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mimster259 chapter 1 . 4/6/2014
I just finished reading the book, bought it a little while ago and just got around to finishing it. Can I just say that you're like my favorite author now. Like no joke, that was one of the most heart-tugging books I've just read. Somehow you tapped into the mindset of what Lucas would be thinking and going through and it's just incredible. Absolutely brilliant. If I'm being honest I cried more times than I'll amount to. Just...I really enjoyed it and I'll miss Lucas and Sawyer.
selenafan621 chapter 6 . 2/4/2013
Love this story, too! Can't wait for the updates!
Guest chapter 6 . 7/23/2012
I love this story, but right now I can't get over how upset I am that no one checked Luc for a concussion...
foxbagels chapter 14 . 5/10/2012
I just bought Collison Course on Amazon. I'm sooooooooo excited
x3bbyshortie chapter 26 . 12/16/2011
I TOTALLY LOVE THIS STORY WILL BUY VERY SOON! It makes you really think about what you have and viewpoints you have on other people! LOVE IT, your a great writer!
Ms.Imperfection chapter 25 . 12/5/2011
A-MAZ-ING! story. It truly was...I loved it :D
BeeSkeez chapter 25 . 11/25/2011
Absolutely beautiful. I don't know how else to describe how I feel about this story. Like, jarringly beautiful and emotional and a joy to read.

Everything about it was just perfectly done and it had this real yet surreal quality which just made it more beautiful. Honestly, stories like this one are the reason I write; because I'm deseperate to be able to write something like this one day. Thank you so much for sharing that story and being as talented as you are to be able to write that.

anjali chapter 26 . 11/24/2011
i'm emotionally attached to this book. it has made me cry soo many times :D
akaCHEEKS chapter 13 . 11/21/2011
This is incredibly sad.
Raina Rasberry chapter 1 . 11/13/2011
got to know u through charlief BTW, im into supernatural tht doesnt involve vamps if u want to know!

i havent even finished the first chapter, and im already lovin u! god, thsi guy, i dont even know his name yet, has got my heart melting! im only fourteen but i hope tht if i ever get a boy, i wish he would be as sweet to me as this guy is! its beautiful, jsut a few words explain how much he loves his mom and he doesnt even say stuff like 'i love her a lot' or smting, its just so beautifully explained in words tht its not even needed!

im going to read this stry COMPLETELY! ill even pull some all nighters in between

i dont know weder u still read ur mail on the reviews but i just want u to know tht ive found my new black and white love, Collision Cource!

i may not review to every single chapter, but ill be sure to leave a rveiew the end and also in between if i find a need to voice out my thoughts! ull find me on under the same name as i have reviewed if u want to know :D
tara chapter 9 . 11/10/2011
Okay, my prediction was that Lucas would become an alcoholic because of everyone around him believing that was how his friends died and that he's just a screw-up. But somehow, I doubt that's where this story is heading. I think that might have been more interesting, but it's also a bit predictable, so...I'll see what you have in store, I guess. :P

I'm not a big fan of Sawyer's character. Honestly, she seems a bit dull so far. Something about her just doesn't click with me. Funny thing is, my favorite character so far is a dead one - Darren. You did a great job of depicting him even if his appearances are brief. He feels real. I hope there's more insight into Josh's character, too.

And I'm wondering if Lucas will ever realize he had a concussion, lol.

Anyway, I haven't experienced a trauma like this before, so I don't know if you're depicting the recovery process accurately, but it doesn't seem terribly off, at least. It does seem odd that the vast majority of his school seems to be totally against him, though. I mean, come on...Guess he's lucky that Sawyer transferred there or else he'd really be screwed. Speaking of which, I'm interested in her back story as well.
Rosedreamer101 chapter 25 . 10/29/2011
this story was amazing :) i cried so much, LOL.
Francine Brown chapter 25 . 10/17/2011
This is so wonderfully written. This would seriously make the saddest movie ever :'( I love this story! Up all night reading the whole thing. You are an amazing writer :)
Francine Brown chapter 2 . 10/16/2011
This is already making me cry. It was an even worse idea to read this while listening to Demi Lovato - Fix a Heart x[
dstarlight chapter 25 . 9/29/2011
All I can say is this story has kept me hooked to the very last word. I had to keep myself from reading it all in one sitting without any breaks, I came close. And I also want to apologise for not reviewing each chapter separately, I just got so impatient that I had to find out what happened next. I’ve just joined this site and I will tell you that I’m rather picky in what I read. Something really has to grasp me from the get go and keep me interested. This definitely did that!

I felt myself going through all the motions with Lucas, you portrayed his progress in a way that I could really submerge myself in. Also I found Sawyer to be just as intriguing. Even though this was written solely from Lucas’ point of view, I truly empathised with her story as well. Which just proves how well written this was.

There was a rollercoaster of emotions that certainly kept me on my toes. Sadness and grief being the most prominent of them which is understandable given the subject matter, but there was also hope and love. I even found myself frustrated and angry at times, the main reason being Lucas’ inability to not let go, for wanting to abandon everything (take the easy way out) and just end things. I was even scowling at the computer screen, that’s how invested I was in Lucas’ journey.

I have to commend you for the way you handled Lucas and Sawyer’s budding relationship. The growing friendship and then eventual romance was one of the things that kept me riveted. You conveyed that first step into adulthood and intimacy with such care and taste. These two were dealing with things that no one at their age should have to deal with, but that’s the way life goes sometimes and you showed that.

Lucas’ past friendships with Darren, Sammy and Lil were also a driving force that kept everything together. The bond between the three of them is one of the reasons why the storyline worked. I felt those ties even though Darren, Sammy and Lil were no longer present in Lucas’ life. The side characters were also well rounded and identifiable. You had Lucas’ mom who was just trying to help, and Josh who was understandably angry and hurt by his brother's death. Then there was Beth who I felt gave a voice to my own feelings while reading. She was saying everything I wanted to say to Lucas.

All in all an amazing piece of writing! I will definitely check out your other works, and am excited to do so.

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