Reviews for Good Girl Going Crazy 2 University Edition
Ellie chapter 18 . 7/13
I have to tell you something. First off, so glad you're back and updating! Your stories are true gems.

Also- Like I said, these are wonderful stories that you write, so please don't give up on updating. Sometimes when writers go on hiatus, they lose a lot of reviewers. But, that doesn't mean you've lost readers. I'm sure there are a lot of people who read your stories but don't leave reviews. Who knows why? Maybe people have grown up and moved on, maybe they just don't feel like writing a review. I've learned that a lot more people than not simply make no comment.

It's kind of like on YouTube; some people have fanbases that extend beyond that platform that you would never know about just by looking at the number of subscribers they have, the comments underneath a video, or the likes and dislikes. One of my friends is a huge presence and following within the community in regards to music and modeling, but you would never know that if you found one of her videos.

I understand that reviews are motivators; anyone who has published a book can agree with you. Simple enough business model: no reviews, no readers, no sale. Maybe you could promote your work on other platforms? (Or even write another book!) But please don't let that be what stops you. You are talented in your writing, and I'm sure everyone who reads and doesn't leave a review feels the same way.
Sunshine chapter 18 . 7/4
Heyy! This one was as awesome as ever...
Please let this be a false call.. or nt his baby..
Waiting for the next one!
Sweetstart chapter 18 . 7/4
Hope that is not one of her tactics to get back scott. Ugghhhh...
Something so right, yet so delayed!
Guest chapter 18 . 6/29
Hahhaha I was reading through the reviews and saw that people are concerned about the story turning into baby-mama dramas central and not being about Scott groveling for the rest of his life and I thought they were funny comments...but now I'm with them. I wanted to see Scott earn her back! Kind of bummed because I feel like there's no way he can earn back her love and respect and trust now. Also, if he tries any sort of relationship with this pregnant girl and even if he just supports her without getting a paternity test first (you can get them before the baby is born) then there's legit no way I'd believe this guy is a genius. No way. Great writing as always!
Charchar777 chapter 18 . 6/29
Great chapter !
Puccapurple chapter 18 . 6/28
I knew it! This whole unsafe sex thing, I so knew this was coming. I'm officially team Christian. Hell, at this point I'll even be on team Jesse. That's what you get Scott for being so reckless. Thank you so much for the update, I've waited very patiently for this and now I'm nearly wetting myself with excitement. Poor Z.
P.s. God don't let Scott be the father.
P.p.s. if this Yvonne chick is lying about this pregnancy (or Scott being the dad), I'll find a way to kick her fictional ass.
Guest chapter 18 . 6/28
If she's at the hospital, did she miscarry? Very curious. No matter what, I now hate Scott always and forever. We had a good run, Scott. #TeamZAndLegitAnyoneElse
Alixermixer chapter 18 . 6/28
All I can say to this is MOTHER OF GOD! I really hope that Yvonne is being spiteful because he dumped afterwards like a bag of trash. Like maybe there is a way to take a paternity test early because with Scott and Z kissing and talking I was hopeful but this is too much for someone to forgive. So I guess we will be looking on as Z has her date with Christian (ugghhh). I can't wait until I can read more but I am not happy about it.
twobrightstars chapter 18 . 6/28
Ohhhhh nooooo. I actually screamed at the last line. Lmao dang, Scott, I was rooting for you. I was kind of on his side in the beginning, too. Maybe it's a cultural thing (I'm from the caribbean) because we don't really do breaks lol. You're either together or you're not, but if you do decide for some time apart, it's kind of expected that you'll see other people. At least that's how it is here.

But this pregnancy scare will make it so hard for me to root for these two again. I can't remember if Scott even got tested after his shenanigans. This is really depressing (it doesn't help that Christian comes off as so sweet, either). I'm glad these updates are every other week, I need a minute to catch myself lol.
Guest chapter 18 . 6/28
Scott. Scott. So many thoughts. First, why is Z letting him get away with saying she dumped him? Because she didn't. Strike one against you two. Number two, WHY DID YOU KISS HIM? C'MON Z. Strike two. Number three, he got s girl pregnant? Boy bye. Even if she miscarries or is lying, Scott's actions have legit done nothing but cause Z misery so he can screw off for all I care now. Here's hoping that Z falls in ~love~ with Christian or someone else while Scott watches from afar like the screw up he is. Ughhhhhh I was so excited to see Scott try and win her back but I suppose the baby drama will now be front and center. Despite my emotions and genuine believe that Scott is the worst thing in the fictional planet, love the story! Hope the baby thing isn't dragged out too long though tbh
Guest chapter 18 . 6/28
(Also thank you for updating! :))
Guest chapter 18 . 6/28
SCOTT YOU IDIOT. Honestly I hope he is all torn up about this for the rest of his life because he sucks RIP Scott
Guest 2 chapter 18 . 6/28
I'm sorry, but I would be done. There is no forgiving Scott. If she is truly pregnant, Scott will always be tied to her and Z will never be able to erase Yvonne's presence in his life. Scott will always put his child first, which is completely understandable, and Z second; Z has already been placed second in his life. There's no point for her to forever be second. Z should move on.
Lilly chapter 18 . 6/28
I'm a little sad because I feel like the story is shifting to this pregnancy thing and Z will be there for Scott because she's a good person and the focus of the story is going to shift from Scott earning everyone's forgiveness (because he has to earn mine as well!)
Guest chapter 18 . 6/28
1. I can't believe she kissed him. Girl where's your backbone
2. Lol okay she's pregnant? I'm done and hopefully Z is too, bye Scott
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