Excellent chapter with wonderfully evocative descriptions like the "broken glass edges" of a fatalistic mindset.
Punslinger chapter 40 . 1/24/2011
I like the way you make us feel Katya's hyper self-consciousness when entering the town, forcing herself to focus on the bird sitting in the tree to keep from panicking.

Her memories of her train ride to prison camp have sharp visual and emotional impact. I don't know if I'd prefer you made it clear that she was among the women raped by the soldiers, or if it is better just inferred.

You did well describing the hardships of their trek from the camp. But you might have provided details of grooming problems, such as Nikolai scraping off his beard on the infrequent occasions when he was able to heat water for shaving. Or how Katya coped with her monthly periods.

You could tell more about the Stolypin railroad car-how the exterior was made to look like a regular passenger car to keep observers ignorant of the suffering within.
3H chapter 40 . 1/24/2011
Poor Katya. I know I wish she would stop being so pessimistic but that's unrealistic. Of course, she's gonna be paranoid and morbid after all she's been through. But I'm so glad, we've gotten one step closer to her past. I'm looking forward to moment, when Koyla asks about it. Now, I'm trying to make sense of Koyla's tenseness. He must have been feeling similar to Katya, and bit protective over her too.I loved how you made him seem so weak with the written! Here's Katya's mind again, haunting her. I take it she was a favorite of the soldiers? I guess you answered a question I had too. I was wondering what their attire was by now. Apparently, Koyla is still in uniform and Katya must have confiscated some of the hunter's gear? I don't like that Koyla left Katya alone in the boxcar but I guess maybe it'd be suspicious if he didn't go. Not sure? Now with all these disturbing memories of soldiers I wonder how she's gonna take to Nikolai once he returns from his soldier gathering. Another thing, I'm sure you must have covered this before. How old are they? I want to say 20-23. As well as their appearence? I see Katya with mahogney hair past her shoulders, green eyes or hazel eyes. She appears to be worn out to me. I dont want to give her the cliche of being beautiful. I see her as plain but not average. She has this apperance about her that I think men find attractive. And Koyla is a dark haired light eyed, maybe light brown and full on man. With stuble along his lip and chin and a nice body yet he still seems childlike in ways. I see im once having a beautiful tone to his skin that's pale now. Also for some reason I feel Koyla's younger than Katya. Could you clear that up for me? ) thanks for updating so soon and sorry about this long review.
Tawny Owl chapter 24 . 1/24/2011
Oh, sorry about your brain. My random comments were about trying to guess if Katya/Nora were the same person and not being able to decide. When you mentioned Nora and the violin case, that clinched it.

Oh, are we in the church that was on your profile for a while?

When she remembered she was very pious, and not just very naughty - hehe. Although I'm suprised she's allowed out that far, glad, but suprised.

carrying his Bible and cross in each hand. - not sure about this. It sounds like he has a cross in each hand, I think.

The detail of the troublesome candle keeps it real.

They had long ago agreed... They? Alexi and the priest? or others, like his doctors?

For a priest in a gilded chapel this one seems to talk sense. Curious to know what he'd class as a perversion, but the stuff about the disease not being a part of Alexi was very sensible. (It's not your disease, loved that because it put it in perspective)
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