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Narq chapter 37 . 1/16/2011
I like the way how Kolya and Katya are so free here, but then it's scary how Katya seems to constantly 'want' to die, or expect to die. The more i read, the more I feel that she is parallel to 'affy' (won't spoil the plot shall we?) but only because of the choices she made and hte people she met, is she different.
3H chapter 37 . 1/16/2011
Hee, hee. This story has taken the turn I hoped it would. From what I'm gathering Kolya wants her to be pregnant. He even went to the extreme as to take Katya out in the cold, to show her a pregnant horse, so that perhaps, he could convince her that they should have a child? Or maybe he wanted her to see the comparisons between her and the mare, to see all possiblities.

I can see that no longer is Katya's thoughts controlling her, the way they did in earlier chapters. But now she's controlling her own mind, allowing herself to be delusionl. She formulated Eleni this time not like before when Eleni and the group just appeared. And still she let's herself act as a zek, which is sad. No wonder Nikolai freaked out on her. She should know she's free now. Which makes me wonder, how long had she been away at the gulag? Because of her time away, it seems she's not seeing the beauty in life anymore. She assumed the mare was fat, not her mind that closed off to happiness? So much so that she can't see the brighter side, to see that maybe she could be pregnant?

Maybe I'm ignorant, but there's a few lines that bothered me.

-One being " we."Was that in Koyla's thoughts or did he say it out loud and walk away?

-The other is, "Should she tell him how very sure she was? No. It made no difference now."Does that mean she merely did not want to defend it?

-Eleni says "You'll be with us soon." I really hope this isn't some forshadowing of her dying in child birth or something.

Wow I think this is my longest review, ever. I hope we hear about Katya's past soon, please hurry and update!
lookingwest chapter 16 . 1/15/2011
I liked how you started this chapter with the conversation with the men at dinner, everything was appropriate, I didn't see one phrase out of place or any unbelievable dialogue, and it reminded me of the oyster dinner scene in Anna Karenina, haha. I also think you segwayed the focus from the dinner to Kat really well. I liked the image of her with her violin, always there, and you pay attention to it and don't give it up as a prop.

Their conversation was wonderful to read-the flirting was fun, and I liked how you opened the morning scene with the idea of waking to a real dream. You really had him in a good place, though it was sorry to see him keep the lie going about the nobleman thing-I was wondering how you would resolve it, and then you did, very gracefully, but making it a bit of a one-night stand. That was just great plot progression. I think this whole thing contributes to the character he is later too, it's good to see this development, and I like how you involved his personal life and conflicts, like with his grandfather, and that whole relationship.
lookingwest chapter 15 . 1/13/2011
You did a wonderful job characterizing the matron. This is really reminding me of a story from one of my women in russia books that was assigned to us-I should give you the ISBN numbers for those or something-I think it was in the book "Russia Through Women's Eyes" which contained a lot of stories coming straight from women, explaining their lives, and one of them had to do with life as an actress, and I remember it was one of the most interesting ones. I'll see if I can look up her name for you too, I dunno, seems like something you might be interested in, haha. But the attention you have to detail, again, always stuns me, just the mention of the "bleeding feet" of Anya made me cringe but was practically placed.

Loved that you interjected the little personal scene with Katya and the women, talking about how she just wants Nikolai to leave her alone, and great finish there with the handkerchief!

Wow, that last part there with Nikolai and the conversation with his friends was so foreboding! I love that you're giving us such background on these characters when there was none in the first part-there was just the stark present, but here we have the past in all shades, and a great focus on it. Love that contrast! The foreshadowing is a knock-out in this one, about the army and everything...well done!

I did notice, though, that you have this in the chapter title drop down box as "Chapter 7" but you begin the chapter with "8. the overcoat." Any particular reason?
berley chapter 3 . 1/13/2011
Very interesting turn of plot in the story. I wasn’t expecting something like this happening for a while. A lot happened in this chapter, and it felt a little rushed. I was unsure how much time had passed between events which also made things a little bit more confusing. The explosion scene was cool, but I wanted to read more about the impact the explosion had. How big was it? How exactly did it kill Katya’s loved ones? Was it directly from the explosion or from injuries after? I personally just wanted some more details on it.

Other then that, this chapter was really nice as well.. I like where you are taking the plot so far, it’s really original compared to a lot of stories I’ve read. I find myself wanting to know more about the officer, but also liking the mystery that is behind him and what he is thinking so far.

Well done, of course!
berley chapter 2 . 1/13/2011
Olga totally reminded me of some butch chick in a jail house, and the fact that you called that character Olga probably added to that. It really worked for the scene though, because she came off extremely intimidating and I started to feel bad for Katya with the abuse she had to go through. Though, as I read on and thought about it, can you blame some of her camp mates who probably don’t know the entire story? Katya is getting some benefit just for herself out of the situation, and I’m pretty sure if I was in Olga’s place I would be pretty pissed off too. You describe Katya’s conflicts very well, and I can just feel her frustrations with her mixed emotions.

I was a little surprised that the officer (I like that he isn’t named so far, btw) doesn’t have sex with Katya that night. It foreshadows things that are possibly coming in future chapters about their relationship, which I really like. Though, he tells her he needs the syringes the next night, which pretty much guarantees him that he will see her again very soon.

Great chapter again, and I look forward to reading the next one!
lookingwest chapter 14 . 1/12/2011
Ack, I did a bad thing and I lost my review because I realized you weren't on my author alert list, and alerted it with the box still open. Damn the small mistakes! Let me see if I can remember everything, XD.

Well first off, I love the ending of this, wow, I wasn't expecting it at all, and Katyushka, is our Katya right? Love the twist, I like that she was a violinist too, that's so innovative!

One of the first things I noticed once getting into the narrative was the way that you described Grisha's lips as being "salami" and that took me right back to the scene where Nikolai had the eaten on leg back in the first part-that scene *really* sticks with me, even after all these months since reading it. I remember your wording too, about it being "bloated sausage" or something close to those grotesque lines. By paralleling here with the mention of hearty meats again, it almost makes me wary of Grisha and his friends even more, which kind of lent back to the first paragraph when you were describing that Nikolai does have a certain wariness about him. I thought that all tied in wonderfully.

Great dialogue for this chapter too, it flowed so well, like music ;) And it's been a year and almost one month since I crash reviewed you for RM, and I definitley need to gear up for another one. Thank you for providing me with such a wonderful reading experience tonight! XD
berley chapter 1 . 1/10/2011
“Though her soul wept and fell into an eternal abyss at the thought of what she'd have to do, Katya kept her face hard”

- What a beautiful line! I’m already getting ideas about what she is going to have to do.

Guh, your writing is so lovely. This chapter was a great read, and I instantly want to know more. I think the thing that stuck out the most for me was Katya’s characterization, and how much I learned about her in this chapter alone. First of all the obvious, she is willing to sleep with an officer, risking her life and so much more so she can get medicine for her friend, which alone is such a brave and selfless thing to do. But then she felt guilty when she was fed, an emotion that most starving people wouldn’t instantly feel when getting the chance to eat actual food. I mean, if I was starving, I think my survival instinct would kick in and I wouldn’t really be thinking about anything else. Haha. She clearly cares about other people more than herself, at least right now that is the impression that I get from her. The officer is a completely different story, and I really look forward to reading more about him, and the relationship that is going to develop between him and Katya.

Awesome opening chapter. I can’t wait to get back to this and read more!
this wild abyss chapter 36 . 1/8/2011
Hmm. While I really enjoyed going back to Katya and Kolya's side of things, I was a little disappointed with the chapter. I guess I just expected something big to happen, which isn't necessarily how things should go. I'm glad you mentioned the story, as it might have helped to clear up some things. And the mention of Katyushka at the end was perfect, as it drew the readers back to Nikolai's dependence on her.

And I really, really like this line: 'Snow clung in a milky moustache around his boots.'

OH! And I think I might have a way for you to help readers understand that part two is a flashback/story. So in chapter 7 of part one, you could be like, "Nikolai took a breath, then began." And then instead of having the prologue be in third person, make it in first. 'My story begins two years ago, during another winter a thousand versts west...' And then just for the prologue, make it clear to readers that he's the one telling his own story to Katya.

So that's what I was thinking, but it'd be up to you.
Narq chapter 36 . 1/5/2011
yay! we're back to our lovely Kolya and Katya!

congrats on the nominations! and congrats on getting half-way to the 300 mark!
Michael Howard chapter 36 . 1/4/2011
"He went out to re-burden the woodpile."

Say what?

Nice reintroduction to the 'now' for the two main protagonists of this story, along with an intriguing hint of what comes next for them.

(P. S. It's not an Election Day here in the U. S. A. but I did vote 8-)
Punslinger chapter 36 . 1/3/2011
"The fire sparked and hissed as he fed it fresh logs, then settled back to lick and gnaw at them."-a suberb descriptive sentence.

"Katya bathed in warm and comfort and relief."-I think "warmth" would be better.

" the trenches of the Eastern Front."-I know the Germans called it that, but wouldn't it be the Russians' Wesern Front? And since they didn't fight the Japanese in the far east until the very end of the war, they would probably have said just "The Front" when referring to the German invasion.

But it is a great chapter bringing us up to date on the fate of the two fugitive lovers.
3H chapter 36 . 1/3/2011
Okay, I have a lot to say. First being, FINALLY we're back to Koyla & Katya! Second that was a short chapter.

Now I have a lot of random babble. May I ask why this chapter was called homecoming? Does Koyla love her? Like in love with her? We all know Katya loves him but I can't recall either of them saying it to one another. I mean him watching over her, hanging on her every breath, makes me believe he deeply loves her. Then he has to think of Katyushka/Nora. The story Koyla was telling Katya was true wasn't it, or was he just saying what he was told by Mogilev? I know I won't get answers but I desperately want to know what is going to happen.

Although Katya says she has no future, no prospects to hope for, I believe Nikolai truly is helping her grow stronger, healthier and he's keeping her alive, more than she knows or lets herself accept. As cliche as this sounds, maybe a pregnancy will give her a little more will to live. I mean they've had enough sex. Or I'm assuming so...Now you said they would live, I'm holding you to that. Update soon!
Tawny Owl chapter 22 . 1/3/2011
Chelyadin raised a fine peppery eyebrow in his direction - lovely. I'm so jealous of your descriptions.

I liked Nikolai losing his temper, I think that's the first real passion he's shown. He tends to keep it on the inside more. It was good placing it after the trip to the farms as well,a nd how that relate dto his own upbringing. And clever Chelyadin too. Although I can't help thinking that Nikolai came out of his rant too quickly. It felt like he was working himself up into a proper frenzy. Maybe think about having the come down and repeating lessons more truculant to start with?

Oh yes, certainly. All the horses are very… horsey."


And the talking to his mum was just adorable, really. I loved that she could just pick up on it too. Very sweet.
Tawny Owl chapter 21 . 1/3/2011
I'm so annoyed by how far behind I am with this. I wish I either had more time, or it was a proper book I could take to bed/in the bath with me. Anyway...

Actually, given Nikolai's failling plan to forget about Katya, I've just realised what a manipulative game she's playing, and that potentially he's never going to find out about it because the name he gives of his lost love in part 1 is Katya, not Nora. So either he knows he fell in love with an idea that didn't exist or he never found out who she really is. Having that question hanging over part two adds an extra layer of excitement to it.

Waterfall of women. I love that, it's like they just keep cominga nd are easily disposed of to make way for more.

Watched over by books is could too. It really conjures up that closed in library atmosphere.

Half spun dreams is lovely too. And I like Chelyadins abrupt control over the situation.

Enjoyed the embellishing of Nikolai's background as well, and his mother working in the fields. After meeting her its hard to imagine her doing that, but I love the idea of families going up and down like that.

And he's seeing Katya in strawberries. I liked that she keeps popping up even though he's trying to forget.
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