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AlaskanFan chapter 84 . 8/20/2016
Wow! Terrific epic. You do a fantastic job with details, so either you live this stuff, or you do excellent research. Either way, you create realistic situations AND move the action. The military environment, medical details, and fluid relationships are all well-crafted. THANKS for a really great story.
LizzieS chapter 1 . 4/30/2015
Well, I can definitely say I already like Jeff, Kylie too; she strikes me as a very sarcastic person.
Leroy chapter 1 . 3/13/2014
Just want to compliment you for all the stories you write. This one I like best. I never put down reviews when i read stories but I have read this storie so many times I would be ashamed not to. I like the stories about Kim and Jeff even more than the NCIS stories, keep up the excellent work. chapter 1 . 7/9/2013
Love the story so far BUT I'm confused about one thing.. Why does the Navy need pediactric doctors? Surely regular doctors are more use than child doctors :S

Also hurry up and update Thicker Than Blood. I'm hooked (its actually what led me to check out your other stories) :P xx
Lotbe chapter 84 . 7/22/2012
I think I'm a little bit late on review (well, two years), but despite the delay, I'd really like to let you know how much I enjoyed this story.

It's been two days since I first ventured into fictionpress (I am usually a devoted member of fanfiction, you see) and this is the first story I tackled. I read the summaries of some other of stories and skimmed through them but didn't get into any for real, until yours, and boy am I glad I chose this one.

The story is absolutely fantastic. I love the plot, even though I am completely clueless when it comes to things like marines and war and the like (perhaps that's why I enjoy it so much. You can only read so much high school romance in one lifetime.) The details are pure love; they make everything much more real (ones that I understand, and ones that I don't.) Good pacing, too, even though I never wanted it to end.

Personally, I don't have a preference when it comes to point of view, but I am so glad that you have them switch constantly. It keeps things fresh. (And, well, I completely adore both Tomblin and Cunningham, so there's that.)

Speaking of Tomblin, she is the best thing to happen to this story (which isn't really a surprise, because, come on now, who doesn't love that girl.) I am a sucker for characters like her (strong and fierce and vibrant; it might have something to do with the fact that I lead a very apathetic life.) Tomblin possesses a lot of energy; just by having her there, the scene becomes livelier. You did such a good job with her, you know, by giving her a strong personality and writing it so wonderfully. Kudos!

Cunningham, Cunningham. Definitely not as flashy as Tomblin when it comes to personality, but there's no doubt that you wrote him well. Personally, I think he's very subtle, and not just because he's standing next to Tomblin. He doesn't immediately stand out in a certain way or a certain archetype (in fact, he seems to be the most "normal" protagonist I've seen in a while.) And subtle is hard, but of course you pulled it off. Know that the effort you put in the characters is appreciated. They are awesome and well-loved and you should be proud.

Now, I'm a total sucker for romance. Mostly everything I read is or has romance in it (well, mostly everything on ffn is romance, but you get my point.) Which is why it's no surprise that I adore Tomblin and Cunningham's relationship with my heart and soul. I must let you know though (and this is very important) that you did an amazing, amazing job on their chemistry. It's one of the best I've seen, actually, and this is compared to fanfiction where romance should be easier because the chemistry between characters are already established. I mean, by the way they act around each other at the beginning, you could cut it with a knife. Really, you must understand. Chemistry almost beat Kim Tomblin on the list of the best thing to ever happen here.

Dialogue is good, dialogue is funny, and everyone loves funny, it's a universal thing. To be perfectly honest, it would have been a much tougher and slower read without the humor to grease the way. Your characters are adorable.

The conflicts are sweet, and they make the aftermath that much more rewarding. While some stories contain conflicts that bring unbearable dread (and that's a good thing), I find myself enjoying the bumps in Tomblin and Cunningham's relationship (which is a little weird, but also a good thing.) Their conflicts revolve around emotional stuff, and as a person, as a couple, they need that. Each reveals more about the characters and changes them in some ways, and that's such a wonderful thing to witness (and, well, we all anticipate the make-up sex afterwards.)

The saddest part of the story is, no doubt, the end of chapter 81, where the lovely Kimberly Tomblin and Jeff Cunningham must be separated. It's kind of bittersweet, because the separation itself fuels their desperation and brings many emotions to their peaks. Also because separation means change. Change from their life as they knew it in Iraq. It means things have changed and will change, and everyone knows change is scary. (But it was four in the morning when I read that, so thankfully the depression I should've experienced was numbed by my need to sleep.)

Oh, and before I forget, you're awesome for writing a 190,000 words long story. I usually die somewhere around one thousand words, a procrastinating bum that I am, and I don't even have to think of a setting and create my own characters. You're awesome. (Awesome!)

That was a long fangirlic rant, and I've no excuse for it. It couldn't be helped, really. That was a great read, and it would be wrong of me not to leave you a doting review. Thank you for making my day(s) with your wonderful writing. Long live Kim Tomblin and her superpowers.
Kara Burch chapter 1 . 4/5/2012
i thought this first paragraph was amazon. you are z vary talented writer, and i would be grateful it you read one of my stories, if you decide just click on my name and choose any of the four there. three of then being stories not yet completed and one being a completed poem. please consider reading one of my stories. i can tell that you are an amazing writer and it would be an honor to has you read one of my stories.
rcarlgren2 chapter 84 . 3/1/2012
NOTE TO SELF: Never begin reading an epic story by one of your favorite authors when you should be studying for an exam; it will have an adverse effect on your GPA.

Loved it, going to start the next one...after my next exam.
alsa2014 chapter 1 . 2/11/2012
amazing and job well done indeed! Hey you should read my story Edge of Hades
shulesaddict77 chapter 25 . 9/29/2011
I love this story so much. I think its my favorite of yours. Its just something about Jeff and Kim that sucks me immediately into the story. Its great to read for the second time how they start to have feelings for each other even though Jeff is still engaged. Cant wait to get to the point where they break up. I think it was over a phone call, right? And then they go to the shooting range when I recall it correctly. Thank you so much for writing and Im so enjoying their new story too. Still waiting for Jeff to make an appearance though. :D
pharma-girl chapter 84 . 7/3/2011
Wow.. I just have to say, you are an amazing author! I have read all your stories at FF and loved them. But this one was just perfect. I guess I read it in two nights.. which means a lot, because usually I do not enjoy reading in english that much (since I am from Austria and english is not my mother tounge), but it is a good practice for my english skills ;) and your story really captured me.

I also have to add that I absolutely fell in love with the Tomblin character! She is strong and passionate and doesn't take herself too serious. Simply everything a woman dreams to be.

So I really hope you are going to write a sequal to this beautiful story!

Oh and before I forget: Congratulations that your story got printed! You really deserve it :)
ellathiacroft chapter 84 . 6/22/2011
Wow, you are a great writer and I wish you would write more stories along these lines.

Absolutely loved reading your story,

Can't wait for another if there is one in the works,

Azure Moonlight chapter 84 . 6/10/2011
Hot damn you can write woman! You are an AMAZING author! I am in awe of you abilities! I'd love to see a sequel to this! For real. I'm soo glad the epilogue included them getting married and whatnot. IT was such an upper after what would've been a downer ending .3333 SQUEE! I really needed that after my day and're just amazing! I'm about to head back over to ff and pick up reading your next in line - though a few things were spoiled for me b/c of the last few chaps ;) Haha! But it's worth it. i've been reading this every spare 's epiccccccccc. It's well an epic w/ 84 chapter. XD I don't know how you have the attention span for htat! I have the attention span sorta but yeaaa. 3 you hon and GREAT WORK!
Azure Moonlight chapter 33 . 6/9/2011
You know you've had too many oral surgeries recognize OMFS without being at all involved in the medical field. No one in my immediate family is either. Yea...6 or 7 oral surgeries later I think that is always going to be my first thought when I see that. XDD I just had to comment partway through and say that. I am amused at myself

O! BTW - this is Different Child from ff . )

And Tomblin comes off VERY different than she originally did in any of her cameos in your fanfics. Partially possibly because she's in the Corps atm and she's with her men but I like her a LOT. I can see why you didn't want to make her the bad guy. Lol. I hope you wrote a sequel to tPoH or something original perhaps with the relationship between Tomblin and Cunningham continued! Or of course this could possibly involve that I don't know. BUT YAY! 33 Me likies. 33

Just midish-epic story review!
EurekaDSG-384 chapter 71 . 4/23/2011
So this is my second time reading through this story and thought I would mention that this is by far my favorite chapter. I love your stories and the character development you put into your writing. This is one of my favorite examples. Thanks for the great work. Keep it up!
Dr. JES chapter 84 . 4/6/2011
Wow, when I started this (per your recommendation before reading your latest over on FFN) I groaned when I saw it was 84 chapters - partly because I wanted to read your next NCIS one right away, but also because I was already sucked into this one just a few chapters in and, even though I knew how it would end because I have read all your NCIS stories, I knew it would hold my attention to the very end. And you didn't disappoint. Wow, how you weave a tale! Again, you made me care about the characters, made me feel like I could close my eyes and see them and their surroundings and experiences clearly. Simply amazing. And how you weaved the other NCIS story in there at the end. I can't wait to get started on your new one now. Although maybe I should just wait until you are finished - I found myself reading chapters at a time here and even thinking while stopped at a traffic light that maybe I could get a little more read... Anyway, I hope all your military training and experiences are going well and I wish you the best - and keep writing!
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