Reviews for Pre Stalking Syndrome
Yeah Me Too chapter 1 . 3/29/2010
I did not think this was weird, at all. Then again, I was probably rationalizing it because there are some boys who do smell good enough to sniff. I would not do it though, of course not! The sniffing thing is creepy. I would just steal their cologne, as I am going to do the next I see my brother's bottle of cologne! It smells good. Cough, anyway, I like your writing, you are funny and I agree with what you say, most of the time. Though your writing is cool, your grammar needs work! I am not one of those people that insults peoples work, I praise it (if I like it) but I got annoyed when I was reading "Wait What?"

I mean, I was getting confused because the name spelling changed, and sentences did not make sense (my teacher taught me to re-read, common sense, you know!), then the characters assaulted me. Then I saw you were re-writing that was pointless. Anyway, yay for quirky characters!

All the commas I used assaulted you, huh? I guess we are even!

Excuse the insanity, please, I'm generally weird and socially awkward!
chim-chim-cheree chapter 1 . 3/13/2010
Haha, I really enjoyed this. Just the random train of thought made me laugh. Nice job. :)