Reviews for Do You Remember?
Feelingcowgirlish chapter 3 . 9/2/2011
Great story
wouldn't thou like to knowth chapter 1 . 5/4/2011
Daddy's Little Peach chapter 19 . 4/30/2011
Why, why, WHY does this not have more reviews? I'm not going to lie and say that it's the best written story ever, but it's still really good! Any idea where i can find a Jay of my own? ;p

Mish xx
Bailey1.5 chapter 19 . 4/29/2011
UG I loved these last couple chapters! Butit was so sad about ricky. BTW what was there kids name? Travis or Tevor? cause you said both. Or is Trevor the second kid? Is there going to be a sequel?
Bailey1.5 chapter 14 . 4/28/2011
I figured it out~! He is alive in a coma with the family that he helped! All will be well (hopefully) haha watch me be totally wrong, at least you will get a good laugh if I am wrong. lolz.

Bailey1.5 chapter 13 . 4/27/2011
NO! Poor Ricky... lolz. I still really love this story! Can you let me know when its published? I will have to get a copy!
Bailey1.5 chapter 11 . 4/24/2011
Hey I really like this story. I was wondering if you are going to make a sequel? Maybe of Jacksons point of view in all of this. Or of life after he gets back. Or the twins point of view after there mom ran away?
I Speak For My Art chapter 1 . 4/17/2011
I love it so far! espicially the ending! update soon!

by the way can u check out my story? i would really be honored if someone like u (an awsome writer) can check out my story!

well, have a nice day! hope u keep on writing!
SophieInPink chapter 1 . 3/19/2011
Hey, great start! I feel like you have really well developed characters and a great plot going here. Keep up the awesome work! Loved it!

Soph xx
Bailey1.5 chapter 1 . 3/7/2011
I really like this and I think you could go far with it! It is simi depressing at the beginning though maybe you could spice it up? Like maybe start with the letter? Yet as I said it is really good and I was Hooked from Chapter one. Can't wait to keep reading!
Danariana chapter 1 . 1/4/2011
This is a really nice story! I liked the ending. I thought he was not coming back! D: but he did 8D

So yeah, I love happy endings and I loved your story. It got me teary-eyed at parts :)
GaurdedHeart chapter 20 . 12/12/2010
Touching. I felt myself wanting to get emotional at a few moments. So well written, so sweet. I couldn't stop till I finished. When this is published in stores across the country let me know.I want to buy a copy asap :)
SweetTeaSmile93 chapter 1 . 3/15/2010
really good for a first publish. maybe work on sentence structure. love the way you write, reminds me of Nicholas Sparks. can't wait to read next chapter!