Reviews for Once Upon a Friendship
loveiswords2010 chapter 1 . 2/17/2010
I'm sorry to hear that you've been through such a hard time with one of your ex-best friends. Losing a friend, in any manner, is difficult, but when such things happen as you described it never makes it any easier. I hope that sharing your story relieved some of your anger and resentment and can help you accept what has happened. As far as your grammar and writing skills go, you did a pretty good job ). Watch out for "their" "there," and "they're" usage. Using the wrong one is a common mistake, of course, but can become distracting from the message of the story. I hope what I've said isn't taken in any offense! I didn't mean it in any negative way, and I hope what I've said is taken to heart. Good luck with everything!