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YasuRan chapter 21 . 8/31/2010
"I've got something to tell you..." - Cue the *gulp*

Now I'm really beginning to feel for them both. On one hand, I want the conversation to go well because of the 'Hazel-and-Dai-raising-a-kid' scene you described. I just thought that was so cute although I doubt Hazel knows anything about the dirty diapers and sleepless nights too XD. But on the other, it's Dai and like you said, 'never matured past the wanting to be a rock-star stage most teenage boys went through.'

Ohh, I really will stay tuned for the next update.

Keep it up!
Jenny.Humphrey chapter 21 . 8/31/2010
Hey love the story! I'm so glad she is going to tell him, well appears to be telling him, I would be really pissed if she didn't!
blondiexoxo chapter 21 . 8/31/2010
you big meanie!

not cool lol

any who hope u update soon

i really love this story
CoryD chapter 21 . 8/31/2010
Arg! Cliff hanger!
Aspiemor chapter 14 . 8/30/2010
So it finally hits eh? The emotion I mean. Well this felt very real to me as you are good at conversations. I keep mentioning that don't I? Well it is the truth. If descriptions are a problem you make up for it with the way you have character communicate with each other. That initself is an excellent skill to have I believe. I just wonder how the rest will play out now that this revelation has been uncovered? Sorry for the shortness of this review as it is a short chapter and I have not much to say.
Narq chapter 20 . 8/27/2010
woah, what was happening at the start there, it was all emotion packed the first, and all angsty and sad, and then Hazel got sO angry!

I've got to say that I started to feel sorry for Hazel, because she was so scared, and then I started to feel sorry for Dai because he WAS honest, and he DIDn't run off.

Hm~ me has this feeling that Hazel is pregnant!

She didn't want a smoke because she knows deep inside she has a child! ooh~ this is getting REAALLY intense and cool!

What's going to happen next?
Katerzzz chapter 1 . 8/27/2010

Wow! Good start, I like the fact you started with just dialogue, gave a added bit of mystery to the beginning, which I found interesting. Then you went into action mode, which also gave it an added edge, I am intrigued to see what will happen to the characters and find out more about them. Good job :)

MeAsIAm chapter 20 . 8/26/2010
Oh-oh. Is she pregnant or what? Dai's actions were uncalled for but certainly interesting. Actually the phrase 'stepping stone' was really good. And he made a song out of it was a tad romantic in a little twisted way, but that's okay. :)

Loved the chapter.

-via the roadhouse
livingaliteraturelife chapter 20 . 8/26/2010
oh shits shes preggers thats a god twist :)
Kackex chapter 7 . 8/26/2010
- I overall found this chapter a bit more relaxed than others but have a deeper underlying message or motif that really binds the story together. Like how people shouldn't be all consumed by work and partying so they should spend it with people they love, so our lives are ultimately better. I like Hazel, shes now spunky and a go getter workoholic. Surprisingly I'm still in shock her and Frank aren't together yet. Still I can't wait to read more.

Keep Writing, Would you kindly,

YasuRan chapter 20 . 8/26/2010
Phew. Finally caught up :)

Ah, the path of true love is strewn with molasses as Hazel and Dai are figuring out. I thought the scene at Frank's parents' was hilarious. Serves those snobs right. I once knew people like those *shudders*. I was wondering when the issue of MT's cover album would come up so I was glad to the issue... settled. Kinda. But Dai using Hazel for a song? Dearie me.

Hm, skipping cycles, nausea and Hazel not in the mood for her beloved flags? Uh-oh, I think I know where you're going with this... the poor thing.
lookingwest chapter 20 . 8/25/2010
Oh gawd, Hazel is prego isn't she? How could she NOT be worried about that? Seriously, like, number one nightmare if you know you weren't on the pill and you didn't use a condom. :/ How could she not even think...? Not even in the back of her mind? That's almost unrealistic to me in a way. Unless they did use a condom-but then, they wouldn't notice it broke? I mean, c'mon. Unless Dai was a little shit and didn't say anything about it. Hahaha, anyway, as you can see, that little throw-up scene had quite the impression on me! I don't think that it's possible for her to throw up all of her last night's dinner or anything though-that stuff would have already been digesting at that point-so if she hadn't eaten anything *really* recently, it should just be like...not much but fluid, I would imagine. Also in concerns to the being prego thing, I dunno about the ending when she magically decides "not" to's made all too obvious in this chapter, and I'm not a huge fan of the direction, just because well-it was so unexpected. Even when girls I know do use condoms, most of them are still worrying in the back of their minds: did I get pregnant? Or, if they don't remember what happened that night, they're still worried. Sees out of place that she wouldn't even entertain the thought.

As far as things that I did like though-I liked Dai and her's argument, that worked well, though I do think Hazel over-reacted a bit, then again, I guess that's what doesn't make her a groupie-she's not flattered in the least! Good dialogue between them, I liked how you incorporated the song into her gaining the memory and Dai explaining it. It's also a big relief that that CD wasn't the thing that put them off from one another-I didn't expect that either, so it threw me for a good loop, I found that creative. I look forward to what Hazel's going to do about this pregnant development-it's quite scary, and I don't know if you've quite 100% convinced me as the reader that Dai is the type who will stick around, or even that Hazel would slip up so badly-she's had other boyfriends, how could she not take the proper per-cations this one time? :(
ChaoticFaerie chapter 20 . 8/25/2010
What? W.T.F.?

Whatt? Dude! Good Lord that was such a... wow I'm in shock.

Seriously? Of all things that could've happened?

I don't want to spoil this for anyone else but wow, just wow.

Amazing chapter as always, but I'm kinda worried to see how this will play out. Here's hoping that things end up alright and Haze gets her happy ending, hopefully one including Dai.

Aspiemor chapter 13 . 8/25/2010
As usual you kept the dialouge realistic. It is so nice when I can envision conversations actually happening. Sometimes I read things and I don't get that. You understand right?

Well there was some humor in this chapter and ther is a dilema at the end. I have nothing else to say otehr than this is areal casual read. Something relaxing and more of an everyday life piece. Well as everyday life as a story about rockstars can be lol!

I did notice one error just one "Little big hung-over," shouldn't it be "Little bit hung-over,"? Just thought I should bring it to your attention, the rest is great!
Kackex chapter 6 . 8/20/2010
- Hola Hola in the hospital here and hell I just read this 1:36 in the morning and frankly that doesn't do wonders for reviewing, I'll try my best.

- I found the chapter a little sporadic and hazy since the scenes of being drunk and what not cloud the consistentcy of the scenes.

- I found that Dai being the character as he is presented I found it shocking that he didn't take advantage of Hazel in her 'state'. Also I didn't expect to see Hazel drink so heavily so I tottaly see her in a whole new light.

Keep Writing, would you kindly,

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