Reviews for Good Girl Going Crazy 2 University Edition
Sweetstart chapter 21 . 8/26
I know Z is d protagonist of the story.. even scott gave up prestigious college to b with her. Please let them b together. Though what scott did was wrong,even zabri was all about herself when her studies were concerned. Please let them b together...
Guest chapter 21 . 8/24
Lovely chapter! Personally, I think Zabri and Scott should just be friends... My father always tells me about relationships like this, the ones where it's nothing but problems from day one. He tells me that it's just not worth it, because true love relationships are not going to have this many inherent issues. Of course, arguments are going to happen-that's people for you. But this shit... IDK man. Zabri and Scott just need to hang it up and call it. Though they both have many flaws, I really never felt like they balanced each other out THAT much.

QUICK QUESTION: I'm thinking about writing a story, and wanted to know your input on choice of POV. I've noticed most of your stories are 1st POV, but the one you did in 3rd POV was excellent as well. So what is it that makes you decide which POV to use for a story? I'm having trouble trying to figure it out for myself. I've looked online for different opinions, and I'm wondering what yours is? On one hand, I'm used to 3rd POV, so I genuinely enjoy it. On the other hand, 1st POV tends to be more interesting in the sense that I can get a lot of different things passed the radar by switching POVs, adding a bit of mystery in the way that other characters interact as they may not know all of the details, but the audience does. Also, 1st POV gives me the opportunity to really delve into my characters by taking on their mindsets, but 3rd POV allows me to dissociate and look at things a bit more objectively. I guess what I'm also asking is which POV do you prefer and why?
Guest chapter 21 . 8/24
Oh poor Scott. Just kidding, I don't care. I mean honestly, how could he seriously-even for a second-think that just because the baby may not be his that he may still have a chance with Zabri? Like what even? Work this way, life does not.

"I knew from the beginning that I wouldn't be able to keep you but I tried anyway."
UGH I feel for Zabri so much. Like that line really tore me up inside. I'm happy she's wanting to move on though. Relationships come and go; simple truth is, falling in love more than once is not only entirely possible, it's natural.
Aleena chapter 21 . 8/24
Good for Zabri for being stronger, especially in this situation. I'm glad to see her finally coming into her own, bit by bit. She needs to be able to seek validation within herself and her own skin and character. Honestly girl needs to learn to love herself more. Heartbreak sucks no matter what, but I'm glad to see that she's finding her own ways to not allow it to destroy her.

So I have my own personal biases about transferring (in real life, because when I transferred schools it was an abject nightmare), but I don't necessarily mind it for Zabri. I think it would be good for her to branch out away from home. She's always been in her comfort zone, and at some point, everyone should leave their comfort zone if physically able to. New perspectives. She can always come back home if she wants to, but there's a whole world outside of Glendale and UCLA. Time to venture out, girl. The f***ing world awaits!

Nonetheless, I appreciate that Zabri is finally making a decision that has next to no one else's input or advice, a feat that is fairly new and refreshing for her character at this point. Sometimes we have to step back from our support networks and think about things for ourselves, without all of the extra baggage. Not to say that Zabri's social circle is inherently problematic, but I do feel that most of the people in her support network are self-centered more often than not (which, I think is because a lot of them are privileged in ways she has never been). A lot of them don't really take into account Zabri's pain, not until much later it seems, and she hardly takes her own feelings into consideration either. Which makes way for people to sort of disregard her and/or blame her for everything and leads to her almost never calling them on that sh*t.

Until now, where it seems like Zabri is finally thinking about herself. She's speaking her truth and realizing that she matters, her feelings matter, and she's justified. And she knows it now, it seems. She's taking up the reigns of her own life and is going in the direction she wants to go, regardless of what anyone else thinks. My favorite part of this transfer thing is that no matter what anyone else says, she's doing it because SHE believes it's best for herself, not because anyone else suggested it to her or tried to convince her to do so. I'm proud of her.
Lilly chapter 21 . 8/24
I'm conflicted because I feel like Scott is finally growing up but what are the chances he'll revert to sucking if they get back together? Also I personally can't get past everything he's done and don't really see how Z can do so either realistically, but you're an amazing writer so maybe you can prove me wrong! So verdict: I kind of want them together but want like a lifetime of groveling and maybe they should just be friends first while Scott tries to win her back? Idk. It's just so hard for me to see how it could work
Puccapurple chapter 21 . 8/23
Jesse did the right thing, unlike that conniving, immoral Yvonne. I feel bad for that baby, having a mother like this chick who probably doesn't even know who fathers that baby and has no shame breaking couples and stringing guys along, this kid is gonna need a lot of help. I'm glad Z seems to keep her words. I can't wait for this talk between Scott and that liar ( the fact that she's pushing that paternity test made her seem shady). If Jesse's the father, he'll need a lot of help as well dealing with that licentious woman named Yvonne. What about his new girlfriend? As for Scott, I got nothing to say. I hope he learns his lesson though: nothing good comes from making rash decisions. Aahh! I can't wait for the next update, I might die if I wait too long (and school is about to start soon so I need all the distraction and entertainment I can get). Thank you for updating
Chimel321 chapter 21 . 8/23
Sad , sad, sad. As much as I hate scott right now, I feel so bad for him, that he had to live with a slutty, toxic bitch which meant to be a one night stand and it escalated so much as to loosing a loved one. I am glad that z is moving but I guess just like every other man on the planet, they will always make fatal mistakes. Plzz Zabrina take him back even though he is a lonely dick head. Your writing has been fantastic by the way. Keep it up
twobrightstars chapter 21 . 8/23
Oh... ... ... Scott means well. But he isn't being considerate of Z's feelings. Just because there's a chance that he isn't the father doesn't mean he should immediately try to wriggle back into her life without talking to Yvonne first. What if he's still the dad? Then he'll drag Z through this mess all over again. I'm stressed for her lol. At least it was nice to see Hayley and Paul again!
Guest chapter 12 . 8/23
You're still grieving and I know that, and I want to be supportive but I just- I can't cope." Her voice broke as she continued, her small hand squeezing my leg. "Maybe you were right and I care too much about my grades, but I do want to make us work because I love you. I just don't think I'm mentally available for you right now and I don't want to be selfish, and I don't want to fight every time we talk, so I think we should take a break."
How would you feel if the person you love send they weren't mentally available for you right after you lost a sibling? Scott thought that they were gonna finally sort things out for real but it "wasn't the right time" quoted Zabri. Zabri barely made an effort with Scott. She wanted to wait until finals were over to sort things out just because it would be convenient for her. She wanted a break so she wouldn't have to worry about being there for Scott. She put her studies before Scott but Scott put Zabri before himself. He was the one who made the effort by trying to arranging to meet up but only to be brushed aside my Zabri. He knew they were staring to break apart so he kept trying to fix things by trying spending more time with her. This was when they needed eachother the most but Zabri decide she wanted more distance instead. He knew Zabri really wanted a break even though he didn't but he still agreed to it for her because that's what she thought she wanted. I don't understand how Scott cheated on her though. She was the one who came up with the break yet she didn't lay out any rules and as far as I know then that means there aren't any. The break was for her benefit mostly. And yes both of them are in the wrong. Scott sleeping with Yvonne was wrong but I don't personally think that he cheated. Scott not speaking up about not wanting the break was wrong and him not further asking what they were was wrong but so was Zabri because it was her idea. She expected Scott to put her first while they were on the break when she decided that she wanted to put her studies before anything. As far as I know Scott didn't cheat because they essentially weren't seeing each other were they? She had stated that she wanted some distance and that is was Scott gave her. What Scott did with Yvonee was wrong because he knew it would hurt Zabri. But Zabri knew that she was hurting Scott. At the end of the day the ones you love the most will always hurt you the most.
Charchar777 chapter 21 . 8/23
Great chapter !
Xxcubanangelxx chapter 21 . 8/23
I feel the way you do. They balance eachother out but at the same time, they have hurt eachother so much. Some things are not forgivable and that's different for everyone. I think the biggest thing is whether Zabri can let go of all this baby bulldhit if it ends up not being his.
Violet Thelaw chapter 21 . 8/23
Seriously. That ending almost had me in tears. Seriously, I was teary-eyed. I practically grew up with Scott and Zabri. I read the original one before it was even completed. I followed them. For me, THEY WILL HAVE TO END UP TOGETHER NO MATTER WHAT BECAUSE LOVE IS POSSIBLE AND FORGIVENESS IS POSSIBLE. Okay, sorry. I know that if it were me, I would forgive Scott, but I probably wouldn't want to end up with him. But this is Zabri and Scott. Zabri and Scott. I don't think anyone else can be beside Zabri's name.
Lilly chapter 20 . 8/21
Her parents need to get it together amiright? However when m Scott tried to tell Z off for being rude and not listening to the "apology" I just about lost it and honestly the last of my positive of opinion of Scott when it the window. RIP
Charchar777 chapter 1 . 8/13
update please !
Guest chapter 20 . 8/12
YES ZABRI GO IN. Finally! It's about time with this girl! (P.S. Update again soon!)
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