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Punslinger chapter 56 . 7/3/2011
Good chapter; stronger on character and human interest than plot development.

Anastasia is a lively little vixen. Maybe you should have introduced her into the story earlier. Or were you afraid she would steal too many scenes? Now that the Tsar no longer needs her blood, she is in such robust health that se deserves to have a love interest. Any thoughts about that?

She and kolya's mother seem to exert more influence on the two male leads than their lady friends. But I'll leave Nora and Katya to sort that out.
Narq chapter 56 . 7/3/2011
This review is slipped in before a 8:00 oclock lecture X)

Michael Howard chapter 55 . 6/29/2011
"Part of her longed to her see her mother, just for a moment, but the larger part knew it would be more trouble than it was worth."

Get rid of the second 'her.' Or even two of them to avoid redundancy.

I really liked the part with Nora, but the second half of this installment left me cold. I don't see Mogilev becoming an interesting character, one worthy of the time and attention of reader/author even if he does have, surprise, noble facets to him. Of course I didn't think I'd ever like Pasha either...

Well, I'll keep reading even if this story does come to have a (literal) cast of thousands.
Tawny Owl chapter 54 . 6/29/2011
What a treat to see Pasha again, and he's the head demon in hell! Loving that. The mix of violence, death and dark humour and all through his unhappily twisted vision was a treat.

The bit at the end when he takes the kids cigarettes was amazing. Although I;d forgotten he'd been sat on a chair until that point, I don't think. Or exactlly where he was sitting given the description of the vintage sludge and muck that was swimming everywhere. (The comparisson with the temperature of the wine was really good!)

Yeah, don't they say war is supposed to be 90% boredome and 10% bowel loosening terror - I can't remember who says that though, and the fact that you can be bored with howitzers going off all over the shop is morbidly fascinating. One thing that I did miss with the noise was the light that would accompany the explosion. I wasn't sure if it was night or day out there?

Also curious what part this chapter is going to play in the wider story, and how Pasha is going to end up reconected with the other characters, as I'm presuming the expolison is going to lead to a field hospital, or some kind of rescue...
3H chapter 55 . 6/28/2011
I wish I had criticism. I wish I could be specific about the things I love about this chapter, but I cannot find the words. I'm not sure what it is. Maybe it's your words, maybe it's the characters or it could even be the fact the story takes place in Russia. Whatever it is, LOVE does not even express how I feel about this story. Just knowing you updated brightens up my day. I've been hanging in there since chapter one and I am still invested in this story a hundred percent. I only wish that once you finish part three, we are able to see a small glimpse of Katya and Koyla. Otherwise, I think I might go insane having to wait until I can purchase my very own copy. Hurry and update.

By the way, I still have a strong dislike for Mogilev. But I am also now curious about Affimya 's behavior. Does she know about his hit and run ordeal or has she always been so indifferent with him?
thewhimsicalbard chapter 55 . 6/27/2011
A foreboding ending! "His blood would not let him abuse a fellow noble." What does this imply about what he's going to do to Nora?

On a side note, I really do love to hate Mogilev. Must you take it away from me with this pathos?

Excellent writing as always. I think I've sort of settled into the routine of expecting Nikolai and Katya to not be in the chapters, so when they do reappear, I'll be ecstatic.

So, it would appear that Nora will remain decidedly not dead. Darn. I really wanted to see where you were going to take that. But, it works with Nora alive too. I'll give you that. You've done a good - no, great - job bringing her back in and enhancing her character since then. I'll admit it: I stand converted ;)

One thing I would like to address is your timeline. There are several chapters that insert long time breaks into your story; this one was ten weeks long. What has happened in the war since then? My internal clock sense tells me that in the non-fiction version of WWII, Russia should have been invaded by now. Are you planning to proceed in that direction? If not, do you have a plan of where the war is going? Because that MUST be on the forefront of every person's mind, and especially Nora and Alexei, given their positions. I guess my thought would be to resist the temptation to delve so deep into the romance in the first writing of this story that you forget things or lose track. Not that you need the warning from me, but I feel like I should say something :)

As I said earlier, interesting developments with Mogilev. That sort of leaves you without an antagonist anymore though. If you think along the lines of "What does this character have to lose?", the only character whose first answer is not "my lover" is Mogilev. For Mogilev, I do believe it would be his pride. The objectified, one-sided romance you portrayed earlier in the story was an excellent show of that, but now it has become something different. I wonder if you planned that, or if this is a spur-of-the-moment thing?

One more thing that I feel like I should add: I think the story is getting a little slow at times. I love the characters and I love this story, so I'm of course continuing to read it. However, it does seem to be a tad in the mud in terms of action. There has been lots of build-up; most of the characters now have history with one another; yet-unfinished side-plots abound, tickling the readers and leading them on.

But, it seems to me that there has been little else that has occurred since Nora and Alexei slept together. There was Mogilev's hit-and-run on Nora, to be sure, but that didn't seem to be a development in the strictest sense - rather, it was a logical extension of Mogilev's character. It didn't add much to him, if you understand what I'm saying. I'm sure you have a plan, but I do want you to know that it reads a little slow at the moment. It might just be me (I thrive on physical action more so than character interaction), and it might be just because you were on that little vacation (update frequency), but it is, from my perspective, there. So, do what you will with that.

Aaaaaaaand I think that's all!

Great chapter, love the story, love the characters, please bring my Nikatya back, write more soon!

With all my fanboy love,

Narq chapter 55 . 6/27/2011
Congrats on going over 400 reviews!

There is a page break missing between "Blood pounding in her ears, she crushed the offerings to her chest and ran./After their last near-miss in the broom cupboard, Mogilev's housekeeper had watched Affimiya like a hawk."
Punslinger chapter 55 . 6/26/2011
Interesting that you decided to give Mogilev a sensitive side. It adds depth to his character. But I'm not sure if he wouldn't have suited the plot better as simply a Beria-style brutaly efficient tool of his master's ambition.

Princess Affimiya is a good example of how Russian nobles were degraded by the Revolution and its aftermath.

I'm glad Nora is on her feet again at last. Good description of her getting back into action, but using "damn external fixateur" and "damn metal contraption" so closely in two sentences seems repetitive.
Skyward Ending chapter 55 . 6/26/2011
AHHHHHHHHH you have this great way of redeeming "villains" AFASLFDSJFD so much lack of coherency

I love your characters. I love how you make them multi-faceted. Grafjsdfjsd;fjsljfa;jk.

I love this.
Michael Howard chapter 54 . 6/23/2011
Finely crafted portrayal of life (and death) in wartime and I liked Pasha much more here than in his earlier appearances.

Kind of miss our two leads (?) Katya and Kolya though...
Punslinger chapter 54 . 6/19/2011
I'm sure you must have a good reason to bring Pasha back into the story, although it isn't obvious here. I'm more interested in the main action around Kolya, the Tsar, Nora, etc.

Your battlefield description is very good, but trenches were more typical in WWI. The Germans perfected blitzkrieg at the opening of WWII and their tanks smashed through the Russian lines until they were stopped at Leningrad and Stalingrad-which I guess would still be St. Petersburg and Tsaritsyn in your alternate history.
3H chapter 54 . 6/17/2011
Well shit. Pasha died? That ...Really? He died? I guess there isn't always a happy ending. This I know. But it was nice to see what had become of Koyla's friend. Especially since he wanted to know what had become of him. Also, I never would have guessed he had some feelings towards Nikolai's mother. In this chapter, you could tell Pasha's character. War was taken so lightly by him. I know Katyusha bombs, or rocket launchers were feared by the enemy, but did they ever backfire? I'll have to read up on that. So happy for the quick update. :)
Michael Howard chapter 53 . 6/17/2011
Nice job hinting at the breadth and diversity of the Russian Empire and your Anastasia is a delight who dominates every scene she's in. If only she had a Nora (Norman?) of her own...
Skyward Ending chapter 53 . 6/17/2011
Cuuuuuuuuute. Cute cute cute cute. Gwaaaaaah. Squeeeeeeeeeeee! But at the same time O.o didn't know she had it in her. BAHAHAHAHAH love it.

What's BL?
dragonfly chapter 1 . 6/14/2011

i m hooked!

by the way inetresting title - whats it mean ?

sounds like russian to me
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